I Pull the Plug!



This is a simple quest to cut down on consumption, and regain some substance and quality of life. Going without lights or cable, if only for the evening, or a day – makes us more conscious and appreciative of the smaller things. By unplugging the Internet, or the television – we interact more with friends and family, and find more time for self-reflection, and creative or healthful pursuits. Not to mention – you’re subjected less to media, marketing, and mind-numbing entertainment. Unplugging needn’t just be for electronics. In essence you can unplug from anything – junk/processed food, dysfunctional relationships, b


There’s a lot more going on that you’re not supposed to notice or question. It may or may not be of interest to you. If that’s the case, skip directly to the steps for the quest. There’s no need to wander down the rabbit hole with me, but you’re welcome to come along if you wish.

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Too much comfort makes us weak, frail, and (truth)intolerant.

We’re creatures of comfort, to varying degrees. In general – we spend our lives working – to make money – to maintain our comforts. We define ourselves by our work, our income, and the comforts we can afford. There’s absolutely no security in any of it. When we lose these things…we’re lost, without any sense of self-worth or purpose. Security doesn’t come from MORE – it comes from LESS.

Unplugging from comfort makes us stronger, flexible, stable, and more capable.

Surrounded by lies… 

We entirely sacrifice ourselves to a system that blatantly mocks us – with “privilege”. Anything from driving a car, to owning a home, to having a job, to raising your own children, to being a citizen of the country. It can all be seized for lack of cooperation, lack of reverence. What the hell are we thinking, when we support (with such vehemence), a thing that cares nothing for us?!  At the youngest of age, we’re indoctrinated into a system that programs us to believe we’re weak, barely capable, and pretty much useless. Then, it’s round the clock propaganda to build on those insecurities, and the fears that ride with them. Not only do we accept this program, but we protect it at all costs, revere it above all else. We push it on others as “reality”. We give our lives away to it, we sell our souls to it, we sacrifice our children to it…..and we ignorantly call it “life”.

Unplugging from the System – leaves space for love, truth, and trust.

Somehow, somewhere – we need to take a few steps back, so we can get a better look at what’s at work around us…what we’re so constantly engaged in, and wound so tightly around. Unplugging is simple and effective, and everyone can choose their degree of “discomfort’. It’s not all or nothing. This quest doesn’t expect you to unplug yourself completely, and rail against the Evil Empire. It’s simply asking you to go without, here and there, to gain deeper insight..to taste a little freedom. To see what happens when we put our energies elsewhere.

We think it’s a nice escape, to sit down after work, after a day of chores, or even after school – and relax in front of the TV, online, or playing games. What we subject ourselves to (in “relaxing”) is finely tuned programming to make us feel inadequate – about the way we look, how we live, how we don’t live, what we don’t have. On top of that of that we’re paying for it. Does the programming motivate us to get up and re-clean the house, search for a better job, study harder, workout more? No – maybe in rare spurts. Instead it breaks us down, exhausts us, confuses us, stresses us out, and causes more conflict. Are there more productive ways to relax? Would we need to ‘escape’ so much – if the thing we were escaping into, wasn’t the thing that drives us to escape more??

We’re part of a FAR more holistic, healthy, intelligent system – That’s the last thing they want us seeing. 

To all things there’s SACREDNESS, even in the most horrific practices, even in the most thoughtless acts. It’s  everywhere, but to different dilutions. The more concentrated Source – the stronger the sacred. As long as you can keep your family’s space receptive and connected to healthy Source (energy) – there’ll be victory over “the beast” (to avoid having to explain further – this suffices. It has nothing to do with religion though). There IS a spiritual battle playing out, and despite all efforts to engage everyone in that drama – You (and yours) can simply pass through it – without participation! I cannot stress this enough!!! It is NOT in taking sides- that you will ever find workable solution!! Duality generates conflict. In a conflicted mind – there is no peace. Period.

When you are offered right or wrong, democrat or republican, rich/poor, black/white, good/evil – know that this is a trick to keep you plugged in longer. Just a little longer, and a little longer more – so the System can continue to FEED. There are two bridges you come to….bother appear treacherous. The first, is crossing over to escape the prison that is this artificial system…if you can muster the energy to carry yourself over. Much is (programmed) in place – to keep you from succeeding in that. When you get to the other side it’s not all perfectly wonderful. It can actually be scary. Bcuz there’s a de-programming phase you must complete, detox that you’ll suffer, and none of the comforts you’re accustom to. All darkest before the dawn. This is the second – longer bridge, that will test everything you’re made of.

I’m not asking you to step away from everything…and move out into the great unknown. I’m not speaking of physical actions, but spiritual ones. Plus – you needn’t cast off all ‘clothing’ at once….although that can be the easier route. I’m just hoping I can inspire a few people to remove something here, something there – and think, “that’s not bad…not too bad at all”…and easily, as authentic energy increases – more of the stagnating stuff will fall away.

You’re ready for something to change – or you wouldn’t be here.  

There will be stumbling here and there, which are important to learning, growing, evolving…but very little emphasis should be given to slip-ups, other than testing our resolve. Falling off the horse, and getting right back on – makes you stronger, than having never fallen off. And, a lot stronger than never having gotten on the horse to begin with (for fear of falling off).

No matter if you’re doing this quest for yourself, or with your family – There has to be a sturdy, core-base – of trust, support, understanding, respect, and all-together, above all else – UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. This is the difficult part in getting started. It requires you to be AUTHENTIC, and that requires that you first allow yourself to be VULNERABLE. In these two actions – more space is allowed for Source information to stream through. Source is what will get you through. How clear your connection is, is what determines how easy or difficult your path will be. No matter what’s going down – KNOW that SOURCE is CONSTANT & ABSOLUTE. You can lose Source. Source never loses you. Like being lost in the darkest place – Source is the sunlight…it will guide you out. If you keep your eye on it – it can be a fairly direct route. If you allow yourself to waffle about, and get distracted by this and that – you can exhaust yourself, and wind up retreating back to the System you were escaping.

More than meets the eye…

The reason for rambling on about such things – is bcuz all the stuff that PLUGS IN is set in place to remove you from Source. It’s not (necessarily) some huge conspiracy. It can be seen as a gift of guidance. There’s a glitch in the Matrix…something in the space that can’t be filled between the ones and the zeros – in the flicker-rate, in the deepest sleep – the program can’t reach. Now, especially. For whatever reasons the program is pushing harder – as it does so, it misses more marks. More space is opening up, more is slipping through. The harder it pushes, the more resistance is created. The more we are capable of springing off in the direction of Source.

Why does the System need to apply more force, and up its game?? Is it a last-ditch effort? System has hijacked everything, for as far back is recorded. It’s hijacked spirituality, governance, community, workship, resources, family, food, hearts, procreation, love, light, darkness, self-image, God. It hijacked all the BIG stuff, and worked its way down to minute detail. It’s hijacked our thoughts, our emotions, our responses, our minds, our bodies. It does our thinking for us – for so long now – we don’t know the difference. In fact, to a point where we DISTRUST any other information. There’s really no place left for it, and that’s where it gets interesting – I think. It appears to be over-tweaking itself…to the point where the reality it’s pushing – is too surreal and twisted. For a while now, it’s been developing a deviant side to itself….perhaps in an attempt to keep up? This System has always paved a very exact path for us…not too difficult with a herd-based mentality. It gave us just enough, and we did the rest of the work…keeping one another in line. Something has shifted. It appears to be taking more “work” to get the same amount of food. The easiest way to describe the System, parasitic, and parasites don’t like having to work harder. They only evolve to work smarter. They are incredibly stealthy, and will not come out of the shadow unless provoked. If you intentionally go after a parasite – it has a myriad of defenses built-in to guarantee survival. For anyone that’s into martial arts – it’s the idea of using your opponents aggression/energy against them….till they wear themselves out. You don’t fight back, you merely deflect, with the least amount of your energy possible. I think parasites invented this. However – using a very small amount of energy – you can instead, create an inhospitable environment for them – and they’ll pack up and leave. Parasites do not fight for MORE. They MANIPULATE for more…that’s it. Bcuz it’s all about getting the MOST for NOTHING.

There are lots of manifestations of this System. You might see it in people you come across, even those you’re closest to. You’ll see it surface sometimes in yourself. It tends to rear its head when folks are very low on energy, sense a threat, or a situation that can be easily manipulated to benefit themselves. You might notice the same dynamics at play in smaller systems – money, relationships, employment, government…they’re all tentacles of the larger System.

I know I get way into it, and make it sound massive and spooky. It is in a sense, but all together – if you take anything away from all this – it’s that it’s all illusion. We give it power. We can stop giving it power. In that sense, it sorta is all or nothing. There is no keeping the parts you like about it, and not participating in the rest, bcuz as long you’re giving it energy – it lives on. You continue feeding it. There are LOTS of people who have an affinity for this particular System. Satanists are a good example. MUCH can be attained by diving into it deeply, and studying the finer, inner workings of it. It’s not secret, that if one is willing to proceed soullessly – fame, riches, power, position awaits, and a lot more – depending on who and what you’re willing to sacrifice.

It’s another thing you should be aware of – if not wholly PISSED about – is that everything “you” sacrifice (as mentioned up top) – as a mere surf – doesn’t earn you anything. Your direct sacrifices benefit your boss, the bankers, the CEOS, the doctors, the politicians, etc. That is why the System SUCKS – literally.

Why Source over System?

I know it’s weird bcuz I talk about duality creating conflict, and then it sounds like I’m pitting one side against the other. In my own understanding (that’s all I’ve got)…System is part of Source, but incomplete, as a secondary design, made to replace/over-ride Source. Source is everything and nothing. It is all the spaces in between, and everything that makes up matter. It allots for ALL…and is perfectly balanced, and harmonized. System is not, not authentically – although it can make itself appear as Source – this surfaces a lot with the New Age movement, and people who believe they’re tapping into Source, but are actually feeding System. System CAN and WILL produce (almost) the exact results as Source….for a time…but, eventually it will turn on its keeper – biting the hand that feeds it.

You will know them by their fruits.

There is System that’s blatantly System – front and center – insisting – I AM ALL POWERFUL. It doesn’t hide – it MOCKS. Then there is System that’s super-slick, and almost identically disguised as Source. It take a lot of work to recognize it, but the most valuable tool is in LISTENING & WATCHING. Ego is a clear indicator – Anyone coming from a place where they talk about themselves a lot. Where they are doing the healing, fixing, teaching – where you need them to get to the next level. Anyone that claims themselves as an “expert”, “teacher”, “guru”, “master”…pay attention. Anyone that isn’t willing to share everything openly, but keeps you engaged enough to continue seeking guidance and lessons from them. They never share the big secrets – just tastes here and there. All red flags!

If you seek desperately for guidance and information – they will surround you. If you seek desperately for love, acceptance, money, fame, power – they WILL find you! Like the scent of blood to famished predators – you call them out with your desires. Everyone operates on this level………….and that’s very much my work – to change that. To help you open your eyes and see, and empower yourself to remember all you KNOW. You have infinite power that the System wants. If it could tap into that power – we’d all seriously be in trouble. But – once in authentic power – you can’t be touched by it. It hates that!!

I honor all your comments and input! If you have any questions, or want more information on anything…or want to put me in my place – Feel free to do so – I’d love to have your put in your two cents!! 

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[dropcap color=”color”]A: SLOW & STEADY CHANGE OF COURSE[/dropcap]


Pick one of the following…

[list class=”square”] [list_item] No TV, computers, tablets, gaming, cell phones after ____ pm.[/list_item] [/list]

[list class=”square”] [list_item] No TV, computers, tablets, gaming, cell phones before ____am..[/list_item] [/list]

[list class=”square”] [list_item] One day without TV, computers, tablets, gaming or cell phones.[/list_item] [/list]

[list class=”square”] [list_item] Earn TV, computer, tablet, gaming, or cell phone time. Complete chores/quests/challenges.[/list_item] [/list]

[list class=”square”] [list_item] Off-Grid one day a week (switch off all the breakers, except to ‘vitals’ – fridge, water heater, stove, smoke alarms). If you want to go hard-core, and really get the off-grid experience, turn off the water heater. Unless you have a gas stove, you’ll need it for boiling water, so it’s up to you how much you’re willing to “suffer through”.[/list_item] [/list]

[list class=”square”] [list_item] Going without lights experiment – beeswax candles, oil lamps, kerosene lamps (make sure there’s good ventilation).[/list_item] [/list]

[dropcap color=”color”]B: THE DIGITAL DETOX[/dropcap]


[list class=”square”] [list_item] Make a vow to abstain from all digital dependent items for 1 week. No cheating.[/list_item] [/list]

[list class=”square”] [list_item] If possible, clear out some space in a closet, and box away everything digital in your home. Televisions, routers, modems, computers, laptops, scales, alarm clocks, tablets, gaming systems, etc. You can keep your cell phone charged, and on your person- BUT you’re only allowed to make & receive calls from home. Unless it’s a life-threatening emergency. AND – you can only use it for phone calls. No texting, or checking email, internet, etc. [/list_item] [/list]

[list class=”square”] [list_item] Keep a daily journal of all your thoughts and emotions.[/list_item] [/list]

[list class=”square”] [list_item] You can do this detox on your own, or with family.[/list_item] [/list]

Post back to group and let us know how you’re doing! Share ideas, and offer support for those that are having a difficult time.

This quest exists to break up thoughtless routine, expand perspective, tap into MORE (Source), and basically – as the title says – Unplug yourself long enough to look around and regroup on some very basic things. You get to decided what level to engage on.


Depending on where you’re at – this quest can be easy or really difficult. If you’re not resonating with it, you can put it off, or take tiny steps. Trust your intuition on it. Sometimes even a small disruption in our comforts, can have a lot of impact….sorta like dominos. If you’re not in a supportive environment – things can feel too out of sorts. Try setting your INTENTION first, and then waiting a couple of days to see what surfaces. Take time to prepare your mind first.

Although it can seem helpful to plans lots of things to fill up that space you’re creating – it won’t lend a lot of inner-strength. You’ll just be bouncing around, waiting for the trial to be over, and stressing that you’ve always got something to do. Try and stick close to home – going outdoors is fine, walks, and exercise. Deep cleaning the house is great – cleaning out closets and drawers. Eliminating stuff. You’ll probably need to be doing something all the time – if you’re not comfortable being with yourself – quietly. That can freak some people out. If you find yourself going through emotional crisis of any sort – try your best to sit with it – be with it….know that it will pass (shortly). Try taking a shower, or a nap…….and allow yourself to ADJUST in increments. Writing in a journal can also be helpful!!! This can get things out of your head for the time being, and you can work or reflect on them later – when you’re feeling stronger.





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When I was a kid – we had what to watch on TV? In a nutshell – Saturday morning cartoons, Sesame Street, a Disney show that would come on once a week, and programs like Little House on the Prairie. That was it! Everyone I knew got some form of allowance. It was either wasted on candy and gag gifts, or if the kid was oddly disciplined – a big-ticket item, like a bike. If you’re 40-ish, you spent all your days outside – building forts, exploring, bike riding, and collecting glass bottles to exchange for candy at the corner store. Your parent would have to hunt you down to eat, and drag you inside at night to get ready for bed…even in the winter.

For those of us that look into things – beyond the surface, we’re supposed to believe that children have somehow become the #1 marketing target, bcuz they posses the largest disposable income. Sorry- that makes absolutely no sense at all. What it’s saying is that kids have taken manipulative control of the household, and call the shots. How did they gain the upper-hand in your household? Where did they learn that was necessary, or even possible? Consider two factors – 1st) The national average for children sitting in front of screen is 7 1/2 hours direct time, and 2 hours of indirect time. Almost 10 hours a day that children are plugged into exterior information. The 2nd factor is – parents only being available to their children on a superficial level. The big problem? Someonething else is raising your children.

There’s a TON at work behind the scenes, but all in all it’s dark and unhealthy, with its trillion tentacles. Ya know in the Matrix, how everyone has that plug locked into the base of their skull? It’s that – exactly!!! Feeding! And – kids are just WAY more tastier than adults. By the time people reach 20-something, they’re pretty much spent. Kids are still tapped into Source, so it’s laundering system for higher-energy, sorta speak. That’s way out there, I know. Reeling it in a little – and pausing a second on social engeneering…kids are new facilitators. They turn the adults in their circle “on” to whats fresh, and hip, and new…and can just easily take the out the adults that aren’t getting onboard. It’s become the work of children, to get their parents with the “program”. Any and all tactics will be used  – the simplest route is to BREAK them down to the point, where they give up authority and control via exhaustion. You think that’s not happening? Look around.

I can go and on and on about all that stuff, that’s playing under the surface. Why, at the end of every single cartoon, the credits include a list of a dozen or so psychologists! Why the largest industries (save maybe big-pharma) – peddle directly to “Tweens”. How public school systems only exist for brainwashing purposes, and how kids are being taught to police their parents, and turn them in for the slightest deviation. Yep – I could go on and on, BUT….

None of that is really important. Only one thing is important to understand – the children would not be the TARGET, if they weren’t extremely VALUABLE. They’re valuable bcuz they came here as our TEACHERS. They came to shift things into a new paradigm, to do things differently, to help us get unstuck. IF – we don’t make ourselves AVAILABLE to them, on the deepest, most honest, and open levels possible – if we are not ENGAGED with them on an authentic, meaningful level – we lose them to the system. It happens quickly! Knock, knock – no one home. Hello? Hello? Nope – and they begin to look elsewhere for something to entertain themselves, while they’re WAITING FOR US TO SHOW UP!!!!!!!!!!! Most parents don’t ever show up. If they do – if the SEE – then there’s a HELL of a battle to get their children back!!
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[toggle] [toggle_item] [toggle_head color=”gray”]  Some Ideas… [/toggle_head] [toggle_data] [text]

Ideally this quest should be ongoing, as it offers a lot of perspective and insight into how we fall into unconscious function. It helps everyone to be more appreciative of the luxuries they so grossly take for granted. It aids in balancing out needs vs. wants. It’s important for health – clearing as much EMF & EMR as possible, and giving your system a rest. Helps in connecting more with Source energy, and grounding. Forces people to be more creative, resourceful, reflective, and share more quality time together, or even on their own. Stretches people’s comfort-zones, and makes everyone more adaptable/flexible. Puts in perspective how much time is spent hardwired into the machine.

If you live by yourself – push yourself outside what you’re comfortable with. If it’s a family situation, be more understanding, and take time to explain what you’re doing and why. Involve them in all aspects of the quest. How many hours is everyone willing to go without? What day(s) would best for unplugging?  Is morning or evening better? A weekday or weekend? Use this as a starting point for a month, then expand it a little.

leverage with kids

Put together a chore-board, where kids can earn “digital minutes” by completing household chores, or in the very least – completing
(important) personal tasks – baths, brushing teeth, eating veggies, doing homework, etc). You want to start by figuring out how many minutes/hours a day you want to allow them to be plugged in, then divide that by the number of tasks/chores….something that’s enticing of course. Maybe 1 hour for homework, 10 minutes for brushing teeth, etc.

Get creative…you could add tasks to help draw a child out of their own little me-zone! Playing with a younger sibling (teaching them something) = 30 minutes. Reading a chapter of a book = 10 minutes (accumulative). Have any other great ideas? Share them in the comments!!

Only allow children to watch TV, game, use cell phone – when they reach a MINIMUM time requirement.


I know a lot of kids use computers to study, and a lot schools encourage their use. If all their work is stored on hard-drive, and lessons and study topics, and tutoring is all done online – then they’re pretty much stuck having to use the computer – and this should be separate from free-use, ‘digital time’. I know what I’d do as a parent – I’d get them some old-fashioned school supplies, and have them do their homework by-hand – even forgoing the calculator! But – it’s absolutely your call as a parent. If your child needs to be online for homework purposes – TRUST them to stick to homework while on the computer. Again – this quest in more about building trust, and fostering self-sufficiency and ability (= self-respect aka self-love), than anything else. I think children completely understand the idea of “cheating ones self”, and given the space to move around in their own process – will come to settle on what’s best for them. It might not be what you think is best, but allow them that – for themselves.

Unless of course – your child is severely addicted – then…stand strong, put your foot down, and be consistent. Do not budge, one iota. You are in it for the long haul, and at first they’ll hate you for it. In time – they’ll love you for it.

Of course – the entire time – you’ll be working on your own self-control, and regulating your own behavior too. If you’re not completely locking up all electronics and going cold turkey….you’ll have to be EVER VIGILANT!! Apply passwords to television, and internet, lock up DVDs and gaming systems. You can just lock up game cartridges and cables, but kids who are hooked, will go to any length. They’ll borrow them from friends, even steal them. Don’t encourage them by leaving the console out. Lock it away, until they’ve  met the digital time minimum.

Be compassionate, and willing to spend extra time with your kids during this process. When’s the last time everyone sat and played a family board game? Ate meals together?Took turns reading a book out loud? Or got involved in some family craft or outdoor activity? It does not have to be this dreaded – holy shit – wtf? – I’m bored to death – why do you hate me? – I hate you! – I’m going to make you suffer situations. It can actually be fun and exciting and interactive and enlightening (best case scenario).[/text] [/toggle_data] [/toggle_item]

SO – jump into this simple quest that costs nothing – will in fact save a little $, and remember to come back and keep us all posted on the trials and tribulations, epiphanies and successes! 


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