4 Easy Christmas Recipes for Kids!

All these recipes are from parenting.com (I’ve made some changes to make them even easier!) ­čÖé

snowman pizza SNOWMAN PIZZA

The original recipe (which you can find here) had instructions for homemade dough. Depending on how picky your little one is…you can buy pre-made pizza dough at most grocery stores (in the deli section), or…cut circles out of pita bread, or any flat bread. Kids can help with this recipe…cutting out circles, and decorating their own snowman!

NEEDED INGREDIENTS: Tomato or Pizza sauce, Mozzarella cheese, Pepperoni, Capers, Carrot (or orange bell pepper).

Assemble each snowman on the baking sheet. Cover each circle well with cheese….cheese will work to hold the rounds together. Decorate like the picture….or however desired! Bake till cheese is melted. Not brown. ­čśŤ

rudolph pancakes


What you need: “Complete” Pancake mix,┬áRed & Green food coloring,┬áPlastic squeeze bottles (or a careful hand)!

Prepare batter using directions for 2 cups pancake mix, or more….depending on how many hungry mouths you have to feed! Divide batter: Half for Reindeer, and 1/4 each for red & green colors. That’s an estimate…use your better judgement to divide batter, and to add food coloring.

Pour each color batter into a squeeze bottle, or spoon into griddle carefully. Although, squeeze bottles can be found cheap at the dollar store. The kind for ketchup, mustard, etc. Heat griddle to medium heat. THIS PART IS IMPORTANT: For reindeer, make a dot for eye FIRST in green. 2ND, add plain batter on top of eye to form a 2 inch circle. 3RD, add the red nose and collar. To form antlers, make a thin line touching head and then make a small branch coming from first part of antler. Antlers will spread, so only make them pretty thin! Keep heat medium-low….might be better. Kids can help mixing the batter, and coloring….but probably not the actual cooking part. Depending on their age, they might get frustrated with the outcome. (Original recipe here).

festive christmas salad for kids FESTIVE CHRISTMAS SALAD FOR PICKY KIDS

Kids can help:
Assemble the pieces of the salad and sprinkle the coconut.

What you need: Green Pear, Celery sticks, Red Apple, Carrot slice, Coconut (optional), JuJubee Candies.

Cut a slice of pear from one side of the pear and then trim off lengthwise edges to form a tree trunk. Leave peel on. From a slice of the apple, with peel, cut a pot for the tree. Celery stick should be cut into thin strips, making an angled end cut so tree “branches” fit flush with the trunk. Use a carrot slice to make a small bird that will top the tree. Assemble each tree on a plate, using either carrot “ornaments” or little colored JuJubee candies. If using coconut, sprinkle along the bottom edge of the plate for “snow”. (Original recipe here).

white chocolate christmas popcorn snack WHITE CHOCOLATE POPCORN SNACK

What you need: 4 Cups popped popcorn, 1/2 Cup white chocolate, 1/4 Cup Craisins

Pop popcorn and set aside. Over a double boiler, melt white chocolate. Immediately stir popcorn into the melted chocolate, coating evenly. Spread popcorn onto a piece of waxed paper and let cool thoroughly. Toss with Craisins in a bowl. If you will be eating the popcorn at a much later time, add Craisins at that time.

(Original recipe here).

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