Goodbye 'Toss it Tuesday', Hello…'Cynical Sunday'?

Toss-it-Tuesday sounded good, but truth be told………..I’m to disorientated right now to tackle much organization. I’m taking Tuesdays off in the hopes of tackling domestic chores. So, I have Mailbox Monday, Web Wednesday, Therapy Thursday, and what? I’m thinking maybe “Cynical Sunday”. After all, it’s pretty easy to be cynical; doesn’t require any organization, and not a lot of (mental) wherewithal. Ranting is stupid-easy. And there’s always something to be cynical about. 😛 Might be better to do a “wordless” day with a photo, but………….”Wordless Sunday” doesn’t sound as good. And, since I’m not much of a drama queen (at all)…I think it would be good practice for me, to dig in and unearth my inner-bitch. LoL.

I’ll see how it goes. Nice thing about having my own blog (as I’m sure a lot of other moms would agree)…It’s a place all my own where I can do whatever I want, without consulting anyone, or factoring anything in…except my own ideas. Doesn’t make for the most efficient blog maybe, but…keeps it fresh! 🙂

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