Busy Night…Tour of my Body, Conspiracy &…more tenticles!

Man, what a night!\r\nIt”s going to be almost impossible to put into words…what I can remember. Won”t flow too nicely. Just woke up and I”m recalling it all as I write. Will be choppy.\r\n\r\nStarted out half asleep…hadn”t even hit the pillow before the wriggling started. I just laid there for a while and let it go. Was different though…more refined, delicate, with a female energy. I could feel the tendrils of her which had slipped out the side of my neck (between my neck and the pillow) and she was swaying around just behind my head…small, watching. I spoke to her…something about getting her to show herself, and how that was only fair/no big deal, who was watching anyway, and all that.\r\n\r\nShe did eventually…slither round to face me. (that”s unusual) I was surprised she was red. Blood red. Deep crimson, and in a very odd way…striking beautiful. I”ve seen a sort of starfish that”s similar, and just as memorizing. We talked for a short while…I can”t remember what about. Most likely about “why”, “what”, etc. Things relevant to being infested.\r\n\r\nTo cut to the chase…otherwise this will all be too too too long. She took me with her on a visional voyage inside my own body…and this is where it gets difficult, not necessarily in depicting what I saw, but now that I”m awake (writing) the thousand directions that my mind is taking it in, and not wanting it to be more confusing then necessary.\r\n\r\nWe were in a ship…typical, average sci-fi space craft. Huge. Enterprise size. First thing I noticed was that it was light out (in?!?) It was like daytime inside my body. Something to do with a gazillion electrical impulses, but it wasn”t a strobey, artificial light…it was a soft, luminous, constant, glow. And there was landscape. It wasn”t at all guts, tubes, and wiring. It was beautiful as well…soft, fleshy pastels, and consciously alive. (Something we very seriously forget about this Earth even though it”s moving, growing, processing, adapting, responding all around us!!!)\r\n\r\nThis red tentacled thing I was with had transformed into a woman, my age, in uniform…as my “tour-guide”, although the feeling was very ”hush-hush”, as we slipped around the ship. There was lots of overlaying…the stuff that makes it hard to describe/put into 3 dimensional/linear discription. On one hand we were on a ship traveling my body, and on the other hand the ship *was* my body. Too hard to get across. There were also (at least) two distinct races on board……one that appeared human, but *technically* didn”t consider themselves “human”, and the wriggly parasitic crew that appeared confined to certain portions of the ship…although there didn”t seem to be a great amount of difference in their standing. Symbiotic I suppose, and more intelligent in that idea than humans can really understand; the respectful balance of two halves making a ”whole”, that nothing is accomplished without the other…that sort of feeling. Equal standing.\r\n\r\nOh, I can”t remember all the places we went to, and even if I could you wouldn”t believe me. This is the part I”m trying to move my mind around. Almost every single ”point of interest” had some grossly disturbing Hollywood theme to it. For instance there was a Disneyland! A place for shipmates to find escape in entertainment. (enter-tain(t)ment…not sure why, but that just popped into my head)(also…attainment, which Hollywould is very much about!) Anyway…Disneyland. I know it was bcuz I recognized the rides!!! My tour-guide smirked at that. She smirked at a lot of my reactions! ๐Ÿ˜• There was a lot of *classical* associations inside me. Themey things like…Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, StarTrek and way-way beyond!\r\nBeing as hyper-conscious as I am in my dreamstate…I was already working to put 2 & 2 together. In my mind I could see these inner-working of mine as the same inner-workings as everyone else. That *inside* it was all one place…one in the same, and thinking about ”those” who were privy to it long before me. I could see the message of it being introduced in everything around me in “day-to-day” life. Signs! Not twisted, jumbled, conspiracy signals for a few, but blatant, slap in the center of your face, outward, front and center truths…so bizarre they”re never noted. It was amusing and scary.\r\n\r\nWesley Snipes was there as well…eating my ice cream sundae, which I got for free bcuz the park was closing down/cleaning up as we arrived. Still trying to fit that piece in!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ There were also children aboard, families…and in that line of thought there was another strong feeling of being in *wait*. It wasn”t as if these were…how do I explain it?!? You know on the Enterprise there”s only adults? The Federation (like military)…all ”of age” recruits off on some “tour of duty”!?! It wasn”t like that at all. This was like an entire civilization aboard *me*, but not the whole civilization…thinking that that would be segmented up between everyone on earth/in *body*. That”s just a theory of course. I got the feeling they were waiting on *us*, on something ”significant” keyed to happen. Now, awake…I”m forced to play with the idea of 2012. I wasn”t getting the feeling that everyone was painfully bored and there was like 5,000 years to go. More, there was a seriousness to everything, or at least a ”stepping up” kind of energy like “not much longer now”. No time to mess about.\r\n\r\nThere was another area that viewed something different from the landscape of *me*. A much larger picture indeed; think maybe ”holideck”…some sort of radar on the multiverse. I wish I could explain better what I saw. The background (3-D) was blackness then a core tube looking energy that ran down the center of it all…made of light. The entire thing was all very mathematical, mandala like with rings, and intersecting grids, and levels all spinning, looping, rising and dropping, etc. The only things that didn”t seem to have a rhythm were millions of orbs (all different sizes and colors) that would appear randomly from the outer-edges, steadily flow towards the center core of light, then flash, and bounce off…not always in the direction they came from. I inquired about the orbs, and was told they were planets. That when they hit the core it signaled the end of their lifespan, but that they were instantly born anew, and set off to go another cycle. I didn”t ask about the beings on the planets…I somehow got the impression they weren”t a factor, or more…not related to this system at all. Living, conscious, karmic beings in their own right, but not “human”.\r\n\r\nBrings up another point, which is the tour-guide calling me “Euphoric”…it was something I said to her in passing that I can”t remember, but her exact words were, “I thought you might be Euphoric, but I wasn”t *sure* till you mentioned ______” (whatever it was I mentioned!?!) Euphorian”s I assumed (to her) was some ancient race of humans. There wasn”t anymore said about it than that. At the same time I had also become inquisitive about a certain area of the ship that appeared to be off-limits. I was standing with a few guys in uniform who were gaurding the doors, as my tour-guide was approached by a shipmate for direction. I was idley talking about something, and have no idea why the word popped out of my mouth (it had no reference), but I said something about the “dominators” blah, blah blah…and the guards went freaky on me. They immediately got super-paranoid about the word, so I corrected myself immediately! “Did *I* say “Dominators”? No, no…I meant…” (add blather here).\r\n\r\nThis commotion caught the tour-guides attention, and she quickly ushered me off, as if we might get ”found out”. Later I did catch a small glimpse of something to do with that closed quadrant. Something…I have no idea what it was?!? Oddly enough it looked like a foot in uniform. Don”t ask. It hovered, and moved quickly. The impression was it had ”turned”, or was a ”mole” of some type. Privy to the workings on ”this side of the ship”…the thing was making a break b
ack to the confined area, and the entire ship went on red-alert. Somehow the success of this little creature getting back to the back-end of the ship with the information he possessed equaled something worse then death. They caught him within inches of his goal. I still have no idea what to make of that?!? I”ll try and summarize my feelings in a second.\r\n\r\nThe last part was standing off in some quite space with the tour-guide. There were cages beside us. A kennel of some sort. There were two cats side by side, but they weren”t cats…more like over-stuffed Hawaiian leis; the kind made out of plastic bags. They were weird. Somehow it started a topic about what was to come. Something that began telepathically I think…out of the blue. I inquired about returning to the ship when the time came. She affirmed that. I asked about bringing my cats. She said no. That upset me. She said the two cats in the cage were ones I was holding for my ”return”. They were cute…weird cute…I couldn”t deny that, and I said I”d take them *too*, but that I needed my cats also. She just held this pathetic look. Then I asked about my family, and she looked away as if holding back something she knew I wouldn”t want to hear. I pushed, “I can bring my family *right*???”. She nodded, but not happy-like. “What? There”s an age-requirement?” That was the first thing that popped into my head…that maybe old people or something wouldn”t be allowed, or maybe friends that I considered family? Or…maybe it was only if I had my own family…like direct off-spring? I didn”t want to hear anything but “yes-yes, whomever you wish”. It upset me enough to wake me up!\r\n\r\nThat entire last segment I mentioned is fairly irrelevant, save for the idea that they”re out there waiting on some sort of cataclysm…or maybe just the ”resetting” of some clock?!?\r\n\r\nMy thoughts…personally, without having to re-hatch.\r\n\r\n1) That I was really only shown things from a single perspective. My own? Is the guide-woman ”me”? That would be the typical way to view it. I personally don”t follow that dogma. In a very broad sense…yes, it”s all me. Everything around me is me, but then ”mirrors” come in play, which change the dynamics. I”m interested in *why* it was a ”single” perspective, not from a single individual, but a single mind-set. To explain that I have to go to…\r\n\r\n2) Was there some kind of manipulation going on? The visions and experiences I trust are usually the *unbiased* ones, bcuz truth to me is gray. No right & wrong, black & white. It had a unbiased air to it, but something behind it felt orchestrated. The entire thing could have held truths, but the main goal could still be dis-information.\r\n\r\n3) The feeling I had whilst wondering around in the vision was in regards to the parasites. Again, there was a lot of telepathic stuff going on. I was telepathically having a conversation with this red, wriggling creature before me, then telepathically chit-chatting with her on tour of the ship, but underneath it all there were ideas being formed in my mind that I”m not sure are mine. The first being that ALL the creatures aboard this vessel were parasites, and the human form some took was only to make me feel less threatened. In that idea conspiracies sprout…some “all for one, one for all idea” that i”m not sure I can swallow the whole pill of. The thought that came after that was that I might very well be a parasite myself…whatever portion of me that was brought to the ship. I struggle with that idea a lot. It”s not new. That this *mind*, this ego, this thing I refer to as *I*, *me*…could in fact be the parasite that”s occupying this primal, innocent, human host. To fully understand that one has to put aside the common definition of ”parasite”. Symbiote is a better word for that.\r\n\r\nSo maybe it was all truth; truth to the parasite *me*. Or…maybe me overhearing, *over-witnessing* something that has nothing to do with me at all…if I”m the primal innocent in all this?!? See, it gets confusing!!! Maybe the time coming up for departure is for the parasites?!? Maybe we”re the safe-houses for these beings till the *great shift*? The day of purification? 2012s alignment into the golden age?!? A time for apocalypse…for revelation…an awakening to our true selves without manipulative attachment, whether we be the primal humans, or the highly advanced parasitic squidies…whichever.\r\n\r\nTo be continued…\r\n\r\nThere”s more ideas I have about this, but too much other junk on mind that”s getting in the way. The main ideas I have to note so I”ll remember…..the background exchange of information. highly-advanced…that would explain why lots of people get the same ideas at the same time, how culture is driven on a deeper level, ideas about “intuition” and sixth senses……..but also carrying the energy of conspiracy. That there could very well be an completely different race of beings living right here with us/now…for millennia maybe?!? I”ll even add the idea to top it off with a big red cherry…that it”s a much, much more advanced race…and that a lot of what we struggle with as “humans”…is in being privy to their goings on, but kept in the dark!!!! That a majority of the information, the needs and wants, the yearnings, the beliefs, etc. could merely be some sort of crossed-lines in our psyche”s…like party-lines! The fears of a dying race perhaps. That”s not a new concept with ”alien” (foreign) beings.\r\n\r\nI”m not one for getting into big ideas about EVIL. It”s illogical to me. Parasites have a purpose of self-preservation (mainly). Even astrally in the whole vampiric realm of things…I”ve never had the feeling that it”s *just* a feeding frenzy for vital energy. I suppose that has to do with the intelligence I sense in them….that they”re just utilizing something we really aren”t/weren”t using anyway. (Ask a vampire and they”ll admit to that…that if people are going to waste themselves they”ll happily tap the resource!!!) that other 90% to keep their race alive in some way that I”m not going to pretend to understand. That they really don”t mean us any harm…maybe the same way we don”t really mean our environment any harm….it”s our home after all. We just forget.

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