Got my Kefir Grains!

kefir grainsI bought some Kefir grains from this seller on Etsy. It was the best deal I found online. Most sellers are offering 1 – 2 tsp for around$10.00. KefirLove is selling a full 2 – 3 TBS for $4.50!!! (and only $2.75 shipping). They took a little bit longer to arrive then either of us planned. She was sure to ship them out at the beginning of the week, so they didn’t get stuck in the post office over the weekend. But, Monday was a holiday…I assumed she shipped them out Tuesday, and I didn’t get them till the following Monday. However…they arrived in fine condition. A little stinky, but not bad. I’ve never made my own Kefir before. The first batch was a sorta a write off since the old, off milk that was used for shipping was caught in the grains…even though I rinsed them well…the first batch was a little too stinky to trust ingesting. I’m gonna use it for douching. Too much information?

Here are my beautiful Kefir grains! It’s only day 3 and they’ve almost doubled in weight, so they’re healthy little buggers.

I divide them up between two jars, since I don’t have a really large jar.

Here they are, ready to sit 24 hours and brew 🙂 The batch I finished this morning was too strong to drink straight. I ran out of milk, so they sat for almost 36 hours. It made a really good smoothy though! Blended with 2 frozen bananas, a cup of frozen (fresh) pineapple, and about a 1/2 of fresh papaya. Yummy! I’m just using regular, store bought milk at the moment (2%). I can’t afford raw milk atm. So far so good.


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