Colon Cleanse

Pre-(r)amble - Please Read...

I'm here to inspire you to move your consciousness into a new location - one that sits right between your heart and your gut. It is a place of KNOWING. Occasionally, I will drop a statistic or link to some scientific research -  but if you're looking for well documented "proof" and "factual" information - you're in the wrong place. In order to become truly whole and healthy (holistically healthy) - you must find the willingness to TRUST yourself - to trust in your integral-oneness with the highest intelligence (authority) in existence. Some call this GOD (Source).

When you don't have any trust in your seek out trust in other/lesser authorities. 

What will an allopathic doctor tell you about colon cleansing? That it's absolutely unnecessary - even dangerous. Unfortunately, a lot of folk take their doctors advice as gospel. How could keeping your colon clean and your digestive system healthy with clean, unprocessed foods, lots of hydration, and probiotics really be beneficial ot your health? Ya think a doctor would encourage that sort of self-responsibility, but no. They'd rather have you take medication for your ailments, and wait till things get serious enough to warrant going under the knife. Constant indigestion? Increasing food sensitivities? Bloating, gas, cramps, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, aches and pains, skin disorders, foggy brain, and blood sugar imbalance? All these things can be "alleviated" with medications......but they can't be healed. 

Important: Healing Crisis Caution

Accumulated toxic material must be processed before being removed from the body. When processing large amounts of toxic material at once - common symptoms can include one or more of the following: fatigue, headache, rashes or skin eruptions, lack of mental clarity, joint or muscle aches and pains, irritability, anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, exhaustion, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, fever, sweating, and flu-like symptoms. These symptoms are temporary and will subside within 1-10 days. It took a long time to get your body into the state it is now, and getting out of it isn't without side-effects. Luckily, there's a lot you can to avoid this unpleasant experience

Of course, I should fill you in on negative side-effects. With all detoxing, there comes something called a "healing crisis" (also known as Herximer Effect, Herxing, or Toxic Shock) - the degree of severity varies depending on the toxicity level of the individual. Those who are extremely toxic can suffer a great deal - even to the point of having to be hospitalized, but mostly this is due to fear and not actual life-threatening circumstance. You're body is an incredibly intelligent system that does the best it can to handle toxins, but if you aren't wisely working in cooperation with it - - - you'll suffer. When your body starts dumping toxins - you better make sure the exit is clear. This is why all detox revolves around super hydration and a clean colon!! Dump and flush!! 

If you get into protocols to dump heavy metals, flush out the liver, and kill fungus, yeast, and parasites........and then all that totally fucked up TOXIC crap ends up lodged in your body - just sitting there. How do you think you're gonna feel (then multiply that by ten)! If you don't heed advice - you will end up VERY SICK and most definitely scare yourself out of ever detoxing again. It comes down to being response-able and taking the time out to truly dedicate yourself to (loving) yourself. 

Read more on how to avoid a healing crisis.

All Disease Beings In The Gut ~ Hippocrates

It is reported that roughly 95 million Americans suffer from some kind of digestive disorder, and spend more than $100 billion dollars annually on digestive health care - three times more than weight loss aids. One could easily make the assumption that the medical industry isn't highly concerned with HEALING digestive disorders at all.

To the right, you have a not so pretty picture of something called "mucoid plaque"- a nasty, foul-smelling, rubbery, rope-like mass that's ejected by your bowels during a thorough colon cleanse. "Experts" insist there's no evidence to prove that this substance is dangerous to anyone health. let me tell ya - it's one thing to look at the photo and ponder how benign this matter is, and it's a whole other thing to be staring at it face to face. There will be no doubt in your mind that you're better off without it! I absolutely promise you that you will not only feel 100% better after getting rid of this crap, but you'll literally feel like you've exorcised a demonic entity from your body. Despite being completely grossed out - you will grab your camera for posterities sake!Mucoid plaque is a thick build-up of biofilms that your body is incapable of breaking down - and you don't want it broken down - you want it out! It harbors harmful bacteria, pathogens, parasites, mold, yeasts, and fungus. In that sense, it is somewhat useful but just like trash bags hold noxious, decaying matter - they're not something you pile up in your house and hold on it. 

Despite doctors believing this junk is totally "normal" to be carrying around - mucoid plaque is a thick build-up of biofilms that your body is incapable of breaking down - and (truth) you don't want it broken down - you want it out! It harbors harmful bacteria, pathogens, parasites, mold, yeasts, and fungus. In that sense, it is somewhat useful but just like trash bags hold noxious, decaying matter - they're not something you pile up in a corner of your house and hold on to!! 

By ridding your body of mucoid plaque and stool sediment that's impacted into pockets of your colon - you are better able to absorb nutrients from your food. The healthy food and supplements you consume actually become of benefit, and there's no comfy campground for pathogens to set up house, and wreak havoc on your wellbeing!

Best part is - colon cleansing is cheap, easy, and extremely effective!



All the following protocols should be incorporated into a regular digestive maintenance program. There is no one-way to go about colon cleansing. If you're adopting a healthy "holistic" lifestyle - you should already have these ingredients on hand. I've done my best to go the frugal, resourceful route. There are tons of colon cleansing products and kits on the market, along with detox devices and services - some with hefty price tags. Don't fall into the trap of believing that good health is expensive or complicated. The simplest, most affordable route is often the best.
Absolutely, you can cleanse and detox at home on a very tight budget.


Everyone is dehydrated - except for that crazy person you might know that's constantly got a jug of water with them.
You are going to become that crazy person!

  • You should be consuming at least 1/2 your weight in water - in ounces every day. Aim for a gallon per day.
  • Avoid tap water that harbors harmful bacteria, cysts, molds, recycled medications, fluoride, chlorine, and heavy metals.
  • Invest in a home water filtration system, or a countertop distillation system.
  • Water is the most powerful solvent in the world - take full advantage of its benefits by drinking the cleanest water you can get.
  • Do not drink plastic bottled water!

Buy 1  or 5-gallon glass jugs and fill up at filtered water stations (at grocery stores). If you don't want to tote all that weight - fill up plastic jugs and transfer to glass as soon as you get home. 

Distilled water works best for healing and detoxifying. Some things you can add to your distilled water to make it more beneficial...

  • Liquid minerals or sea salt
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Liquid silica
  • Fulvic acid
  • Crystals
  • Filtering stones
  • Colored glass bottles (vibrational healing)
  • Solar charge your water in the SUN (Never set plastic bottled water out in the sun).

There's not much to this protocol - just clean water and lots of it! Really there should be no point in the day when you don't have a glass of water in your hand. It's hard at first, but it's just a new habit to adapt to. Also, consider a shower water filter. Your skin is your largest organ and you absorb a lot of toxins through it - especially during a hot shower when your pores are open.

It's hard at first, and you'll mess up. Don't focus on "failure". Surround yourself with water! Have jugs outside, inside, inthe fridge, near your bed. A big part is adjusting to tepid water. You will learn to appreciate it as you go. As you work to clean yourself up - you'll become a connoisseur of water - not in a hyped, superficial sense but a substantial and spiritual sense. You'll be 'turned on' by all the nuances a slice of citrus adds - where a can of soda will literally make you feel ill just looking at it. The clearer you get - the more you'll pick up on the VIBRATION of things. This is what you're working towards...

You as a consciousness, sit between your spiritual Source-Self and the physical manifestation of your body. Clearing out all the junk (mentally, emotionally, and physically) allows you to strengthen your relationship and communication (above and below) becoming an authentic natural force to be reckoned with. But, it takes work to get to that clear space - and water is one of your greatest allies and wisest mentors.

Find the willingness to adapt to water.
Understand it as a highly evolved, highly intelligent substance that is programmable, powerful, and inescapable.
Have fun engaging and exploring its magic!  


Allow water to take precedence in your life - for cleaning, healing, meditation, even entertainment. Research water and see where it leads you. What programming is it subject to on the way to your body? Invest in water filtration for drinking, cooking, and bathing. Your skin is your largest organ and you absorb a lot of toxins through it - especially during a hot shower when your pores are open.

Ideally, you want to engage yourself in a whole system approach to detox and be tossing out all those nasty brand-name toxic products in your bathroom! There's no point making the effort to detoxify when you're lathering and lotioning up with toxic chemicals. Ditch everything and make your own deodorant, toothpaste, body wash, lotion, and more.
Check out RECIPES and if you're not ready to go that route - see RESROUCES for the best products to buy.




Buy RAW, ORGANIC, NON-GMO AVC and add it to your gallon of drinking water, or take a shot of it twice a day (chased with water). Add to your smoothies and homemade juices. If you can't stand the taste of it - you can buy it in pill form. Read more about the benefits of ACV in the Natural Medicine Cabinet section and try your hand at making your own ACV!


If you're not already using coconut oil - start out at one tablespoon per day. Simply eat by the spoonful or melt in coffee or tea, or blend into smoothies. Work your way up to 3 tablespoons per day. Those with Candida overgrowth can suffer a healing crisis by consuming too much too fast. It's not the coconut oil that's making you feel ill - it's the Candida die-off, which can have some very NASTY side-effects that can include skin rashes, diarrhea, low-grade fever, anxiety, exhaustion, and so on. If Candida has moved into your head (symptoms of this can include foggy-brain, memory problems, blurry vision, headaches, and itchy ears) - there's a good possibility of severe migraine headaches when starting out. You can stop the protocol bcuz you feel crappy, but you're never going to feel better in the long run! As with all detox protocols - cut back on dosage but don't stop. 

With detoxing - we're working with two very different matters......sentient and non-sentient. Non-sentient are easy to dislodge and wash away. Sentient, on the other hand - are intelligent lifeforms that are all about survival and procreation!! These are fungus, mold, yeast, and parasites. Don't ever believe that you can rush headlong into battle against these critters and win. You are grossly outnumbered, outweighed, and outsmarted in this situation. You must be SLICK perseverant! Your main goal with detox is to slowly RE-establish an inhospitable environment for these occupiers, so THEY DECIDE to move along of their own accord.
This is KEY to success!!


This is a liquid mixture of hydrated bentonite clay and psyllium (husk or powder) that aids in the removal of mucoid plaque (image right). Hydrate bentonite by mixing a few tablespoons (dry, powdered clay) into a quart size jar. Add enough water to make a thick paste, then keeping adding more water until you have something resembling the constancy of skim milk (but gray). Let stand for an hour before using.

You want to make enough for long term use - so it's around 8 parts water to 1 part clay. Make a quart or a gallon - this stuff won't go bad, and doesn't have to be refrigerated. 

Bentonite has an electromagnetic charge to it - so avoid contact with metal which will discharge this property. Don't stir with a metal spoon. Don't store in a glass jar with metal lid - as you'll have to shake this mixture to keep it from settling on the bottom.

Mix 1 - 2 tablespoons of hydrated clay with 1 tablespoon of psyllium in a large glass. Add only enough water to make a thin paste then top off with watered down juice. You can just use water but a little juice makes it easier to get down. Drink quickly! This stuff turns into jelly if left sitting a few minutes. Wash out glass right away - otherwise, it's a pain to clean up.

METHOD: One to two glasses a day should be enough to see results. This protocol works best while fasting from solid food. There is no known harm in long term/daily use of this protocol - although, once you're cleaned out and things are running smoothly - drop back to a single dose per day.

During a detox (even while fasting) - you should be having at least three bowel movements per day. P&B Shakes can help you achieve that and more. 

Which Brings Us to "Immediate Results"...

Enemas (2 Options)

You'll need an enema bag or bucket for this protocol. Always clean well, rinse, and hang your bag inverted without stopper to dry - this avoids mold growth!

Water Enema
Pretty straightforward - Fill up your enema bag (or bucket) with clean, tepid water (body temperature). Make sure the clamp is closed. Set up so the bag/bucket it higher than your end parts (works on gravity). Put down a towel (floor or bed). Relax your entire body. Make sure to lubricate the tip with coconut oil or similar. Hold the clamp in your hand and release it for only a second BEFORE inserting. This gets any air out of the tube. Insert nozzle all the way into your rectum. You have a secondary muscle that you have to get past or the water won't flow.

If you're new to enemas you aren't going to be able to get the whole thing in in one shot. Go slow. If you experience cramping or pain - close clamp and wait for it to pass. Most of the time its gas that's trapped in your intestines. Rub your tummy, move your body a little, stretch to move the water around. Try to get in as much as you can, and hold it for as a long as you can. Newbies will want to be extremely close to the toilet!! If you haven't used the entire bag - try to a second round. It will be MUCH easier (promise). 

There are many things to take into consideration, but it's not unusual to do 2 or 3 enemas back to back to get squeaky clean.

Coffee Enema
Same protocol as above, but using a fresh brewed and diluted organic coffee solution. Set aside half your pot of coffee in the morning and dilute to fill bag/bucket. This should be done as a double round with the first enema being coffee and the second water. Coffee is absorbed into your intestines and stimulates your liver to excrete extra bile and dump more toxins. Coffee contains some alkaloids that also stimulate the production of glutathione-S-transferase, an enzyme used by the liver to make the detox pathways run. It is pivotal in the formation of more glutathione, one of the main conjugation chemicals, enabling toxins to be eliminated via bile into the small intestine. So in other words, a coffee enema speeds up the detoxification process and minimizes the backlog of yet to be detoxified substances.

Boil 1-quart clean water in a pot and add 2-3 tablespoons of coffee (caffeinated) and boil for 5 minutes. Turn off the stove and allow to cool. Strain and add liquid to enema bag or bucket. Please make sure it is body temperature. Better too cold than too warm! Insert tip and take half the contents. Try to hold it in for 10 minutes or more. This first enema will clear out your bowels. Do a second round with the remainder of the coffee - this will move deeper into your intestines. 

Salt Water Flush (2 Options)

Solé Water
In a quart size jar (plastic or glass lid - not metal) mix up a supersaturated solution of unprocessed sea salt (pink or gray) in clean water. This means you're mixing salt into the water (about 1/4 cup at a time) until the salt no longer dissolves. This is your Solé concentrate. In order to be true Solé you want to place it out in the SUN to charge with energy. 

Every morning add one teaspoon of concentrate to an average size glass of tepid water and drink. Followed by a second glass of plain water. This will stimulate your bowels, help flush toxins, and helps avoid healing crisis trouble. 

Big Bang
Mix 1 tablespoon sea salt (pure, unrefined, non iodized) into 2 cups of tepid water. Stir till dissolved (no metal contact). Drink the entire thing in one go. Rinse mouth if necessary, but do not consume more water! Too much water can cause you to upchuck. The salt will draw additional liquid from your organs and intestines and move through quickly. Be sure to have an unoccupied toilet nearby! Depending on how hydrated you are, to begin with - this drink should cause about 4 eliminations (pretty much in a row). You might feel energized or exhausted afterward - depends on your toxicity level. Listen to your body. This can be done once a day - preferably in the morning on an empty stomach.  

Other things to research for a healthy gut...


Triphala - Natural laxative with bioflavonoids, vitamin C, linoleic oil and phospholipids.

Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is a great detoxifier and laxative. Grow in your garden or as a house plant - cut leaf and scoop out the gel to add to juices and smoothies. Can also be purchased ready made in a jug at most healthfood stores. They also have it at Walmart in the pharmacy section. Consume several times daily.

Fermented Foods
Yogurt contains probiotics and good bacteria that help ward off bad bacteria. It also has calcium that discourages the growth of cells lining the colon and treats stomach problems like indigestion, irregular or irritable bowel issues. Eat several cups of yogurt daily. Get the recipe here.

Flaxseed is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and natural fiber that helps cleanse your colon naturally. It absorbs water and expands in the colon, assisting in removing toxins and mucus as it passes through.

There are lots of options to caring for (and respecting) your digestive system. Utilize what you can.

4,000 to 10,000 mg in divided doses. Daily with meals (use with caution if you have a sensitivity to glutamic acid, deficiency in GABA, upper gut overgrowth [H. pylori], or severe leaky gut and brain).



AN-Acetyl glucosamine
Do not use if allergic to shellfish or have yeast overgrowth. Follow the general supplement bottle recommendations

Supplementation is very important in restoring your digestive health. See Detox Soup recipe.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Himalaya triphala – take one capsule twice daily, right before meals

Ginger Tea
upon waking. Add hot water to Ginger-Bug (fermented ginger syrup recipe), or simply add slices of fresh ginger to boiling water to steep. Ginger increases bile production, soothes the stomach, aids in digestion and elimation of toxins.

Malate or peroxide - 400mg minimum/day + rub on magnesium oil daily.

All powerful for removing heavy-metals from your body. Use wisely and in moderation.

Squatty potty

Light exercise, stretching, and rebounding.




  • Brush teeth first thing - complete morning hygiene ritual
  • Take a shot of ACV, Ginger Blast, Fire Cider, Super Green Shot, or lemon water
  • Wait about 30 minutes and follow with glass of Solé water - Follow with a large glass of room temperature water
  • Wait another 30 minutes and drink Mast Cleanse mix or glass of celery juice
  • (Not Strict Fasting* - Make up fresh juice or smoothie for breakfast - remember CHEW and enjoy SLOWLY)

MIDMORNING (before noon)

  • Drink a P&B Shake followed by a large glass of water
  • Drink several more glasses of water or Master Cleanse mix before noon
  • (Not Strict Fasting)* - Make another juice or smoothie for lunch
  • (Alternatives: eat whole fruits, berries, salad, or have detox soup)


  • Keep drinking water or Master Cleanse 
  • By 2 or 3 pm you should be halfway through your gallon of water (or MC mix)
  • (Not Strict Fasting)* - Have another juice or smoothie


  • Drink another P&B Shake followed by a large glass of water
  • Finish up your gallon or water or MC mix
  • (Not Strict Fasting)* - Another juice or smoothie
  • (Alternatives: eat whole fruits, berries, salad, or have detox soup)
  • Enema (optional - can do either morning or evening depending on your schedule)

* I urge you to start out your colon cleanse with at least 3 - 5 days of water fasting or Master Cleanse protocol, then move into raw, fresh juices &/or smoothies. If you feel the need to eat something more substantial - you can do whole raw fruit or salads. Detox soup is built on a bone-rich broth - If you're not eating meat &/or want to keep things raw - try raw gazpacho or avocado soup which are really just savory smoothies. 

This guide is just an example. It is a basic outline of a colon cleanse that you can build on with other protocols - such as heavy metal detox and parasite cleansing. Try it out and be willing to stick with for at least 5 days. Your hunger cravings subside after this time and your perspective is freed up - where you're not consumed with food round the clock! Keep yourself busy during the first few days (roughest), and watch out for middle of the night cravings! You'll definitely be waking up to go pee and in a subconscious state....your mind will drag you into the kitchen for FOOD!!! Don't do it!



Curbing Cravings

Cravings are caused by sentient occupants

  • Salty-Cris-Crunchy: Kale Chips
  • Sweet-Chewy: Dried Fruit or Power Balls
  • Thick-Savory-Gooey: Raw ____ Dip

What You're Avoiding On A Colon Cleanse

  • Processed sugar, artificial sugars, and high fructose corn syrup
  • Refined, processed, and enriched grains, flours, pasta and baked goods
  • Processed dairy and meats
  • Processed dairy and meat alternatives (soy, almond, coconut, etc)
  • Fast food & junk foods
  • All commercially processed sauces, gravies, condiments, dressings, flavorings
  • Complex cooked foods (recipes that combined many food groups - meat, dairy, grain, etc)
  • Avoid all modern, enriched, GMO wheat and grain (especially oat) products that are HIGH in glysophates!! If you plan on keeping grain in your diet - make sure it's only ancient, hertitage, or heirloom varieties that are strictly organic!! Please do not trust any brandname products that say they're "organic". Search out local family-owned farms with integrity. Not all organic farms can afford (or pass) certification - so use follow your GUT and ask questions. Pun intended.








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