Homemade Herbal Hair Detox Mud Mask

Herbal Detox Mud Mask

This recipe can be used on hair as well as face.

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Prep Time
5 min

Total Time
5 min

Prep Time
5 min

Total Time
5 min

  1. 1 cup Rice Water
  2. 1/2 cup Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
  3. 3/4 cup Bentonite or Redmond Clay
  4. 10 Drops Essential Oil of Choice (optional) (see suggestions below)
  1. Make rice water by gently boiling 1 cup of rice (any kind) in 2 cups of water. Boil till water is reduced by half (1 cup). Strain out rice (compost or eat) - let water cool.
  2. Add clay to a mixing bowl and slowly add apple cider vinegar to smooth paste.
  3. Add in rice water a little at time to thin. Adjust amount of rice water to get a nice smooth paste about the consistency of yogurt.
  4. Add essential oils (optional).
  5. Store in an air-tight container in the shower or the fridge if you prefer.
  6. TO USE
  7. You don't have to wash hair prior to use. This mask will deep clean your hair.
  8. Wet hair and rub mask in - starting at the roots
  9. Gently massage working down from the roots to the ends of hair.
  10. Leave in hair 5 minutes for a quick treatment and rinse out.
  11. For a deeper treatment - leave in for 20+ minutes or overnight.
  12. It is more difficult to rinse out when the masks dries, so it's up to if you want to wrap your head in saran wrap or plastic bag to keep damp.
  13. After rinsing out completely - Do a final rinse with herbal tea (see suggestions below), apple cider vinegar, or additional rice water.
  1. Bentonite clay has strong magnetic properties and should not come in contact with any metal. Only use glass, plastic, wood, or un-glazed ceramics. Many glazes contain heavy metals. Bentonite clay will absorb metal from anything in comes in contact in. Store product in a plastic container, or glass jar with clip-n-flip glass top. Do not need to be refrigerated. Should last several weeks.
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  • Chamomile - Shine and softness. Soothes scalp
  • Rosemary - Stimulates blood flow/promotes hair growth - Increases circulation
  • Lavender - Deep conditioning
  • Carrot Seed - (30-50 SPF)
  • Cedarwood - Stimulates blood flow/promotes hair growth
  • Clary Sage - Stimulates blood flow/promotes hair growth
  • Geranium - Strengthening
  • Nettle - Good for hair loss reversal
  • Amla - Powerful antioxidant
  • Fenugreek Seed - Nourishing - Good for conditioning treatment
  • Lime/Lemon - Good for scalp issues and dandruff
  • Horsetail - Strengthening
  • Bhringraj - Reserve hair loss and premature graying



  • Almond Oil - Soothes and nourishes scalp
  • Yogurt - nourishes
  • Kombucha or Water Kefir - nourishes
  • Aloe Vera Gel/Juice - Soothes and nourishes
  • Castor Oil - Stimulates hair growth
  • Sea Salt - Humectant adds volume and minerals
  • Coconut Oil - Softens, increases shines, mends damage
  • Jojoba Oil - Moisturizes and shines
  • Argan Oil - Moisturizes, nourishes. Antioxidant.

Detox and unforeseen results...

When you first begin detoxing your hair - you might be surprised that it actually ends up looking and feeling worse. Don't panic and get disappointed.

Toxic build-up from chemical products clog the pores of your scalp and hair shafts. As all these synthetic petroleum-based plastics, polymers, silicones, waxes, thickeners, and heavy metals are removed - your scalp will suddenly be required to 'perform' by regulating it's own oil (and hormonal) production and getting things back into balance. So you might find it more dry or more oily - depending. As fast as is possible your hair will regain its health, and as long as you continue to treat it with respect...it will stay that way. Give your scalp time to readjust. 

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Moisturizer - Hormone disruptor mimicking estrogen.


Foaming Agent - Irritating and drying to skin and scalp.


Foaming Agent - Irritating- Linked to Cancer with prolonged use.


Softener/Plasticizer - Toxic hormonal disruptor.

PEG (Polyethylene Glycol)

Dissolves oil - Carcinogenic.


Touted as a "natural" preservative - Organ damage (lungs, kidneys, liver)


Oil and plastic dissolving - Damages hair, bad for the liver. Can cause zinc deficiency.

Petrochemicals Coats hair shaft causing moisture loss and suffocation.

Almost all chemicals - Coats hair shaft causing moisture loss and suffocation. Carcinogenic.


Volumizing/Thickening - Causes allergic reactions to sensitive individuals.

Sodium Chloride

Thickener/Moisturizer - Causes build up, dry, itchy scalp, and hair loss.

Hair Dye

Coloring Agent - Toxic to skin and scalp - Linked to cancer.

Harmful Fragrances

Petrochemical & Phthalate- Irritating and linked to cancer.