Disclaimer: All these topics pretty much run the same stream of consciousness & understanding; saying the same thing in different tones…to different groups. The illusion of course, is the feeling of difference and separation that keeps us from uniting on a larger front. I consider this mental division to be necessary, bcuz the struggle, the conflict is only within each of us individually. Once healed, accepted, assimilated, and released…there will no barriers between anything. The veil of illusions will fall way to the oneness, the unity…but not in the marketed new-age sense…no. In a authentic, empowered, flawless reality where nothing material, no one….no thing, no limiting, stagnant “belief” stands in the way. READ “FORWARD” TO CONTINUE….




Manifesting Mutants


I’m assuming anyone reading this is familiar with the 2012 “shift” (alignment, purification, new age, etc). Iz not really the focus of what I’m wanting to discuss….”how” it’s happening, “why” it’s happening, “if” it’s happening, and so on. What I will touch on for a moment are peoples concerns for “who”…is getting through to the next dimension, and is who’s not….or some ideas surrounding that question. All I can offer is the idea that it doesn’t matter. The collective understanding is focusing in on the idea that some people will pass through into a new dimension of existence, while those that are stuck in old patterns…incapable of “letting go”, will be stuck in this old paradigm. That only the most spiritually aware, the most enlightened of us will be free, while the rest continue to suffer where they’re at.

An alternative view is that “everyone” crosses over. In the larger scheme of things, neither outcome is significant enough to focus on. Vibrational changes ARE occurring in everything/everyone. It’s all shifting as we speak. No escaping that. In the end there is no winding up anywhere. We’re always exactly where we’re at. That will never change. There is no here & there. For sake of argument….what belongs in the old world, will stay in the old world. What vibrates in a specific frequency range is limited to that range. As a simple example…we have 6 colors in this range of existence. At a higher frequency…more colors exists on top of the 6 we know. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, don”t cease to exist as we shift up. In the same way…”you” don’t cease exist as your vibration increases. You expand. And, it’s not even a “new” you….it’s just more of you that you aren’t familiar with.

Basically, you won’t be aware of anything else. Just as you aren’t aware of anything else now. It will be a change of perspective…nothing more. At this very moment….there is a “you” existing in a higher frequency…and a “you” here. There’s a whole bunch of “you’s” everywhere. All part of one whole. You might live in a tiny apartment most of your life, then move into a very, large house. You’re patterns might change, your outlook might change, but you are still you….if that makes any sense? Does it matter what side of the mirror you’re standing on…looking in or looking out? It depends on whether you are you, or you are your reflection! We are reflections of ourselves…here. Those reflections will continue as they always have. However, you will soon be given the opportunity to step back fully into your complete/original self….if you wish. To shift your consciousness into your larger body, and function from a more complete state of being.

Unless………….you believe so strongly that this smaller version is the real you…the only you. In this case it is very easy to lose ones head; as is the warning in the wisdom of Alice in Wonderland. As the veil falls, things are coming online that will prove most difficult for many to wrap their minds around. Hearing voices, seeing things, a quicker manifestation of fears, and an increase in paranormal abilities…cause the average person to lose their mind, on top of the standard , professional opinion of it all being the happenings of a crazy person. Luckily, there’s some shifting taking place on this front….as more and more people start opening up dialog on the larger workings of things. Again, it comes down to OPEN mindedness. Releasing old beliefs and leaving room for the possibility of anything.

A larger you…the indestructible, immortal, empowered you…has always existed in the larger scheme of things. We strive for peace, harmony, balance, unity…as well as seek perfection, control, and power, not bcuz we’ve experienced the odd taste of it in this life, but bcuz it’s the standard function of our larger selves. No matter how self-destructive, or obsessive humans may behave…they desire nothing “bad”. In general people seek nothing more than “love” & acceptance. Social conditioning teaches that these are exterior rewards, granted or withheld by the people around them, based on a shitload of expectations (some reasonable, some not). Society supports that ones focus should be in constantly “impressing” others in order to guarantee a comfortable standing within the herd, with the full understanding that this position can be taken away at any time if one fails to keep up. The gross flaw is the transfer of this belief onto others. It”s one thing to be on the receiving end of no-love. It’s another thing to withhold love, bcuz you believe others are not functioning up to your standards. Love is not what people believe it is….this tangible good or service. In the most uncorrupted sense…”love” is the intelligence that flows through all existence….the Source of life in unlimited supply. Again, nothing gets in the way of it, except the belief that we”re somehow separate from it. “You” get in the way of love….nothing else. Love is constantly flowing through you, through everyone, everything. If you can”t FEEL it, it”s your beliefs about being unworthy that are in the way. Logically a very simple thing to deprogram from, but in application….the most difficult perspective to change. There is no magic pill, no ideal escape, no perfect person that will resolve your own inner-conflict with love, and bypassing this step leads nowhere.

(Read Inner Alchemy for more on the process of self-love, and purification)

On Becoming…

We are in the process of genetic mutation; not an absurd concept when thought of as basic evolution, but we’re not speaking basics, and we’re not dealing with billions of years in subtle adaptation. We’re flowing into the center of our existence……IF we want to be present, and awake to greet ourselves, it will be the most profound experience ever. Things are already shifting…working to break up the old patterns, vibration accelerating, while magnetics fall away, but that’s just the beginning of this “quickening”. Soon, we’ll be evolving in leaps and bounds…faster then we can process mentally. New found abilities will spring forth endlessly, and if a person isn’t attuned…flexible, balanced, and of sound mind…the risk is losing ones footing in reality, and cracking up. We’ve all grown up with stories, movies, and video games of super-heroes, and immortal gods with amazing powers who’s enemies are monsters and super-villains, trapped in 2-dimensional battles of good and evil. All at a safe, entertaining distance up till now. Despite the push to invent villains in the here & now…terrorists, patriots, vigilante”s, anti-environmentalists, cult leaders, etc. The real battle between good & evil is a battle within, and I warn you now about getting overly distracted by the hype and propaganda that’s collaborating to distract you from your own inner work!

The “New Age” movement, along with democratic politics, and the Obamanation & their opposition…all a two-party puppet show, are utilizing this shift to fulfill another agenda, and a very different prophecy. And, they have the majority stirred up in their movement for “Change”TM. I”m not addressing those that are wrapped in what they believe to be righteous work, for a greater good. I”m speaking to the “others” who sense something is off. For those that are having a difficult time fretting about the welfare of their neighbors, who aren”t losing sleep over international issues, that aren”t suffering a great out-pouring of compassion towards everyone around them, bcuz they”ve already emotionally moved through all those problems…a long time ago, before it was global crises. If you”re reading this (have gotten this far)…most likely you were born full of compassion and enthusiasm for change. You loved people, animals, nature…all things in your experience. You wanted to connected, collaborate, engage on an intimate level with all life around you….to explore it to it”s fullest, and what you got was the shit end of the stick. You found it difficult to focus on what your parents, teachers, and society at large expected of you, bcuz you were absorbed by a disturbance in the force. You sensed tension and conflict all around you, but were never able to put your finger on it. You were accused of being too sensitive, too moody, too much. Maybe you were told you had too much time on your hands? Or, that you lived in a fantasy world. If you didn’t adjust and conform…it turned into mental imbalance, bi-polar dysfunction, or some other mental incompetency that made you unfit for the system.

If you have managed to stave off the programming, and stick with what you know to be true…you have done great amounts of work and research on your own…amassing pieces of the puzzle, but without any sense of the big picture. Finally…..something is beginning to surface where the pieces are assembling on their own. Bcuz you’ve done so much work already (in being aware), there’s a new ease to your position…where once the information had to be intently drawn forth, coaxed from it”s hiding, unearthed, etc. Now, within the alignment…higher-information is flowing easier & quicker to those that seek it. If not aligned however…things will appear more of a mess. Now, the work shifts from exterior to interior, and the only problem arising from this will be RESISTANCE, and misapplication of INTENT. Most will allow their “knowledge” to guide them (at first)….turning their belief system inwards to examine who they are, and where they”re at. This will fail, leading to more tension, and conflict…bcuz the dualistic mind and ego are the ones doing the examining….and the tendency is to start dividing ones self up into good & bad functions. It”s not the wrong path…it happens as part of the process. It”s natural. Just don”t get stuck there on…”what is “me” and what is “programmed””? Or, how to resolve it. It will resolve on it”s own…as long as you keep moving on yourself….keeping your own sands shifting, so the parts no longer of use fall way, and leave that foundation of stone. The philosophers stone.

There’s an exception to turning inwards with ones knowledge and wasting some time with that, and that”s turning inwards with great humility. For some…they”ve come face to face with themselves due to a traumatic event that has shattered their mind, ego, and sense of reality (already). It’s a reverse of the above process, and can be just as difficult to begin, since one is typically running on energetic fumes. A great deal of the shifting can come violently and sudden, but rest assured that you are FAR better off than those that are still wandering around in a stupor, refusing to look inwards….projecting their fears outside themselves, and racing towards a head-on collision with themselves.

The Kali energy the proceeds the center-unwinding is not a gentle teacher!!! Far wiser the warrior that steps out into the light, into the arena to face what must be faced…then those that seek to hide. There is no hiding from SELF. There’s also no avoiding other peoples transference of bullshit, if you’re not on center. Find yourself constantly on the defensive? Always explaining & justifying your behaviors? You’ve got a LOT of work to do if you don”t want to keep being on the RECEIVING end!!! Or…are you on the delivering end? Getting a twisted high off of subjecting people to your destructive antics and manipulative bullshit? Always needing to be center stage, controlling the show? What advice do I have for “players”? You”re weak, and it”s showing (more than ever)!!! Your game isn’t working at all like it use to, and you are going through some major rifting at this point…swimming up increasing rapids. You will adapt, grow, mature, balance yourself out….or you will kill yourself in our own stubborn resistance. For the psychopath? You are a mutant in your own right, and there is a logical place for you in the New World, but the same applies….if you”re not siphoning through your own inner garbage, and letting go of ego…you are bound to the Old World. I suggest sticking to that territory where food abounds…if you have no interest in evolving from your predatory state of being.

What I’m going to attempt to list below are ways of bringing this transparent being online. Writing this only to aid in smoothing the transition. Working as a spiritual midwife of sorts, with simple steps to ease the pain of your labor……in your own very sacred rebirth. I’m not claiming any of it to be “easy”. I”m just gonna try to stick to the simplest processes, and focus mostly on breaking old points of view, dislodging yourself, releasing old habits that might have worked for our survival in the past, but are no longer required for the new you. The ultimate goal, if there is to be one? To have no point of view of at all. The ability to be all places at once. Be all things. No separation. No identity of self. We are not yet in a conducive atmosphere to constantly HOLD this wide-open vibration (yet). The time is coming though, and for all those working to meet it…they will adapt with the least amount of tension & discomfort IF they give up their own RESISTANCE to who they truly are.


Mental Processing

  • THERE IS NO ONE BLAME: Stop projecting your own work onto others. You are the only one that creates tension, fear & resistance in your own life, but….don”t get caught up in blaming yourself either! There is no solution in blaming anyone…it only postpones the work to be done. Buck up an carry your own weight, and focus on releasing it one step at a time.
  • THERE ARE NO MISTAKES: Only progress…only process. Only learning from experience.
  • THERE ARE NO SIDES: As the magnetic energy in our solar system is lessening, everything is losing it”s polarity. So too is the polarity of the mind giving way, with all it”s dualistic limitations. Relax into the new unity of existence. The idea of opposing sides, along with it”s competitive program is no longer productive or conducive to your new vibration.
  • HUMILITY IS YOUR NATURE: Pride, ego, self-righteousness, arrogance…are only demonstrations of weakness & insecurity….on top of that, a complete waste of energy working to impress everyone around you that there”s something *special* about you. Your true, authentic power far exceeds anything you could ever translate to others, not that it”s anything to brag about even if you could. Keep your nose to your own grind-stone, and keep doing the work. Forget about your place amoungst the crowd.
  • INTENT GOVERNS EVERY ACTION: This is where a lot of people are missing the mark with the new-age dogma of manifestation. People are too much in their heads at the moment, and “thinking” your desires into being does not work….even when verbalized constantly. The very first step in the process of manifestation is always intent. If the intent is off, forget about it! Has to be this way, bcuz if everyone could just walk around thinking shit into being….we’d all be fucked! It”s not driven by the immediate desires of inauthenticity. Intent balances out cause & effect, aligning it with natural law. Iz just the way it is.
  • LOVE IS THE ONLY ABSOLUTE: We can go through life PRETENDING that it”s this & that, but all it comes down to is love, and it’s opposite position…fear. Not “love” the way we”ve been programmed to believe it, but….creative-love-intelligence, er….The Force….The Source. Beyond the shit-word that we use day-in and day-out. Absolute is absolute. It”s not a tag that’s tossed around for effect. Understand that love is all that exists, and you half way to full function….no matter what anybody says.

Physical Application

  • DIET IS KEY: We are losing our need for food-stuff. All food that”s currently made (readily) available to human beings is destructive to the force. It subtracts from LIFE. period!! “Organic” means nothing, although raw & homegrown is about all you want to be consuming if you’re attempting to align with the new you. Meat is not so much an issue, but only if you raise it yourself, or hunt with an honorable method (NO GUNS). In a general scheme…food doesn”t really matter that much. We are capable of over-coming the negative, detrimental effects of what we consume, but….it requires energy that is better utilized on other aspects of being. The more processed, chemical, genetically modified, garbage food we consume…the more cravings we have towards it. Work hard to break this cycle if you”re mindlessly trapped there. Not easy, but a vital step in being ahead of the curve!
  • TOUCH ONCE: This is a simple concept of not passing anything by, or….”putting off till tomorrow what can be accomplished today”. There is only today. Begin the discipline of consciously moving through life with the intent of no-back-tracking. It”s also putting your intuition to work for you. The more you use it…the more skilled you become with it. Stop passing by things that you know you need to addressing in that moment. Not easy, since our lives have become laden with so much we put off, but gets easier and easier to follow as each little thing is accomplished, dealt with, and put away.
  • ALWAYS HAVE A RETREAT: Something sacred….a power place. Can be in the woods, near water, a room in your home, your car…doesn”t matter. Someplace you can go to be alone with yourself. This is not a “vacation” retreat, so no snacks, laptop, cellphone. No stimulants of any kind, including cigarettes, coffee, etc. No ritual tools either…no candles, no dope, no magic wands. No books, yada-yada. It’s just for you and you alone. Pets that follow are welcome, but nothing that can work as a distraction on any level. Sometimes you might just want to escape to this place to rest or take a nap; that”s fine. Basically this place is for no other work than rest & reflection. Not a place for meditations, or mantras, etc. Thoughts will come…look at them, feel them…let them go with as little amount of thought as possible. Not a place to seek out solution or answers to your problems. There are no problems….just “what is”. And your only work is to look as clearly as possible at what is. Just look. Nothing more.
  • WALK TALL: This is as hard to remember as sitting up straight, or…breathing deeply. It helps at first to have some tool of remembrance for this. Doesn’t matter what it is, just that reminds you of who you really are. Powerful and at peace…a creator of your own reality. A TALISMAN if you will. A brooch, a bracelet, a visible tattoo, a ring….anything to remind you to carry yourself, and conduct yourself AUTHENTICALLY! Crowns work great!!
  • WORKSHIP: There”s mundane work we do to survive in this material, social system…and then there’s spiritual work for ourselves. The spiritual work being more akin to exercise, something we need to force ourselves to get into the habit of on a regular basis. Workship, like worship to ourselves as our own supreme being, and in respect to the greater world around us. Currently (on a material level) we are in a sad state of affairs. We can point at just about anything and say, “it’s not working”. Everyone is tired, and performing poorly, things are unraveling everywhere, and there is mounting anxiety, and distress about all sorts of things. There”s an increasing lackadaisical attitude towards much, and it’s all wearing thin. This is only mirroring our spiritual-vibrational state. We can apply and apply to the exterior, and nothing changes. Now we”re very tired and out of sorts. Seems necessary in that fact that we can all benefit from pausing a while and looking at what’s going on around us. I’m not criticizing this direction. In order to move in any direction there has to be motivation to do so. So, go ahead and rest…study, view without judgment. Then when you’re ready…when you find your motivation, your inspiration (which i promise WILL surface)…then move out into the world in workship to yourself and all that exists. At this point it’s all about WORK and nothing else. The time for thinking, pondering, contemplating, factoring, calculating, discussing, philosophizing….is over! Now it’s all about the application of what we’ve learned….which isn’t that much, but….we have to start somewhere!
  • BREAK FREE: At every opportunity…..break free from the mundane. Go ahead and be too much! Throw off the restraints, the shackles of belief…your position of weakness & non-control. Engage LIFE…seek out new experiences constantly! Try anything. Anything at all!! Explore everything. Try saying “yes” where’d you’d normally say no. Get away from normal. Get away from people & environments that feel limiting. TRUST yourself in this experiment with you….one on one. Push yourself in ab-normal directions. Appreciate the uncomfortableness of new things outside the mundane, bcuz it’s working new (spiritual) muscle groups. You are boundless. You are the embodiment of creativeloveintelligence! Utilize that to it”s fullest!!! There are no mistakes. There is no wrong path. All that exists are moments of exploration. Move out into the larger world at every opportunity.