Handmade Code: Etsy App for Webs.com (Free)

Etsy App for Webs.com

What’s the basic idea of the application?
You can create your own website at Webs.com and connect it directly to your Etsy shop with one click.

The Etsy App syncs your entire Etsy portfolio with your website. In a matter of seconds, it automatically pulls all of your products from Etsy — complete with images, descriptions, and prices — to a new page on your website. This new Etsy page lets your visitors browse, search, and view full descriptions of all your items. And when they click the “Buy Now” button below each piece, they are conveniently taken to that item’s “Add to Cart” page on Etsy. It’s not about replacing your Etsy shop; it’s about promoting all the items in it from your own professional-looking website.

As we’ve seen from the success of Project Runway and its spin-offs, people love to watch as designers create their handmade pieces. A Webs.com website with the Etsy App can give your customers insight into your creative process. Write about your inspiration on your blog, post photos of sketches and designs for new items, and post videos to show how you make your pieces. These elements will bring your products to life. Your personality comes through, cultivating and deepening your relationship with your customers.

Does this involve a lot of work? How many sellers are using it?
Not at all! The app takes seconds to set up and automatically syncs all of your product information. All you have to do is type in your Etsy username. Your items instantly appear on your website and they will be linked directly to Etsy.com, so if someone likes what they see they can purchase right away. The Etsy App is available to all Webs.com users, and is free for a limited time. Thousands of members have tried the app. Check out a few: Puppy Friends (a.k.a. JHannah), TootleWear, and Art By Michelle.



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