Damn Spam!

spamIs anyone getting a warning about visiting my blog? Google Chrome has this hard to ignore red-flag page that comes up….warning ppl that my site is dangerous. ๐Ÿ˜› It directs to some Michigan University site or something. Who knows?!?! It either came from a comment that slipped through, or a plug-in.

NOTE: be very, very, very careful of the comments you approve! We all know that, but they’re very crafty sometimes. If in doubt, copy & paste their email address into google search, and it will usually show a list under spammers to beware of. Also, plug-ins are great, but try to only use ones that approved by wordpress, and have at least 3 – 4 stars! Adding 3rd party widgets, plugins and themes to your blog can be dangerous, bcuz they can embed anything inside an harmless looking file.

Anyway….I cleaned it all up. Removed some comments, and plug-ins…but it’s still showing the red-flag. Says it takes about 24 to reboot on Googles end. Hopefully it’s solved :/ SUCKS!!!!

5 thoughts on “Damn Spam!

  1. Thanks for the replies guys! It’s nice to log in and see REAL comments (out of the few dozen that are spam)! I think it’s okay now. Just freaks me out bcuz I’ve lost entire websites that way. Iz one reason I went back to using (just) Etsy & Blogger….where a ‘team’ is in charge of staying on top of that stuff, and you know your site is going to be there in the morning! Still………I much prefer self-hosting. LOL…ah, such a conundrum. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Y’all are sweet to take the time! And glad it’s just on my end. xoxoxo

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