Feast/Fast/Cleanse/Detox/? Update

Okay…not really sure what to call this? Mama’s 90 Day Detox Challenge? Not really a juice “fast” in the sense that I’m only consuming liquids. I’ve done liquid fast before, and there’s a lot more to this one. A lot more. Haven’t quite finessed the NutriBullet yet. Find that if I stick to 3 ingredients max…it’s good. Blasts with 5 or more ingredients, end up the consistency of wallpaper paste, and take too long to get down. Yesterday I went overboard on packing in produce, and ended up sipping on the same blast all day. Not enjoyably. Where am I at? Trying not to beat myself up too badly. Sorta defeats the purpose of this whole self-love movement, but still smoking and still drinking coffee. Otherwise…guess I’m on track. 😕 It’s been what? A week? Not having any serious cravings. Really this is more of a serious raw food diet. I’ve tried doing raw in the past, and didn’t do well with it. Never got past a couple days. This time I haven’t noticed the ratification at all. Didn’t even realize till yesterday, that I’ve completely cut out all salt, which is interesting. So, all together…no salt, no sugar, no grains, no meat, no dairy. The only thing that’s a little difficult, is having to still prepare meals for James. That’s rough! And, sitting down with him so he’ll eat. What I still have to pull off? DRINKING MORE WATER!!! And, sticking to 3 quarts of blasts a day. Um, and…………the yoga. Never outlined the “daily ritual”, so here it is (basically)(roughed out)….


  • 1 P&B Shake (pysillium and bentonite clay)
  • 1 quart of Alkalizing water (#1) (see recipe below)
  • Prenatal vitamin (cuz I’m still breast-feeding James), probiotic, and fermented tumeric, chlorella & ginger
  • MMS shot for brushing teeth/gargling (see below)
  • Paragone Protocol*
  • yoga
  • Morning Blast (#1)
  • Shower


  • 1 quart Alkaline water (#2)
  • Paragone (wait 30 minutes till Blast)
  • Afternoon Blast (#2)
  • MMS: brush teeth


  • 1 quart alkaline water (#3)
  • Paragone (wait 30 minutes till Blast)
  • Afternoon Blast (#3)
  • Ride bike for 30 minutes


  • 1 quart herbal tea (any sort)
  • MMS: brush teeth
  • Any additional supplements (herbs, minerals, etc).

H2o Mix:

  • 3 quarts distilled water
  • 1/3 cup raw, apple cider vinegar (ACV)
  • 1 tsp. TraceMinerals

I make my water up in a 3 quart pitcher every night, and put in the fridge so it’s cold. I bought a 1 quart jug that I fill 3 times a day. I ozonate each jug for around 5 minutes.

MMS Mix: Miracle Mineral Solution

This is a semi-concentrated (small, juice) glass of 3 drops MMS, and 15 drops citric acid solution I have yet to find anything better for CLEANING my teeth! No matter what toothpaste I use, my teeth always feel yucky half way through the day. With the MMS, even I don’t get around to brushing at night…they still feel just as clean the next morning, as if I’d just brushed them. I highly suggest trying it. Not only for brushing, but everyone should have MMS on hand for a number of uses!! The best thing by far for sterilizing. Mix a little into a bath to help with Herxing, and detox symptoms. Cleaning wounds. Treating any fungus, bacterial, or yeast infections. Drink for relief of practically illness…from common cold, to MUCH more serious ailments. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MINERAL MIRACLE SOLUTION…CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE FOUNDERS SITE.  WWW.JIMHUBLE.BIZ (This guy is pretty amazing! He shares his preparation methods with everyone, and asks that no one ever charge more then $20 for the “kit”, to allow folks to make a profit, and keep it affordable for all. Check out his message).

Renew Life – Paragone 2-Part Internal Cleansing System, 1 kit $30.59

Can’t review this system yet, as I haven’t completed it. Read good reviews on it. I bought 2 kits as suggested. 1 month supply per kit, with a 5 day break in between. Click on picture to purchase.  

Concentrace Ionic Trace Mineral Drops 8 fl oz $13.99

The best price I’ve found on this is from SwansonVitamins. That’s where I order a lot of stuff from. You can click on the picture to be taken directly to their Amazon store. Swanson buys the TMRConcentrace direct from the supplier, and puts their own label on it. Actually cheaper then the Concentrace site. Watch the official TMRConcentrace video to get an idea what it’s about. There are lots of brands out there, but from the research I’ve done so far…everyone seems to think this brand is best. Containing 72 trace minerals. That’s it for tonight. James wants pizza for dinner, so I have to go deal with my will-power.

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