Revisiting Parasites: Symbiosis

From Immune system disorders have greatly increased in recent years. Asthma cases, hay fever, eczema, food allergies, lupus, multiple sclerosis and other related afflictions […]

Boycott Bottle Water

Governments around the globe are officially classifying water as a “need”…downgraded from a “right”. Semantics. Contrary to nature, water is flowing to those with the […]

South Carolina Throws Out Common Core Standards

Common Core has no shortage of critics. The national education standards have been pilloried by pundits, parents,comedians, teachers, and lawmakers alike. The chief concern, perhaps, is that Common Core introduces frivolous […]

UK Life Sentence for Cybercriminals

Only yesterday I was joking about how…people are going to have to be massively more conscious about what they choose to SUBJECT themselves to (online), […]

Stepping into Full Authentic Function

So, I’ve been working on the (new) site, and trying to make it more interesting and interactive, and I’ve been slowly implementing changes into my […]

The way my mind works….

I was stirred awake at 5am this morning, by the warm aroma of……..what? sniff – sniff…..what is that? Oh, right…… shit! Not just regular dog […]