DETOX 2012

2012 is the year for healing; to begin loving ourselves the way we’ve always sought to be loved…with complete abandon. When we love ourselves completely, there is no such thing as ill-health. Love to most people is a very complex, involved thing thing, with many regulations, prerequisites, and expectations. Think of things you can’t, won’t, or don’t love…this may give you an idea of how complex love is for you. From another angle…anger, hate, resentment, guilt, and the like…..all things we use energy to store mentally and emotionally…are also stored physically. We have a great immunity to these things at first, the same way when we’re younger…we can pack away junk food, party hard and recover quickly, treat ourselves poorly without much effect. In time, our immunity wains as our bodies wear down from stress, and unhealthy behavior….we don’t bounce back the same. There are multiple reasons for this, but in general we  LOAD ourselves down, gunk ourselves up with crap…..emotionally, mentally, and physically, and at some point our system begins to revolt at the unhealthy way we treat ourselves. It is a sympathetic system. It will try it’s best to warn us, hint towards better choices. it will starts with small aches and pains, bouts of illness here and there. The more we ignore ourselves…the worse things get, until we can’t ignore it any longer. It will consume us fully in the end, if we don’t make the effort to pay attention. Of course, this is the first step. I will make an effort to post on the spiritual aspects of healing, as well as the practical. This post is only an introduction to some of my ideas.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear. Physician heal thyself. A thousand mile journey begins with one step. It’s time to look towards the simple, and profound for guidance….the practices that have been in existence for eons. HUMBLING is the key-word for 2012. It’s not about expensive treatments, complex supplements, or things that are out of reach to anyone. It’s not even about drastic changes, although some of the ideas I’ll share will seem extreme. Holistic well-being is the goal. To return, regain, reconnect with the health we once knew. For me this process has more to do with ‘less’, rather then ‘more’. We are programmed to believe that health is an expensive thing that requires fancy apparatuses, annual memberships, pricey counselling, and the best of the best products. We are taught to accept that in order to be whole and well….we need to add and add to our lives, all manner of things that are ‘better’ for us. It’s big business. If the condition of our skin is a problem…how many products exist on “the market” offering cures? There’s ‘all-natural’ mineral makeup, creams, cleansers, tonics….spas, facial processes, dermabrasions, laser therapies. Treatments you can rub on your skin, and natural remedies to ingest. If none of that works, there’s always prescription medicine. This is an example of the “MORE” that doesn’t work, it actually tends to exacerbate problems. Worse, it interrupts your own healthy dialog with yourself (higher intelligence). It doesn’t take much to understand the detrimental effects of thinking that fulfillment or happiness comes from outside ourselves. The same applies to all aspects of health. Loving yourself as you are, in the moment….as “enough”….starting there, and utilizing your energy to develop a health, loving relationship with yourself is the best medicine. Demonstrate that you are capable of taking care of yourself with love. Love is synonymous with respect. Respect yourself fully and you will earn the ability to heal yourself.

My understanding is that health has little to do with ADDING more to ones lifestyle, but instead simplifying, and lightening the LOAD. Since I support the idea of “as above so below”….and that everything we do in this physical plane of existence, is connected/mirrored on a spiritual/divine level….there is no better approach to health, then to minimize the junk that stands between our physical bodies and our spirit! 2012 will be about tapping into that consciousness, and re-connecting that relationship with ourselves. Making that stronger, will make us stronger, but it’s a very SUBTLE thing. Powerful in a absolute sense, but….subtle. I believe it involves “casting off” a great many things, and creating the SPACE to allow our higher state of being to move in and guide us. Again………..a HUMBLING! Putting aside all we learned, and all we think, and leaving room for something “other”. For our higher-intelligence to shine through. That doesn’t require any money at all. It does require time, energy, patience, and TRUST. Precious things, that can seem even more expensive then money….but are not. They are all free, and they are accessible to everyone. If…………..we LOVE ourselves enough to allow them.

Some of the things I want to introduce for my Detox 2012 posts…..



Most everything I’ll be posting about is inexpensive. The greatest cost is putting ones mind to it, self-discipline, and honest intention. None of these things work without effort and consistency. All of the practices I share, are MAINTENANCE programs. Even for people that are capable of getting their minds around the idea of radical or alternative therapies for health…..the hardest remains DEDICATION. Even for me! I am not a guru on health and well-being, by any means. I have a ton of work to do on myself………….and that is the MAIN reason for the whole Detox 2012 section. For me!! I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything, or push any ideas, or sell anything. I’m not insisting that this is the way for everyone, or anyone. These are just things that interest me enough to invest myself in, and Detox 2012 is just to share my experience in this process. My hope is that a few other people out there are making a similar journey, and are willing to post comments, feedback, and links. That some small support circle might be created here, and that it might inspire others to think alternatively on their health.

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