Broken Washing Machine. Sometimes quick/cheap DIY fixes.

Our washing machine broke a couple months back. Started making this terrible grinding noise. After some searching online, figured out this is a common breakdown, and a fairly easy fix. Unless you have a fancy front-loader….I don’t know about those. ūüėõ


We’ve got a Kenmore washer, so was easy to go pick up the part (same day) from a Sears Parts store nearby. Lots of options for ordering online though, if you can live without a washer for a week. This was a super easy fix. Only had to pull the washer out from the wall. Remove the exterior housing, and get down on the floor to do the main repair. All straightforward. Needed a second person to help get the motor back in place….replacing the motor clips. Needed some extra strength/force. Otherwise, did the whole repair myself and only took about 15 minutes. Half of those spent looking for the right size¬†ratchet! PART COST $25. Compared to service call, or buying a new washer…………………..Definitely worth it!!!!!!!!! ¬†Worked as good as new!

Yesterday….noticed that the agitator wasn’t working right. If I put pressure on the top of the agitator it works fine. Searched online, and found out that the “Agitator Dogs” are worn out. 4 small plastic pieces that sit inside the agitator to make it move. Parts are super easy to come by (most are universal fit), so can either order online (and wait), or try any replacement parts center. Dogs cost about $10. So again, worth the fix to do it yourself!

Here’s another good video to walk you through this QUICK FIX!

What did we ever do before the internet???

One thought on “Broken Washing Machine. Sometimes quick/cheap DIY fixes.

  1. Dogs only ended costing $5.00! Fix was as simple as popping off the top of the agitator, turning a plastic 1/2″ socket cover thingy, and replacing the 4 plastic dogs, which were badly worn. Surprised the thing was moving at all. 5 minutes, and it was washing again. Better then ever!

    They just don’t make things like they use to….lol. Seriously though, they don’t. The more high-tech appliances, vehicles, tools, and gadgets get… the harder they to fix. If not impossible. They seem to handle less wear and tear too. Like everything nowadays is supposed to be disposable. Kinda crazy and wasteful.

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