haDisclaimer: All these topics pretty much run the same stream of consciousness & understanding; saying the same thing in different tones…to different groups. The illusion, of course, is the feeling of difference and separation that keeps us from uniting on a larger front. I consider this mental division to be necessary, bcuz the struggle, the conflict is only within each of us individually. Once healed, accepted, assimilated, and released…there will no barriers between anything. The veil of illusions will fall way to the oneness, the unity…but not in the marketed new-age sense…no. In an authentic, empowered, flawless reality where nothing material, no one….no thing, no limiting, stagnant “belief” stands in the way.


Things are getting messy (I think)…appearing far more complex, and out of hand, the more things speed up, condense, concentrate in vibration. Just the slight warming up that comes from increased vibration is enough to throw people off. However it’s a mental throwing-off…an EGO adjustment, not an actual energetic, or spiritual disturbance. Heat only affects the matter of things…material existence, but that doesn’t make light of the effects, which can in themselves (ultimately) be life-threatening.

That’s the downside…the “mean season” of our discontent. It can be wholly distracting if not seen clearly for what it is, but it’s only a small fraction of what’s occurring. Wisdom insists we not get too wrapped up in the uncomfortableness of it all, bcuz it’s a stage of fluctuation. A test of our flexibility, and understanding for new movement. Parts of our self long-dormant, are naturally going to be painful to awaken, condition, and put back into practice.

There’s much spiritual exercise to be done that we’re more than capable of handling. Problem at this point is the muddiness of it all, as it’s all being stirred up into a hot, complex soup…that we first need to wade through and find our ”true” selves in. Alchemically this is the crucible we walk through…purifying ourselves, burning off the unnecessary baggage we’ve accumulated along the way. All the things we won’t be needing…we have to find the inner-strength, the understanding to let-go in an appreciative, sacred manner that signifies our rebirth. We all get to go through this self-initiation into spiritual maturity, but…not all of us will succeed.

Enter, the concept of EGO-DEATH. My personal perspective doesn’t support the idea that the ego is a monstrous, malignant thing who’s only intention is to mislead and manipulate us down the ”wrong” path…for it’s own personal amusement. Ego is a symbiotic entity that could be viewed in a sense, much the same way people think of a “guardian angel”. Our ego’s are the carriers for lessons-learned…the repositories for all our emotion & experience…our processing centers for survival, while trapped in this illusionary matrix. For all of us (still) here…they’ve served us well. Very well, and as such…with great understanding…we must be able to honor their service & sacrifice bcuz ego is on it’s way out. Closer than any family member, any friend…our ego has our back. Through thick and thin…through all weather…the ego has remained the one constant. Just bcuz at times we may take advantage of this relationship (over-work it, rely on it too heavily, etc) doesn”t mean the ego is to blame. No thing is to blame…this is the first step.

Never should we underestimate our ATTACHMENT to ego, as this is the cause of our greatest discontent!!! Our relationship with our ego is the most complex, intimate, highly-involved, co-dependent relationship we have. Of the two…it is us (not our egos) that fear separation, and abandonment. Not us in our genuine, authentic state of being, but the PERSONAL aspect of ourselves (personified). Who we’ve come to believe ourselves to be. Who we SUPPORT ourselves to be (at all cost). For the first long leg of our journey here (in body) we know no ego….only “me”. Some never know different. Some, seeking to explore themselves, their inner-workings, and the subtle dynamics of their place in the world…the ones that take the detour down the path of “who am I”, come face to face with this thing called “ego”. And, many of those people who continue to pursue a spiritual path come to a point where they find it comforting to blame the ego for all its/their shortcomings. Just as the youth find comfort in blaming their parents. Their solution being to reject ego, cut it out of their life…turn their backs on it, and rebel. At all cost ignore that it exists….till hopefully, it doesn’t.

This is NOT spiritual behavior (same with the concept of rejecting the darkness, rejecting the negative…in the name of wholeness and enlightenment), it’s simply the growing pains of an immature being. Up until now…humans have had the luxury (for lack of a better word) of rebellion & resistance as their motivation. Pushing off something that’s uncomfortable or limiting…towards the idea of “better”. It’s a deeply ingrained ill-habit that people have, but it’s worked for all extensive purposes to keep us going…er, moving “forward”. 

With the new understanding that there is no “forward”, no “better”….and that our limitations are self-generated…we’re coming face to face with our own responsibility to ourselves. Ego, posed itself as our transparent catch-all…our failed parents, our failed teachers, our failed relationships…ego has always been there to patch together some sense of it all, and depending our perspective at the time…either transfer blame to others, or ease the digestion – of it all being our fault. Ego has never done anything but SERVE our own inner-workings. The question is…have we learned anything from the relationship? Or, just taken advantage for as long we could? Now, the time has come for us to cut the apron strings of ego, and stand on our own two feet; to accept FULL responsibility for ourselves, to step-up into our God-given positions, and be fully functional on our own. Although no one has to accept this position, it’s the only one that offers us free-will. We can, if we choose….stay attached to ego, and play it safe.

We can, if we choose….stay attached to ego, and play it safe. I’d highly warn against this, but I don’t have to. As things continue to shift it’ll become increasingly difficult for one to hide from themselves. As the table turns, and polarity/duality fall away…there will be less and less need to cling to ego. Moving out onto the larger stage will prove a much easier thing to accomplish, then sticking tight to old beliefs.

The people who have always been viewed as movers & shakers…the ones who pride themselves on accomplishment, position, status, and success – will find themselves in an extremely unique “outsider” position, while the once outsiders move into a new position of immediate manifestation. All that once worked in the past for “success” will no longer produce the same outcome…based on the simple fact that lies, manipulation, and control of others will no longer work, even if done for the best of intentions. As more and more people move on-line with new understandings…as they open themselves up to higher vibrations – fewer will be available to be taken advantage of.

Fewer and fewer in positions of weakness & confusion…that are seeking to be helped-out, rescued, accommodated in their needs & wants, and lack of self-worth. It’s happening already. This alone will cause the greatest disturbance for those that seek to stick to their old ways. It will cause increased discomfort, increased tension and conflict, and all-around more problems for the ego-bound being. These people will have no access to others, except to others like themselves; that in itself will be difficult, as everyone on that level will need to step up their game. The more energy that’s poured into holding on…the less energy will be available for life. Suffering at their own hand…with the sense of being consumed, of losing their life-source/force…everything will become painfully uncomfortable; hopefully to the point where they eventually throw up their hands and give up. Only in this release do they set themselves free! But, giving up for some people is NOT an option….no matter how painful it becomes.

Anything having to do with feelings of weakness, dis-empowerment, and confusion…anything driven by desire, or motivated by insecurity….anything that causes us to lash out, or withdraw in defense of ourselves lays contrary to spirit – contrary to our authentic state of power. Nothing should affect us in the negative. Nothing should affect us in the positive. So, all that leaves is our BELIEF. It’s not a canceling out of this thing or that thing. It’s not one side winning. It’s an understanding that we’re more than the sum of the parts. All there is is perspective, nothing more! Where we happen to be standing at any given moment…dictates what we see…what we believe to be real. It’s nothing but a “point-of-view”. It comes down to what we’re capable of seeing.

It’s not that our vision changes. It’s just what happens to be in the way of what we’re viewing. There’s only ever one thing in the way… and that’s YOU.
This person you believe yourself to be has no thing to do with who you truly are. The real you is transparent…invisible = CLEAR. In the sense that when one is wide-open, at one with themselves, pure…clean, etc. there’s nothing to them. Nothing gets in the way for them, so there is no getting STUCK. At the same time – no thing can land on you, ensnare you, seek you out for attack, or work to move you through manipulation….when you are CLEAR.

We are, but we aren’t….anything in PARTICULAR. This is very, very far from where humans are at (in general) in the moment.

Interestingly, none of this information is new. So-called “higher” information has always been available. And of course, the fact that folk are consumed with cable bills, traffic congestion, pizza toppings, and hair styles……is a clear indication that this is not easy work. The work of clarity and purifcation is most uncomfortable and seldom attractive. The rewards go far beyond any material gain, but the value of that is zilch…..where folk can’t bring themselves to separate from their baggage and belongings. Really it’s a matter of having no self-worth. If you dig into this – you will see it’s the truth. 

Despite how it feels….self-worth can’t be ripped from a person, nor can it be granted. One must give it up through sacrifice, and where they (eventually) realize that loss has granted them nothing….they have a great struggle before them. How does the “worthless” person go about find their worth? Typically they don’t……unless the Spirit of Alchemy calls them to it.


The first stage of the alchemical transformation involves intense, heating of a substance in a crucible until it is reduced to ash, burning away all impurity. Psychologically this is the purification of ourselves from ego, a stand of independence where we release our attachments to the material world and possession. Calcination can come as a smooth, gradually, humbling process over a lifetime – as we encounter and overcome resistance in ourselves. It can also come as a sudden and often traumatic event that unfolds itself quicker than we can mentally process. In this case, it is important to remain as calm as possible, and detach one’s self to a position of observer. Personalizing this event only makes it worse. It’s a dance through the eternal fire and only that which impedes, suppresses, and weakens you will be burned away…leaving you a much stronger, clearer, more stable being on the other side. Know this – as your world appears to be unraveling around you. (This process is also known as Kundalini Awakening).

DISSOLUTION: The second alchemical transformation…involves dissolving one’s ashes into the liquid creativeloveintelligence of Source, thus further purifying & cleansing one’s essence. Washing away any un-authentic residue left on the psyche. A cooling stage where one relaxes after their fiery and cathartic purge – easing into a bath, releasing any deeper, subconscious tensions. Easing into the “flow” of things with a fresh, new perspective.

SEPARATION: The third step in alchemical transformation is by means of “filtration”. Another step in the refining process, to separate out any further contaminents from one’s authentic state of being. One more step in self-discovery, with a new heightened awareness and vision for what was previously hidden amidst all the baggage. In order to find true UNION with self – one must first move to separation, being able to view one’s life objectively…and sort accordingly what exterior and interior influences worked to trap us in the past. It’s separating everything down to it’s basic elements, and simplifying one’s self out of all the flotsam and jetsam.

CONJUNCTION: The fourth step in transformation. The recombination of the saved elements from Separation into a new substance, and rebirth. We are now able to step into the realm of self-empowerment, and knowing….no longer shackled to old belief systems, patterns, and programs. Eyes are open, and senses clear. Synchronicities occur regularly to confirm one’s graduation into a more open state of being. Possibilities abound. Abundance is yours.

FERMENTATION: This fifth step is a double process that beings with it the putrefaction of the conjunction above. Like grapes that must rot before they can ferment into fine wine, so to are you required to sit…undisturbed and allow your remaining parts to settle and unwind…breaking down further into a subtle, soft substance that can further be processed….much like an incubation phase. One is still capable of flowing with the natural way of things, but in this settling, there is a move to darker, more mysterious realms of existence that can often trigger old fears. It’s important to again remain objective, and quiet…trusting fully in the process that inevitably leads to the next step of fermentation. Every single component of “you” allowed to putrefy and ferment, moves higher into spirit – with your authentic expression – thus ensuring not only it’s survival but it’s immortality.

Thus far in the process, you have gone through the crucible (been crucified), connecting you more to your essence/spirit, and burning off the mundane/material, and insignificant excess. You have been washed clean of your earthly attachment (sin), and baptized into a new purer being. You now walk in life more alive, more aware….you are more than what others see, and far more than the robes you wear. You live your life separate from the illusion….seeing it for what it is. You function with more freedom. You are more WHOLE than ever before in this life, and with larger understanding comes less and less resistance (suffering). Less fear of darkness, and the unknown….you move into a larger realm of being.

You can travel further into aspects of yourself long buried and forgotten….and resurrect them one by one. You travel within, exploring yourself as you also move out into the world learning more about who you are. What you retrieve and gather can often times feel like you’re slipping back into old ways. Trust you are not. This is a noble discipline of leaving no stone unturned.

The first 5 phases of alchemical transformation MUST be repeated, over and over until there is nothing left to burn off. Know that each cycle of this becomes easier, as you hold less resistance each time.

DISTILLATION: The sixth step in the alchemical process, is the boiling and condensation of the fermented solution to increase its purity and influence it’s strength. Wine into brandy. It is the agitation, and sublimation of you within the force, guaranteeing that no impurities remain. Once one has reached this point, there is no further need to repeat the first five steps. This is the final and ultimate rebirth of your authentic self. This is what “enlightenment” really is, and you have worked for it, rightly. You walk without any attachment, free from emotion, and identity, but no longer with a sense of displacement. You are larger than this small world can contain. You are solidly tappedintoo a larger existence, and with this new vision the old world does not exist to you. It is of no more concern to you than the air, the sunshine…..all you see is energy. Distillation is the final purification of the unborn self….all that we truly are and can be. Agitation and sublimation of psychic forces is necessary to ensure that no impurities from the inflated ego or deeply submerged self are incorporated into the next and final stage. Personal Distillation consists of a variety of introspective techniques that raise the content of the psyche to the highest level possible, free from sentimentality and emotions, cut off even from one’s personal identity. Distillation is the purification of the unborn Self — all that we truly are and can be.

COAGULATION: The seventh step…the precipitation or sublimation of the purified Ferment from Distillation. First sensed as a new and lasting confidence that is beyond all things, beyond all reason. Many experience this as a second body of golden, coalesced light…a permanent vehicle of consciousness that embodies the highest aspirations & evolution of the pure heart-mind. Coagulation incarnates, and releases the Ultima Materia of the soul….the Astral Body, which alchemists also refer to as the Philsopher”s Stone. Using this magical stone, all levels of existence/reality are possible (at once). You have formed the immortal elixir within, that rejuvenates the body into a perfect vessel of radiance. Your phallic shaped pineal gland & vulva shaped pituitary, now clear and decalcified…overflows with the liquid crystal ambrosia of light…the heavenly food or viaticum nourishes and energizes every cell without any waste product being produced. You hold a new solid light body that is birthed through the crown or golden chakra, and is yours to embody.

In laymans terms – what’s any of that worth to you? I asssume you would not be reading this if you were just anybody. I know a lot of anybody’s and they wouldn’t have made it through the first sentence without saying – “I don’t have time for any of this bullshit. I’ve got important things to attend to”! You probably know some of those people, ya? Interestingly – folk who have the most potential for waking up, also have the most of these so-called friends. Don’t think that’s not an intentional move by the “matrix”. Best I can advise – keep yer sense of humor about you! 

These folk are well consumed with affording better furniture, getting bigger flatscreens, finding more suitable mates, uping their social friend count, while racking up debt. They don’t care about their souls – and if they did, they’d be auctioning them off to the higest bidders. They honestly believe this is all there is, and they’re filled with a contaegous form doubt. I will tell you that there are extremely powerful players who are wholly dedicated to this alchemical process. Not the ones seen in tabloids or mainstream news. The real puppet-masters behind the scenes….the ones who don’t make a move without consulting their mystics. Success in this world has nothing to do with money, status, or security. There is only one commodity that’s ever existed, and that’s priceless , vital, life-force energy (prana) – and somewhere down in the putrid, stagnant swamp of it all – regular folk are slithering around their bellies trying to prove their worth and get ahead.

There are those who view this world as nothing more significant than a fools game, bcuz they know for a fact that other realms exists, and they’re investing everything they have on that larger existence. No one gets to take of their shit with them when they exit this world, but most never stop to consider all that they’re sacrifcing on this small material existence. To them – this is the end all be all. It’s unfortunate, bcuz everyone carries the same grand potential – but some are more subject to the programming. We are taught to not SEE all that’s around us. It’s very important this parasiti/vampiric system – that the foodstuff doesn’t wake up and become aware of its situation. 

You wouldn’t be here reading this – if you were content to be a battery. So, I say this……NO THING stands in your way – except YOU. No matter how much shit surfaces around you – you stay CLEAR and remember that! Remember that its only you working against yourself – and that only happens where you’re misaligned. Don’t rush in or forward. There is no place to go. All is HERE – accesible from here/from you. Move with sacredness and holistic intention. Excercise your heart-mind. Detox. Clear the bloackages, and the rest will come easily. The only work is the work on self. 

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