90 day juice f(e)ast?!

Feeling tentative. Purchased a NutriBullet today. My belated birthday present to myself. Have been wanting to make a big change for a long time. I’m sure I’ve posted a dozen times (or more) on my good intentions, but nothing’s come of it. Everyday….burdening the back of my mind. Well, tomorrow I’m gonna start acting on it.

No solid food isn’t a big deal for me. I’ve fasted before (up to 40 days). It’s everything, all together, cold turkey. Cigarettes and coffee go hand in hand…and that will be the hardest. No sugar, no wheat, no meat…all that is easy. I’m not going to give up easy on this mission. I don’t want to give up (on myself) at all! We’ll see who wins out? Find out who I really am….the weak one, or the strong one?

90 days of juice fasting, then 30 days raw. Not sure what happens after that?

Haven’t been posting here at all, but I guess this will be a good opportunity for me to start doing that more often. Venting, purging, whining, and (hopefully) celebrating, while posting tips and experiences along the way. Not sure how interesting all that will be?

Feeling a little out of sort, and not in the mood to write much. Actually pretty tired, and it’s only 9pm. Looking forward to getting started, but I know that feeling will have wained by the time I open my eyes in the morning….and all those weird emotions start creeping forward in my head. Minute by minute, hour by hour….till it all becomes “normal” for me.

Fun, fun, fun! If nothing else, I know the house will be kept super-clean. More then anything, have to keep myself BUSY!!!

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