Back to my old ways?!? Not for long!

Crap. Slipping up in general. Losing focus! The idea was to come back from the camping trip and fall right into a nice, new, healthy routine. I underestimated things. The confusion in returning from a trip and settling back in. The unpacking, cleaning up, organization…laundry. 😉 Plus, the work I’ve fallen behind on…some graphics and website maintenance & upkeep for clients. My own list of to-do’s that were put on hold for a week. This blog……………..and of course, first-and-foremost, sweet Falcon!

My head is swimming, and the dread of being out of control is creeping in. Some weird tape that loops round in my head, “You’re messingMe and Mommy Camping!up!You’re slipping! Get a grip on things!” Arg! I think I’ve still been in vacation mode the last few days. That’s interesting, bcuz in essence, one wants to be able to hold that easy-breezy, perspective all the time. Not the case. Not the case. Beth said something interesting on the camping trip. That she needed to get away, bcuz she was tired of always thinking about all the stuff she had to do. Never really thought about it that way. I’m a Virgo. I’m also thinking about what has to be done. But it’s true….there were a hundred things I didn’t have to think about, bcuz I was away from the nest! I couldn’t get online, couldn’t work, couldn’t fret about ‘getting it all together’, bcuz I was removed from it. Now I’m back in the thick of it all……my head spinning, and wondering how much of it is “necessary”? To be honest….I could have just kept living at that campground, with the bare-essentials. One towel for each person, one plate/bowl for each person, a couple outfits, a few toys………….and the beach a thousand yards away! Ah, well. I’m back and have to make the best of things!

Yesterday was Mailbox Monday. Jumped into that trying to get back on track with blog……is more involved then one would think! There’s some strange process to it all…visiting blogs, subscribing, following, etc. Didn’t have a GFC. Took me a while to figure out what that was! A Google Friend Connect Widget. That should have been a lot easier to install on my blog!!! Took me even longer to figure out where my GFC ID was located. Anyway, finally got that together. On and off all day….going through the list from Mailbox Monday. Next thing I knew, I had my graphics software open and I was making new logos and icons for people I don’t even know! Another bad habit I have to break!!! I see blogs that I could tweak (graphics wise) and I jump right in, without even asking first. I send them along with kooky messages…………”Hi, you don’t know me, but I thought you might like these. Free”. And I wonder why I’m not making any money as a graphic designer! Duh. I spent way to much time doing that last night. Then went to bed feeling stupid…that I got caught up in old (pointless) habits, rather then quality time with Falcon!!! Bad-Mother Syndrome. 🙁 It’s something I really like to do…..”branding”, and helping others slick-up their websites. But, I just can’t afford to do it. I came across one blogger that mentioned she’d won a new blog layout/template. That gave me an idea. That I could offer my services as a giveaway instead. So, think I’ll get on that next. Also wasted a bunch of time over the last couple of days, trying to incorporate a system for selling my graphic talent (on the blog). That was purely frustrating!!! Huge waste of time! Finally decided….the simplest route would just be a link to another Etsy shop. Haven’t executed that yet, but that’s the plan.

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