Countdown to 1st Birthday…

jamesStill not posting as much as I’d like…I sit here and try, but thoughts escape me. With the nicer weather (can tell by the recent picture)…James and I have been outside as much as possible, and to tell the truth…I’m a little burned out on the computer. I’ve wrapped up all the blog designs I had in queue, so that makes it easier to step away for a while, and take a break; something I was planning on doing anyway. Finding it difficult to find motivation for my own online stuff, also. I have started re-designing James’ blog, but far from up-to-date on content!!! Really need to get that together! For now though…just going to stay in the moment, and reserve energy for creating a memorable experience for James’ 1st Birthday!!! :Happy-Birthday:

Being a frugal, creative mom…I’ve tried to avoid buying him too much. Anyway, no matter what I get him…when it comes down to it…he still prefers the packaging and wrapping to the actual gifts. Fine with me. His affinity towards cardboard, tape, tools, branches, leaves, and rocks……shows me his innate creative juices, runneth over! A little man after his momma’s heart!

I bought some Sponge Bob party paraphernalia today, balloons, and such. I plan on building on him a sandbox, but doubt I’ll get it together for his birthday. Probably end up being a weekend project. I have two cats, and there are numerous strays in the area…so having a sandbox with a lid is a MUST, so it doesn’t become the local litter box!!! At first I thought about one of those plastic, turtle sandboxes, but……..those average about $50+. I can build one cheaper then that! So, that’s my plan. I got him some tonka type trucks, and earth mover things…so we have something to play with in it, when it’s done. Also, found some Sponge Bob pajamas at Target today. A two-set on sale for $12. They’re size 4 (boys), which is way too big, but…the two pairs I bought him for Christmas (size 18 months)…barely fit him a week. At least I know these will fit and be comfy.

Big Project: The plan is to make him a Sponge Bob fondant style cake. Ha! I watch all the cake shows on TV, and I’m always saying…”I could do better then that”! Now I get to eat my words! Literally. I’m a talented sculptor…I can say that without reserve, but…I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to sculpted cakes. As long as the materials actually perform like “clay”….I shouldn’t have any problem. Double Ha! I have to say I’m a little bit worried it will be a total flop. Luckily, he’s turning one, and won’t care, as long as it tastes good. I’m a little worried about that as well.

I found a simple recipe for modeling chocolate. Basically, …………………………oh shit!!!! I just realized this minute that I screwed up the recipe! It was 10 oz. chocolate, and 1/3 cup of light corn syrup. I bought white chocolate, and used the whole block, which was 15oz. In my mind I thought to add 1/2 of a 1/3 of syrup (ya…not a whiz at math at 10 o’clock at night). I forgot, and only added the third. Dammit! See, this is exactly why I’m worried! My heart’s in the right place. My mind? Not. Well, it’s in the fridge cooling. Guess I’ll just have to see how it is tomorrow, and maybe remelt if possible? Chocolate is funny about seizing up on me…rendering it useless! Worst comes to worse…I can get a new block and start again. I still have 2 days to get it done.

Anyway. Also have a recipe for “easy” marshmallow fondant…ha ha. Have sketched out what I want it to look like. I’m good at that part. Going to leave the modeling chocolate white, sculpt everything first, then paint it afterwards with food coloring. I think that will be easiest. Arg. Too much to think about right now.

Stay tuned :Sad:

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