Master Cleanse

Simple Detoxifying Fast

The Master Cleanse falls in between a juice fast and a water fast. It's a liquid concoction made up of fresh squeezed lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. So, it's an electrolyte beverage of sorts - with a kick. It gives you the carbohydrates and minerals you need to sustain. Play around with the recipe - adding fresh ginger, herbal teas, healthy salts, other fresh juices, or apple cider vinegar. Could also incorporate kombucha or water kefir - helping soothe the digestive track with probiotics. Maple syrup can be switched out for raw honey, date or coconut sugar, turbinado, or molasses. 

Of course - consult your health care professional before starting on any fast - but this fast should be done for at least a week to get full benefits in detoxifying. I've done 40 days on the Master Cleanse without any ill effects. With all fasting - it takes about 4 days for the body to cleanse itself from hunger cravings. It's pretty much smooth sailing after day 5, and you'll be pleasantly surprised that you really aren't "starving" yourself. By week two - you'll be able to prepare food for others and watch them eat without any desire to cheat. Week two is when you'll start to notice the benefits of fasting.

Week two is when you'll start to notice the benefits of fasting (depending on your toxicity level starting out). You should notice your body feels warmer, and you have increased energy, although it won't be consistent energy. You will also experience bouts of exhaustion (sleeping is the only time your body can really focus on healing). You should notice it's a different type of tired where you're more relaxed. Don't push yourself - rest when you need it. 

Stay hydrated, get plenty of sleep, sunshine and fresh air. Work on detoxifying and cleansing your external body. Your skin is your largest organ and side effects from detoxing are greatly reduce by keeping your skin clean and open. Sweating is excellent, as are hot baths and showers. Even though you're not eating - you'll still be having bowel movements. You'll be amazed by how much literal shit comes out of you when nothing is going in! You want to be peeing and pooping a lot to move out all the toxins that are being dumped! It's when the dumped toxins get trapped inside you that bad side effects occur. 

Do the Master Cleanse in combination with the P&B Shake to get the most out of your detox!
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Master Cleanse Illustrated Recipe

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