digital scrapbooking. a new venture?

Baby James digital scrapbookingWas playing around a bit yesterday with some digital scrapbooking stuff. Found a great site called The Shabby Princess, where I downloaded a lot for FREE. Check it out!

Everyone knows I do graphic arts (as well as crafts). Does everyone know that?!? Is everyone aware of my super discounted BLOGLIFTS @ $40?!?!? Anyway…in my spare time I like fooling around with Smilebox, and I do some photo editing for people on occasion…and my best friend keeps telling me that I should do other ppls Smileboxes for them, and charge something small, like $5. I don’t think she understands how easy Smilebox is to use, but she keeps insisting that….it isn’t how easy it is. It’s having that EYE for layout & what looks good.

Anyway…got me to thinking about what I could do to turn more of my talent into some more income? I know that ppl hire scrapbookers to do the work for them…on the hard-copy side of things. I suppose there’s opportunity for the digital side as well. Moms that are too busy to do it themselves, or don’t want to spend the time learning how, messing with it, etc.

I don’t know. I’m trying not to get too inspired by the thoughts of it…and run off on another crafty tangent. It’s hard though. I know I could do it, if I had it all together. Energy, motivation, wherewithal, time, focus, etc.

Don’t really have all that together though! 😕 My thought (as usual) are all over the place! I could do digital papers, and stamps, and all the little elements, like Shabby Princess has. I could do that! Couldn’t I? I could sell it all on Etsy, or make a cute little web-shop. Maybe I could join forces with those that are already established? Not try taking the whole thing on by myself. Who knows? Maybe I should just shelve it, and not run off down another path.

I have an Etsy shop set up (mycraftymom/….but nothing in it. I keep meaning to add the BLOGLIFT packages in there, as well as Etsy packages, and so on. Keep it simple. If I had a couple clones of myself…the shop would be filled with digital scrapbooking kits and elements, and printable work for candy-wrappers, and cupcake toppers, and birth announcements, and scrapbooking offers…burned to CD. DVD? Anyway…it’s all just in my head, and that makes me bonkers.

Trying my best not to get wrapped up in the ideas. Getting it down to the minimum….I’m wondering if I could just buy & utilize other ppls digital elements, and just market the actual layout & design of “custom” scrapbooks for ppl that have time? People could just send me a bunch of photos, and I could put it all together in some sort of slideshow that they could share online, or get printed. Would make great Christmas gifts! My problem is, I follow that thought down the path a little…and I don’t see a lot of sales. Just me feeling bummed out and thinking….that was another (not so) great idea!

Sometimes I really don’t like being so creative-minded!

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    1. I’m thinking about it (as a sahm)…i’m wondering which of the market is better? more business on the end product side of things? putting together & customizing the actual pages of the scrapbooks? or….more ppl doing their own scrapbooking, where there’s more business with the paper, elements, frames, etc? Guess I could offer both. I do think there’s a lot more room for this craft to grow. And on either end…it’s nice that there’s not a lot of inventory or materials involved. I think it’ll be big.

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