Christ is Coming with a Vengance

galactic-waveThis isn’t exactly a prophetic warning, it was more a glimpse of something sure, in the wee hours of the morning. An epiphany.

Epiphanies of course, lose something in translation. It’s a complete vision that extents across everything in one moment, without need for question, or thought…then it’s gone. Epiphanies are probably best unmentioned, but thought I’d share this one, since it’s pretty simple (and flawless).

Whatever I went bed subconsciously focused on, probably the Sandy Hook shootings, the sadness, and sense of hopelessness about the where things are headed, or what’s going on (on a whole)….but I awoke with a clear, and simple message…the idea that Christ (consciousness) is streaming in as a MASSIVE “information wave” as we speak! Er, as I write.

The premise is super-simple…we must drop everything except the very, basic fundamentals of life: simple sustenance, shelter, loving our neighbors, etc. All the extra-curricular stuff must be put down, and let go of, to create room for the ‘new’. The part of the message I’m most fond of…and that makes it that complete and perfect in my mind, is……………….there is try, no do or not do, no path off-center in any direction. It’s not black and white, good or bad….there is no choice in the whole thing. It is. It’s here. It will overcome us. That’s it.

Try as people might, there will be no way to hold on to any of the old, tired stuff. Math, laws, physics, theories, religion, social measures, medicine. All of it will be washed away in a massive flood of NEW information, coming in at such a rate that it will absolutely (a word a don’t use lightly) be impossible to stand against, in any form.

There’s no way to hold onto the old paradigm much longer. Resistance is not an option. No way to continue to drag ourselves through the old quagmire….it will no longer exist! Information is quickening now, at such a rapid rate. It’s already obvious that it’s mounting faster then we can dispose of the “old” (to make way for the new). We can’t keep pace with it, if we’re stuck having to process every g-d damn thing into piles of this and that garbage…and that’s what we do as a human race! We multiply and divide, make notes, debate, perseverate, then lie, cheat, swindle, con all sorts of things into Truths™. People that continue to try and do that will be literally viewed as insane.

I’m sure I’m over-explaining it. There’s so much new information coming through every second, and we can’t dwell and hinge ourselves to every, single bit of it, or we’ll never stay abreast of it all. I know I’m repeating myself, but I’m thinking it through out loud. Basically, if we don’t UNLOAD much USELESS shit, right now, quickly…well…there really is no “IF”….it’s just going to happen. It’s beyond our control (to control). We just need to get out of the way, and allow it to wash over us. A good example of this is government. Arguing about this and that policy, standing on black or white squares…pointing the finger at the other guys, putting more laws and regulations in place, isn’t conducive what’s streaming in. What we think is (vitally) relevant to this moment, will be irrelevant the next. That’s already visible. Like a computer you buy today, will be obsolete technology next month…that will only continue to speed up. So, placing everything in the “clouds” makes sense, but only for now….even that will quickly become obsolete, and something else will take it’s place. We have to be willing (and flexible) to allow it all to unfold, without it destroying our sanity.

I know it’s not original, many have spoken about the quickening, and time speeding up to a zero point. It just carries more weight once you “see” it yourself. It all becomes VERY clear.

There’s some chatter online about how the Cabal is panicking over losing their ultimate grip on things, but I wonder? I know there’s this and that faction of control, but I can’t see with all that they dabble in…that they didn’t know this was coming. It’s one of those things that benefits everyone. What else can we point to and say that about? Nothing! I know that energy has changed up a good deal in the last few days. Not easier to process, but cleaner in some way…and a hell of a lot quicker. Of higher frequency? Something different. Goodbye duality! Would be interested to know what others are experiencing. Leave a comment.

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