Taking Inventory

Using energy work – you’re going to rough out an idea of everything that’s going on in your life.

What you’ll need to start:

Required – A journal and a writing instrument.

Optional – Colored pencils, markers, glitter & glue, stickers, and all that fun stuff.

You’re free to use your member activity stream as a journal, but you might not want to be that open online. This quest requires you to be brutally honest with yourself. You can simply buy a cheap notebook, and grab a pen and start – for some that works best. I do encourage you to buy a ‘special’ journal for this process, although – it’s what goes into the journal that makes it special. I’m not very good at journaling myself, but I love the idea of it. I love journals like this….


I like the idea of journaling as a hobby in itself, bcuz it’s a nice, little, manageable, creative outlet. Everything can kept in a box/tote, and out of the way. Being an artist/crafter my entire life – trust me – it’s nice to not have it take over the house, bcuz eventually everyone gets sick of seeing it – pressures you into ‘putting it away’ – and then a year goes by, and you’re like – what the hell?! I was really enjoying that – what happened?? Then there’s resentment, and weirdness, and you’ve curbed yourself once again, and you can blame others for stifling your inner-artist! Lol – maybe that’s just me? It doesn’t have to be crazy-creative, but I think it adds some extra healing to the project!

Keep your journal stuff in a little basket, beside your favorite chair, like it was knitting. Unless you already have a bunch of knitting baskets beside your chair. Anyway, keep it together in one accessible place. Keep it out where you can see it though – otherwise you might forget about it. Like me.


Make it ritual you-time! You can earn two badges here, but combining it with the RITUAL SPACE QUEST &/or the ALTER & TALISMAN QUEST

Clear a shelf. Move those silly decor items out of the way, and clear some space for YOU!

Make some amazing herbal tea, the perfect cup of coffee, or a glass a wine – whatever. Light some candles, open some windows, light a fire – whatever helps you tune out the world, and tune into yourself.

Use color and texture – just bcuz its a journal, doesn’t mean you need words. Sometimes you just FEEL blue, or FEEL a mess, or FEEL complete peace. You don’t have to put it into word. Just express it. A journal is for getting stuff OUT – participating in FLOW and MOVEMENT – trusting it outside you, and separating yourself from STUFF. It should be celebrate and open. If you want to write secrets to yourself, and move off in that direction – get yourself a diary with lock and key. This is something wholly different. This is the first step in putting yourself out there – COMPLETELY.

Plant a little seed of some sort, or get a baby plant – and place it on your you-shelf. It grows as you grow. Remembering to journal when you water it.

Utilize some sort of reminders. A friendship bracelet for yourself, or a funky magnet on the fridge, can sometimes work better than circling the calendar. When you notice it – it’s time to write something in your journal – no matter how small.

If you’re finding it hard to sit down and get creative, or it seems you’re always short on time – Start by just writing a few simple words, or thoughts in your journal. Later, when you feel inspired – you can build around that writing with colors and pictures. Another approach would be – coloring in a page or just drawing some quick doodle to represent how your feeling – come back and add words later. Or not – whatever. Creativity can be a really difficult thing to tap into. Being an artist for a living, I know that the need to ‘perform’ can push it further out of grasp. The worst thing you can do – is keep telling yourself, “I have to do this”. You don’t HAVE to do anything!!! Except – get the stuff together, so it’s on-hand when the mood strikes you!!


Don’t go out and blow $50, on a store bought journal. not even $20 – unless you want to, but this is really just as much a quest for creativity. It’s fun, to train your eyes to see things in a new way. Literally, trash becomes a
journal3great source of free crafting supplies. I LOVE repurposed/altered books for journals – I think they’re the absolute best foundation for drawing your creativity out of hiding. I think hard-covered books run around $3 at Goodwill. Libraries usually sell used books for 25 – 50 cents. Ask them where they’re hidden. Or, maybe you have a book laying around that you can’t bare to throw away, but will never read again. Vintage books are wonderful for this project. Look for ones that have nice, solid covers, decent pages, and FEEL good in your hands.

Here’s a great tutorial on prepping a book for journaling (from Johwey Redington’s site). Not everyone is going to want to go through all this work. Buy yourself a multi-pack of cheap glues-sticks, and glue plain printer paper (or whatever paper you can scrounge) over the pages in the book…this will thicken them up (rather than having to do the whole gesso thing)…you will want to tear out some pages in between, to allow more space for your own stuff. I love journals that are busting at the seams, and over-flowing with abundant love and energy!! You’re taking a static, square, rigid thing, and imbuing it completely with your essence. It should scream “ME” (you) – and be spilling out in passionate celebration, of all of you (good, bad, ugly & beautiful). Like you – it needs to be something you’re proud to show off!!!

Of course you can use your journal for whatever you want – I’m hoping you make lots of them! BUT, this quest is called “Taking Inventory” so -guess I should explain that process…


Complete the tasks below. I want you to focus on YOU – and keep bringing yourself back to your CENTER. Imagine a line, a stem, that runs down through the center of your body – Hold your energy there. Sit up straight, get comfortable, make sure you have something to hydrate yourself. Do this when you have genuine “free” time – no interruptions!! Following your intuition is key. You don’t have to start on the first page. Open whatever page feels good for you. Do not be concerned with making a mess of your journal – and do not worry about filling it up too quickly. Maybe this journal will just be for inventory purposes. You can get more and more journals, or add more pages. Don’t worry about anything. None of the following tasks need to be performed in one-sitting. Do what feels right for you in the moment.

Open up a double page spread for each of the headings below. Can be any page in your journal.

PHYSICAL SELF (2 pages left & right)pencil

On to top left hand page write – My Body – Thoughts. On the top right page write – My Body – Clear.

PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT (2 pages left & right)

On to top left hand page write – My Space – Thoughts. On the top right page write – My Space – Clear.

MENTAL SELF (2 pages left & right)

On to top left hand page write – My Mind – Thoughts. On the top right page write – My Mind – Clear.

EMOTIONAL SELF (2 pages left & right)

On to top left hand page write – My Heart – Thoughts. On the top right page write – My Heart – Clear.

Now you have 4 sections in your journal to work on taking a basic inventory. Work on one section at a time, and complete it fully. Only then, if you have energy – complete the other sections. Start with whatever section you want.


Start on the left hand page. Tune into the lower frequencies of yourself – You can ask for “fragments” of yourself to come forward and offer a (single) word about how they feel. Give them time. You’re writing down single keywords of thoughts that play in your mind on a regular basis. They can also be symptoms, bcuz -after all – everything is a symptom of something else!! That’s what you’re working on fixing. Be careful not to get caught up in dialog with fragments – they love to talk!! Just a single word. Keep clearing your mind.

Spread the words out to fill the page -give them space – here and there, bcuz you’re going to expound on them a little. There’s no right or wrong. You’ll find some words are more emotional than physical, physical than mental – Doesn’t matter. They popped into your head for a reason – write them down where they want to be!! This is also a project on TRUST.


Now you’re going to center yourself, clear your mind, and tap into your higher frequencies. From a Divine and balanced place, where you are in complete control of your world – you’re going to find words to describe yourself physically, your physical environment, your mind, and your heart. Tune everything else OUT. Focus your energy and intention on the most PERFECT form of yourself. Don’t rush it. Spread the words out on the page – giving them space. Do this for all 4 sections (right hand pages).


If you feel the need to add more sections, following the same pattern – by all means, do so! You might want to add “Mental Environment”, and “Emotional Environment” to branch out more, and take inventory of  your feelings in regards to how you THINK those around you -treat you. This might be helpful in “family” situations. Use the left hand page for keywords about the ‘issues’, and right hand page for how you’d like things to be. Remember to come from a Divine, open space!

You can even go as far as expounding on one single issue or person – if you feel it’s of great significance, and needs it own page to work through.

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