Better Blog: Grab-My-Button Box.

If you want to add a grab-my-button box like you see on everyones blogs….it’s easy!

First, you need to upload your image somewhere so you have a URL to it online. Self-hosted blogs can upload to their own server…for everyone else Imageshack is my preference. Next…grab a widget/gadget (either TEXT or HTML) depending. I always line things up with <center></center> tags.

copy & paste this code into the widget/gadget…

<CENTER><img src="URL TO YOUR IMAGE HERE" alt="GRAB MY BUTTON"><textarea rows="6" cols="15"><a href="URL TO YOUR BLOG HERE" target="_blank"><img src="AGAIN URL TO YOUR IMAGE" alt="YOUR BLOG TITLE HERE" /></a></textarea></CENTER>

I’ve seen a lot of blogs that have the grab-my-button code where the text is running off the sidebar.

To fix this, just adjust the cols= Either increase or decrease to get it to fit nicely. Of course, rows is how many lines of text show (downwards).

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