Do Nothing (The Ultimate Protest)

You don’t have to read all this blather, but watch the video!


What’s wrong with the world?

Where do we start? From the largest picture – slowly and helplessly being sucked into the sun….to our sad little over-populated planet with disturbingly limited resources…corrupt governments, wars, crimes, terrorism, injustice. The 1% – the 99% – starving children – falling educational systems, gross inflation, unconstitutional taxation and regulation. Then…down to the finer details of our personal lives, within the small sliver of what we occupy – who is not touched by death, unemployment, illness, alcoholism, drug addiction, disease, abuse, heart-ache, misunderstanding? Who had a perfect childhood? Who’s ever felt like they truly fit in? We overcome most of it in attempt to get better, and still….we find ourselves on a daily basis – concerned with the oddest things……healthy food, clean water, safety. Such a wonderfully, reasoning, advanced animal – man is.

Some manage to go through life, sticking to the issues that surround them – taking problems one at a time. I admire that, and criticize it – with words like ignorant, naive, blind, self-serving. It’s a pathetic attempt to get everyone on-board – seeking solution. I’m the person that believes the rug should be ripped out from under everyone…so we can begin to rebuild (more sensibly). I don’t at all agree with the frogs in a pot of cold water scenario, which is how I often see things. Covert control with an agenda (on all levels). That’s where I have a tendency to get lost (unfortunately as a ‘victim’). But….always holding the understanding that (ultimately) there are no victims. We can overcome – if given the chance. That word – ‘chance’ = victimized think. All a big muddy mess.


Image44In truth – nothing is “wrong”. Everything is as it should be. As Byron Katie would say, “How do I know I don’t need a boyfriend? Because I don’t have one”. That makes it funny – not so dramatic and dire. More and more, this SIMPLE WISDOM is surfacing around us – to demonstrate SIMPLE TRUTH. Take all the wrongs in the world, and they can all be reduced to the symptoms of broken people…..all suffering the same pain. Unloved, unvalued, unappreciated, misunderstood, lonely, confused, in conflict…angry, resentful, victimized, wronged. All these PERSPECTIVES can take root and manifest as so-called real issues, but analyzed – that’s just our romantic nature, providing space for all things in existence. The weakest link must be factored in. Somehow we give it too much – measuring it against the strongest (as optimum). Isolating this and that against what? It’s like taking a snake and spending a lifetime analyzing which end is better – the tail or the head? It’s one whole thing. Everything that exists is one whole thing, and we spend forever insisting that’s not the case. We stop and attach ourselves to situations, causes, cases. We CARE too much.

I care if this and that person get married, bcuz they’re the same sex….or they are not the same color or race…or whatever. Bcuz in some book – the book – it clearly explained that that’s not “right”. Not knocking religion in any manner, but…….seriously? The perspective with religious people is – “I’m not worthy. I need to be SAVED”….at the same time I will also save you (for you are ignorant to the good book). Why so difficult to look beyond the book? I am spirit clothed in flesh, you are spirit clothed in flesh – we all return to spirit…..all’s good. Does it serve any purpose to get stuck on marriage? Stuck on culture, race, status, physical appearance, form or function? Does it really matter so much?? No it doesn’t. It’s the same scenario – which is better…the tail or the head?

I wish – for one week…..everyone would DO NOTHING. Not go to work, or drive their cars, or send their kids to school, or buy anything, or use their cell phones, or turn on the TVs, or get online. Do Nothing. Everyone just sit quietly with themselves and be nothing…become nothing. Who would do that? Very few….except us crazy dropouts. We do that anyway. I’ve heard all the arguments. Mostly – “I’d lose my job”. The infrastructure would crumble. Only the fragile (needless) parts. But, since I need to go to work, I have to send my kids to school, and while I’m out – I might as well buy expensive shit food at the grocery…to feed us all. And we all have to take our wallets and cell phones in case of emergency. It’s not that it’s impossible to do nothing – it’s that we can’t handle doing nothing – and therein is the problem.

Is it a problem? No. But it does draw the whole uncomfortable situation out – vastly much longer. It’s all what we give our energy to and focus on. We keep it “out there” – we interact “out there”….we work on our issues quietly (within)…really it’s an act of rolling it around and around….chewing cud. We’re so far away from sitting in front of another person, and seeing ourselves. Flawed perfection. I have some resistance within myself, I avoid it – so I see it everywhere around me. What I see takes precedence over my own situation. I resist what I see around me…and further away from the center we move. Tension, conflict, disruption, static. All disconnected from Source.

I can’t love myself, so I can’t love you. That’s all it is. 

I have conflict within me. I see it. I acknowledge it. I am one with it… it is a very small thing – just being what it is. I give it no life, no energy. I sacrifice nothing to it. It is it’s own responsibility to exist without me. It is not me. I see conflict in others, in other places…I accept it as is. I don’t even bother to name it. I notice – that without me BELIEVING it to be this thing called “conflict” – it is nothing. It’s a bird on a branch, a leaf on the wind. A breath. A shimmer of sunlight. There, then not. Without knowing – all conflict falls away, and life is just colors, and brilliance, perfection, and sound. I can dance around in it all. No dire moments of survival. It requires TRUST. A silly, little thing really. Trust is do-nothing. Trust is function without thought. Being present….without any idea of circumstance. Something that comes through ‘practice’……..”Opps, I’m thinking again! Thinking with that conditioned mind”. We are all conditioned to think in particular ways. Non-thinking is just an undoing of that. Just try it….nothing else. No expectations. Play with it for moments here and there, especially in situations where conflict exists. Allow people to say things – without responding. Allow people to do things – without reacting. Allow all life around you to be what it is, and find in that – the possibility of being yourself. How much more energy we’d all have (for LIFE).

Care less about all of it,  and two things will happen… will go on just the same without your involvement, or….it will shift.