grateful for being sick?

Still sick with this terrible bug…..whatever it is, I don’t know. Can’t remember the last time I felt this shitty.

The thing about sick is that it really makes one appreciate when they’re NOT sick! Bcuz, this sucks ass!!!! It’s terrible to be dragging myself around with next to no energy. Everything is sore, hot, or mushy feeling. Tender. Flip me over…………I’m done on this side. 🙁 Generates a great deal of empathy as well, to others who aren’t well! It’s one thing to say….”oh, I’m sorry you’re not feeling well”. It’s something completely different to be in the same boat!! In that sense, being sick is extremely HUMBLING! It’s also and opportunity to STEP-UP and take care of ones self! This is something I really suck at. The execution of anyway, bcuz all the good intentions are there. With James…’s not like I can take a nice long hot soak in the bath, or curl up in bed and sleep the day away. Ha. My self-love has to be easy, quick, and efficient. I’m trying, but it’s hard when every few minutes I forget myself. Being sick….helps one remember.

The bad part about being sick? The house is a wreck. I can’t keep up. I can barely sit and watch it being destroyed…….of course, all in good fun. But, that weighs on the bad side of things. I feel bad that I can’t interact with James as much as usual………as much as I’d like! I can’t kiss and cuddle him as much, bcuz I seriously don’t want him catching this crap. And….don’t have the strength, or mental focus to play. On top of that…..the whole Christmas hoopla, has come to a bit of grinding halt. The tree half decorated, crafts, and fun stuff put on hold. Complete mental fog on the Christmas List….even though it’s an actual list…………I just sit and stare at it, with a blank mind.

Sad, sad, sad………I’ve just been dragging my pathetic ass around the house…..looking like death warmed over, in my shabby bathrobe. I’m sure it’s a sight. There’s little food left in the fridge….some, but it involves cooking. Luckily James is only interested in breakfast foods lately. Eggs and toast, and livermush. That’s about all I can manage. There’s no pet food left of any kind, ran out yesterday, and the animals are driving me bonkers about it. And so on. I need a hot shower, some clean clothes, and a more driven attitude! Argggggg…..

This cold has morphed countless times in the last week. A sniffle, and sore throat. Stuffed head, and migraine, swollen sinuses and glands in my neck hurt the most. And feels like someone is trying to shove my eyeballs through the back of my skull. One day my nose is all drippy and clear, running like a faucet. The next day it’s like green contact cement….then back to clear. It’s moving all over the place. My head, chest, throat, and back again. It’s a serious bummer!!!!!!!! IT’S GOING TO FEEL SO AMAZINGLY GREAT WHEN I KICK THIS THING IN THE ASS, AND I’M FEELING BETTER!!!!!! Like a new me (another good thing about being sick).

I haven’t been doing a lot to kick it though. I’m not one for cold medicines of any kind. I never have stuff like that on hand. I do wish I had some cough drops or similar. I’ve sipped a few hot toddies with rum, lemon & honey. Those work really well, but temporarily. I’ve been taking Lactoferrin supplements, which I bought just in time for getting ill. Lactoferrin is whats in breast-milk that helps nourish the immune system. I’ve also been taking MMS (mineral miracle solution), but not as methodically as I should. I’m going to try my best to stay focused today….and get at least 4 doses in. That sounds like a good number. If you’re into alternative medicine, and haven’t heard of MMS, you should definitely read up about it. Might seem too radical for some, but it’s not as crazy as it sounds. If nothing else… should have it on hand for STERILIZING around the house! And…..I’ve honestly have never found anything better for brushing teeth then MMS!!! You’d have to try it to understand. I’ll have to do a separate post on it, as part of my 2012 DETOX section.

I feel like I’ve been through a cage-match with a gang of gorillas!!!!! Here’s to hoping that I’m over the worst of it. This morning I’m hacking up extremely nasty junk, and feel the worst so far. Bit of a relapse, since I thought I was feeling better yesterday. Last night I lost my voice. Health thoughts! Healthy thoughts! There’s shopping to do, chores to complete, gifts to get, cookies to bake……blah, blah, blah.

To anyone else out there that’s not feeling 100%…………………….May the beautiful, warm, rays of sun-shiny health and well-begin…….soak through to all the dark recesses of your being, and drive all the nasties out of hiding…..out of existence!!!!!!!!!!!! And, may you SHINE bright, with full-spectrum energy!!!




2 thoughts on “grateful for being sick?

  1. Oh yes I to have just finished a bad cold it seem almost worse then the flu I think the flu wouldn’t last as long… idk mine started with a really bad headache which i thought might have been something else. Then it was a really bad neck pain like so bad I thought it was those cheap metal earrings I was wearing from the store I work.. it was so bad like both sides under my ears with the worst pain.. Then it was a sore throat and no congestion, then a lot of congestion with no sore throat sounds a lot like how yours was.. now I have been coughing with no other symptoms except a sore throat on one side only @ night though for like 4 weeks so you can imagine everytiime I cough I am literally pissing myself from coughing so much for so long.. it’s awful… hope your better now.. xooxoox

    1. that’s exactly how mine has been! sorta glad to hear someone else with the same symptoms cuz it’s sorta scary otherwise. 😛 mine started with sore throat, then sore/swollen lymph glands too! really bad, where it was keeping me up at night. weird cold. just keeps moving and moving around in my head & neck. i thought i was getting better, then relapsed today. stuffed sore had all day, and now sneezing and nose running like a faucet. clear, dripping….more like an allergy. strange. unless they’re spraying us all with some new chemical cocktail! wouldn’t doubt that….lol.

      don’t tell me 4 weeks. i thought it was bad that it’s been 2. shit. it’s really throwing me off bcuz my head feels like stew. totally foggy-brained, and can’t think too much about anything. maybe that’s good?!? besides feeling crappy……..i really don’t like having no energy!! it sucks!

      didn’t know you were sick. you get better too!!!!!! take super good care of yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xoxoxoxoxo

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