Christmas Eve…

Well it’s Christmas Eve. I can’t believe it. Where did this year go?

Was watching Home Alone last night with James, as he began shuffling back and forth around the coffee table…practicing walking, and had to catch myself from getting really bummed out thinking about him getting bigger! Looking a the kid in the movie (being 10 years old)…and, just can’t think about it. I’m trying my best not to curb James in anyway…bcuz of my neurosis. Lol. Wanting him to stay little and cuddly, etc. Knowing that time will come when it goes from him being dependent on my love…to me being dependent on his! 🙁

On other notes…we have a tree up, and a good number of presents under it for James. I’ve actually put a few aside for his birthday (in Feb) since he’s not going to be counting gifts at this age. Still have a good amount stuff at the old place…mostly crafting supplies, and my clothes. I don’t have any time for crafting atm, so that’s not an issue. I have all my fuzzy and flannel pajamas with me…and since that’s all I live in in the winter…not worried about getting all the rest of it right now. I’m that chick you see at the grocery store that’s shopping in bright, holiday-festive fleece pajamas, and slippers! 😛 I swear, if I had more gumption…I’d have my fuzzy robe on too! Beth hates that about me…and likes to go on about how I’m embarrassing James. Think I have a few more years till he starts complaining. Or, hopefully…we’ll be going out in our P.J.s together! 🙂

The day after we moved out of our old place…the pipes froze in the upstairs bathroom, and we weren’t there when they thawed out the next day. The whole entire living room, kitchen, and foyer flooded! Basically the whole middle of the house…with our stuff still there! Luckily none of our stuff got ruined. Not much anyway. The house belongs to Beth’s mom though…and all her furniture and carpets got soaked!!! The ceiling fell down, the wood floors are all f–ked up and buckling. It’s a mess that Beth has had to deal with the past week, and none too happy about. I’m just glad that we’re not staying there! We couldn’t, and that would have been a nightmare! Not only is there no heat, but now it’s damp and miserable over there.

So…so many things happening at once, what with my unexpected gallbladder surgery, moving in the midst of construction, pipes busting, etc, etc. I’m incredibly grateful through it all for a beautiful, healthy son…a warm house, roof over our head, hot running water, and the like!!! Won’t hear me complaining about anything, although I am fighting off the blues on a constant basis lately. This is never the best time of year for me, what with the shorter days, the cold, and missing my family! Just have to keep telling myself that it’ll warm up soon, and trying to stay positive and focused on the important stuff.

Have a few more bloglifts to finish up for people, and then I’m pretty sure I’m going to take a break from doing them for a while. Not sure what direction I’m heading in, but thinking that I might pick up the jaded-gypsy stuff again, and try and get some children’s books published. Right now….I’d like to crawl back in bed with James!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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