Angelina Jolie: Pro-active or Con-job?

I know this is a delicate subject, but something just doesn’t sit right with me about it. Remember….none of this is meant to offend anyone. I just have an odd way of thinking about thing.

I did read that her BRCA results showed an 87% chance for breast cancer, and of course…no one wants to go through life, day in, day out…..stressing about “when”, so from that angle, as a personal choice….I don’t have much problem with it.

But, when someone gets sick, or someone they love gets sick……doesn’t everyone wish they had enough money to receive the best possible treatment? Hire the best in their field? Spare no expense? With alternative, passive, cancer treatments gaining more ground, due to cure rates, what was she thinking to go under the knife? To take such drastic measures on an illness she doesn’t even have?

Some thoughts….

I like Angelia, she’s cool, and gorgeous, and all that nonsense, but I for sure consider her a puppet for the NWO. Securing her broods place in the higher echelons of the establishment. Paying her dutiful dues. Whatever. Makes me suspicious that media is pushing her as the poster-child for preventive surgery, with much hoopla. I don’t see it as such a stellar move….making it acceptable to get hack ‘n’ slice jobs at the possibility of getting sick. It’s like convincing teenagers to get all their teeth pulled out, and get perfect denture implants, bcuz someday their teeth are gonna start falling out. Why not push steralization as a hip, proactive thing to do for a burdened planet?!

Cuz I see it going like this…BRCA testing will become the responsible things to do, like pap smears and breast exams, ‘cept I guess this you just have to do once. If your test results come back positive, or above a certain percent…your ‘healthcare professional’ (not)…will highly suggest (aka scare you) that the best course of action is a mastectomy, hysterectomy, etc. The rest results will be put into your records, and…..if you refuse surgery what?? Then you’re to blame if you get cancer? Will they treat you if you’ve forgone elective surgery? Good questions, that I’m sure are answered somewhere in Obamacare. And what about compiling a register of everyone who’s (supposedly) predisposed to cancer (or another disease for that matter)? Could it eventually become law, to stop such ppl from having children? How far does this concept of “preventive” go?

On the other end of things, there’s a disturbing (national) trend in the increase of voluntary mastectomies…especially in young, well-educated, affluent women. My intuition tells me that these women who pass the BRCA test, have a legitimate excuse (er….reason) to get a boob job. All covered by insurance. Supposedly those with higher scores can easily be covered, and reconstructive surgery is included as well.

Are we going to see photos of Angie breastless? We’ve seen plenty of her with breasts, and as shock-jock….it would be fitting….to sum it all up in some amazing photos. But….I’m curious how long it will be before we see a perfect set of Jolie breasts again? Is that the message she’ll be sending to young women? Get tested! Get perfect new boobs! How many women in mid-life crisis will opting for the BRCA test?? It’s all really weird. Like….am I the ONLY one who is completely sick and tired of everything marketed with a pink ribbon?? Really fitting I think, that there’d be that huge push with all the pink, prior to this trend.

God bless Angie, and may she always be healthy for the sake of her children!!! If it’s true, and it was a legitimate choice made out of fear, then my heart goes out to her. I’m really sorry that she was put in that position, and that her most well-informed decision was to get her breast cut off, and not become a raw foodist, or hire the best energy medicine practitioners, and healers to mentor her, or a host of other passive, true preventative, and proactive treatments that are available to someone who has time, money, and clout on their side.

This is nothing about Angie personally!!!!!!!!! If it was anyone else, I’d just use another name. The thoughts would still be the same.

One more thing though….and maybe the thing that should stand out MOST. I honestly believe there’s already a allopathic cure for cancer, if one can afford it. That aside, what if we go along with the whole line and sinker thing, and say that they’re working really hard on a cure. What if Angelina wouldn’t have gotten breast cancer for another 5 or 10 years, and by then there was a common cure for it?? What if she never got it all? Just sayin’.

Have any opinions on all this? Would love to hear them!

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