Energy Work Basics

Yay – we’re gonna learn two different techniques for working with Source information – Muscle Testing (MT), and Tapping (EFT).

Muscle Testing is a super-easy way to gain insight from your “higher-self” or Source. You can test for “yes” and “no” answers, “weak” and “strong” answers, and it’s also great for measuring amounts or percentages of things.

Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a psychological acupressure technique of tapping meridian points on your body while stating intentions (affirmations) that negate negative programming.  

Anyone can apply these simple techniques to their daily lives and witness positive results.

Much more is going on than just getting answers and overriding negative thoughts. You’re connecting to Source, empowering yourself, and stating intentions…this is a huge step forward in your own personal evolution! Best of all – these tools become easier with continued use. As you practice – they become second-nature – to the point where you won’t have to use them anymore. You can get yourself to a clearer plain of function, where you’ll be able to trust the answers you hear, feel, sense – without having to use your hands. At this point EFT will seldom be necessary, as you you’ll exist in a clear enough place, where negativity no longer exists to you.

But – you never get to that point if you don’t start practicing! The only thing standing in your way is you.

The best way to learn MT & EFT is to see it in action. 

[one_sixteen]These women teach great online courses in energy medicine and awareness. They come from very practical places, and work to help you reconnect with Source, and regain your power. They share my ideas about the importance of “demystifying” this work, and making it available to all people.


The idea of using the two techniques together, or rather – in support each others effectiveness, is bcuz they accomplish two different task with the same goal in mind – – releasing yourself from stagnating or defeatist programming, and empowering yourself – by gaining your own trust. This triggers or pings your Original program (from Source), and affirms (every time you use it) responsibility for your self – the ABILITY of YOU!! I am me – I am present – I take control of this situation. Sorta the whole foundation for manifestation. MT aids you in navigation, moving forward, progress…while EFT helps bring up the rear, on the parts of you that are a little more lodged, and comfortable where they’re at.

It’s most important that you have a clear channel of communication with your higher-self and Source. Below are common things that can get in the way of receiving pure streams of information.

Dr. Mercola has a pretty intensive page on EFT – if you want to move into this technique further. CLICK HERE.




Dehydration – Drink Water

Pole Reversal – Getting incorrect answers to questions you know the answer to. Correct by crossing your arms in front of you, and rubbing your collar bones with the opposite hand. Use simple questions to test if it’s corrected. Example for me: Is my name Kim? I should get a definite YES on that. 

EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies)- Shield yourself or move location away from electronics, outlets, smart meters, etc.

Interferences – Remove with MT




Drink water

Test – Am I connected to Source? You’re looking for a YES

Test – Do I have any Interferences? If yes…say – I am now removing all interferences from system. Test again – Do I have any interferences, if no – you’re good to go (continue with seeking insight). If yes, remove again – Till you you’re clear.

Hold pure intent! Health/healing, resolving, letting go, clearing, forgiveness, etc.




Disconnect from over-thinking

Be Specific – To the point

Listen, Feel, Sense – Be Open/Connect

Don’t second guess yourself

Be aware of SHIFTs in energy & thought

Find something – Explore it

Stay in your CENTER


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The exciting part of Muscle Testing –

Once you understand what you’re doing with MT – the exciting part is all that can be accomplished with it. It’s really amazing. The other quests in this section, rely in MT to clear, untangle, sort, and remove a lot of garbage that’s bogging down your computer, and trust in your own (direct) information. In this way – you can move leaps and bounds forward, when it comes to optimal functionality. When you honestly begin to see that nothing is holding you back, and your function is outside the parameters of the Matrix. In essence – you are boundless. BUT – there’s a lot of work to do to get there. It’s nice to know that you can start right now!




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