10 Gifts for the Family Weirdo.

Was planning to do about post about Urine Therapy, when the thought struck me that someone should compile a list for the “weirdo”….friend or family we all have someone we know that lives outside the box. Some further then others. I’m that weirdo. This is my list. Of course…..”weirdo” encompasses a lot of personality types. The generalization here is for any health-nut, antiestablishmentarian, creative person that’s into alternative health, and pushing the boundaries of society.

10) A gallon of cooperatively farmed, cold-pressed, organic virgin coconut oil (TropicalTraditions.com)

9) Heirloom seeds of any kind

8) A years worth of Prep Food (this is a google shopping search link) This is actually an amazing gift for anyone!!!

7) Book: Urine Therapy: Your Own Perfect Medicine

6) 3-month RedIceCreatiions Membership (online radio show)

5) Subscription, or anything from the SHOPS of Alex Jones’ InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com (for the radical thinker)

4) Raw Nuts. Any kind in bulk

3) 5lb. bag of Grey Celtic Sea Salt ($22.50)

2) Gift Card to Whole Foods Market

1) A survival course with Cody Lundin (from Dual Survival TV show)


This list is no particular order. All in all weirdo pretty much like anything. We’re practical people that aren’t hinged on materialism. We appreciate functional gifts….like socks, and flannel pajamas….even fruitcake. We’re probably the easiest people to get gifts for. And, if you’re short on cash…don’t sweat it, bcuz we’re creative-loving…….homemade cookies, a hand-written poem, hand-knit socks, coupons for hugs and massages……….are all warmly welcome! Avoid chotsky unless it’s something with a lot of heart…..vintage snow-globes, are a good example. Goodwill is a good place to shop for weirdos! 🙂

These gifts are good for any basic weirdo. They probably are not anything the person would EXPECT, but are extremely useful and heartfelt! They’ll say you put a lot of thought into it, and care about them greatly. They might not have ever thought these items were something they’d need, but they’ll love them!

Add to this list!!! If you’re a weirdo………………..leave a comment of your favorite gifts.

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