Advice from Grandfather, and some interesting dreams…

Got to talk with Grandfather last night, a Lakota-Sioux Medicine Man that Ria Swift channels. In short, he said I embody MysticMama, and that my path is clear, and that I’m already on it….I just need to realize that. He said that I have to stop expectations from others. That I’m here to channel the divine feminine energy, the female aspect of Creator…not to get IN(wardly)-VOLVED in the drama. Not to waste my time apologizing for what I’m putting or, or to always be stopping to check if people “get it”. Just deliver it and move on. And speak more from my HEART.

He said I’m always working to fill myself up, in my center. Looking for others to reciprocate my attention. That I need to stop that. Radiate out from my heart. It was nice information. Reconfirming. Need to really let all of it sink in though.

I have a lots of native American dreams, more so lately than usual. If I lay down on the ground/earth to take a nap….I always have dreams involving native Americans, Shamans, Medicine men and women. They’re my favorite kind of dreams, as there’s always lots of healing taking place (on me). I had a dream last week….

I was flying over this beautiful countryside. Soaring over an odd tribe of mix-matched peoples, who were on route somewhere. I felt in charge of them…like their caregiver, their guide, their mother. I moved on across a large river to scout out what was ahead, leaving my people on the opposite shore. I didn’t get far before I grew concerned about leaving them behind, and circled round to lead them on. I swooped down looking for where I left them off….gliding on over the river. Finally I found them gathered. As I landed with them, the riverbank shot up hundreds of feet on either side, and the walls starting pushing in….creating a canyon, then a crevice that was crushing my people to death.

I quickly found a large cavernous gap to one side, and began leading them in for safety, but the more people I rescued, the more people there were. Massive boulders lay across the cavern floor, and the river became a high-speed flume, beneath them….carrying people off faster then I could deal with. eventually the cavern closed up completely. I was tucked into a crack, not panicking, but clueless on how to solve the problem. Suddenly, I got this little vision of cartoon character….a magical fairy with long flowing hair.

I made myself grow, and grow….pushing the cliffs back open, tunneling through the earth to create a way out. My hair grew into long lengths of rope, that tied themselves to all the people that needing saving…so they wouldn’t get carried off by the river. I was about 50 feet tall when I broke through into a large space…smooth inclined walls with bright artwork, fire light, and a dusty floor. My top half was inside a huge aztec/mayan pyramid. A Shaman appeared with a group apprentices, and began working on me.

It felt good. I pulled myself out of the hole, and laid on the cool floor. The healers were the same size as me, all males, colorful garb, quiet. They chanted, some holding smudge bowls. The main Medicine Man (elder) worked mostly on my right side, focusing on my middle. He stopped and asked me I took cloves. I said, “Sometimes. Not often”. He said, “You should take more. They’re good for you”. With that, one of his assistants, took a square of something like birch bark, with about 3 tablespoons of ground cloves on it, funneled it up, and dumped it into my mouth. It was sweet. Out of respect I didn’t dare open my mouth, but coughed and chewed as best I could, with big plumes of clove dust existing my nostrils as I choked.

The choking woke me up, but…..feeling better, more centered/grounded.

It use to be that I only had healing sessions with extraterrestrials, or advanced beings on other worlds. Now all healing sessions are with Natives, in a timeless place that feels like Earth. A beautiful earth, uncorrupt, wisdom-driven, and at peace. They’re my most favorite dream outings.

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