GigHour: Interesting, new way to promote yourself, and make a buck or two.

gighourCheck out this new site where you can post quick promotional ads on conventional or way-out wacky services, and then set a price. Could take the place of Pay Per Post blogging services. Saw a few people advertising that they’d charge $3 to post about any subject, or…place an ad on their site for $5. One guy was charging $1 to walk around all day with your company name or website written on his forehead! ๐Ÿ˜›

Something to keep in mind, since it’s small right now, and easy to be seen. I can’t image when it catches on, how many crazy offers are gonna add up to chaos, and swamp it down. If you post something…come back and comment, so we can take a look! G

Good for WAHMs/SAHMs I think. Could post typing services, or graphics…”I’ll knit you a hat $25.00″, or “I’ll write you a love letter $2.00”, or “I’ll translate 500 words into Italian $20”, or “I’ll send you a postcard from France $5.00” (if you were taking a trip to France, or somewhere. Anywhere). I couldn’t find any info on what’s off-limits to post. So it all comes down to creativity! ๐Ÿ™‚

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