Earn extra income selling holistic, all-natural makeup…

Trust that I wouldn’t post get rich schemes, or programs that I don’t have first hand experience with. I can’t do the sales rep thing myself, bcuz I’m a total recluse and avoid the public (in general), but…I know some people have a real knack for it. Some of you get out a lot, and have a lot of friends, know a lot of moms, even online…you’re part of many groups. And, chances are (in the back of your mind) you’re looking for a way to monetize that talent. This could be it!

PROGRESS IN HEALTH AND ERZULIE NATURAL COSMETICSRhonda Demars, the CEO, formulator, and founder of Progress in Health, Inc. is a good friend & client. We met a long time ago on Etsy, when she was looking for a new logo. Since then I’ve done all her labels, branding, for several great lines like Erzulie Cosmetics, Progress Skincare, NatureBabyz, and NatureGirlz. (Check them out by clicking on the links). Recently, I just finished a brand new e-commerce site and blog for her. Rhonda’s products are great! 100% all natural, and completely chemical-free! Some products are vegan, others organic, with recyclable packing, and great customer service. She’s making a living doing what she loves, and she wants to share that opportunity with others.

Progress in Health has two ways of earning money.

First is an online affiliate program, where you can earn 10% on every sale you help generate. No strings attached, and it’s super easy to join. Sign up, grab a button, place it on your blog, or write some posts….anyway you get visitors to the site to buy. Cookies are stored for 365 days!!! That means that even if someone you pointed to the PIH website, comes back anytime within a year to make a purchase…you get credit! 10% from every single sale you help make. It’s that simple. Money is deposited into your Paypal account when it reaches $25.00

The average online purchase is around $25.00. If you get a thousand visitors a month, and only 4 of them make a purchase from PIH, that’s $100 in your pocket. Think if 8 people buy something. 🙂

The second option for making money is a little more hands-on. It’s the PIH Sales Rep program. You have the option of purchasing product packages at a discount, so you can let your friends, family, co-workers sample all the great, natural products for themselves. Or, like Avon…you can start by using a catalog. You take orders, collect payments, place the orders with Progress in Health (online with your discount code), and they do the rest (filling orders & shipping to your customers). You keep the profits for yourself.  There’s 3 levels for this program. Depending on how many sales you generate…you earn more of a commission. 15% for silver, 20% for gold, and 30% for platinum.



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