Homemade Oatmeal Bath Powder…

homemade oatmeal bath podwerI used the last of the Aveeno Oatmeal Bath Powder. I don’t have a tub….just a shower. 🙁 The powder is for James.
homemade oatmeal lavender bath powder Oh, how I wish I fit in the sink! Anyway, I’d seen somewhere online, someone making their own…with a spice grinder. I wouldn’t have thought that it would get the oatmeal fine enough, but it did. Was a nice, smooth powder, except for some tiny-tiny, grainy bits…but not noticeable in the bath.

I added some fresh lavender from the garden, which blended in completely (no bits), and gave it a sweet, lemony scent. The powder smells like lemon, coconut macaroons! 🙂 Aveno Oatmeal powder costs about $8.00 (6 pk). James only gets about a teaspoon per bath, but still……

I’m sure I didn’t use more then 2 cents worth of oatmeal (just regular rolled homemade oatmeal bath powderoats). The lavender was free, and altogether it took about 2 minutes to make twice as much as I’d get in an Aveeno box! Satisfaction from making it myself? Priceless. 😉

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    1. yeah, didn’t really explain it very well. did i
      i have one of those spice/coffee grinders. i just put dry (not cooked….lol) rolled oats in and ground them into powder. then i added some lavender leaves (green), and they ground into powder too. that’s it. then i put it in a air-tight container.
      you could add a few drops of essential oil instead, or if you had some peppermint or chamomile tea bags, you could open one up and toss some of that in. but, plain is good too.
      i don’t always use soap on james, esp when i’m bathing him everyday…or several times a day the oatmeal is a nice softener for the water, and of course, soothing to to the skin.
      try it and let me know
      thanks for the comment too!

  1. We used to use old pantyhose with a run in them…fill the toe with oats and leave it in the tub. We used it for a few days until the water wasn’t cloudy anymore and then made a new one. No one wears hose these days so it may be harder to do.

    1. LOL……….and thank god no one wears ’em!!!! it wasn’t that long ago that they were mandatory. ha! i remember working frontdesk at a hotel, and being sent home to put them on. wt?
      i was standing ‘behind’ a desk, for cripe-sakes. anyway…little corporate rant. yes! that’s a good idea too. like a big oatmeal tea bag. an “oatbag”. 🙂 sounds like something you’d strap on a horse. ha.

      but seriously. sometimes we don’t think about how itchy or squirrelly we can get, especially in the hot weather…or with dry skin in winter. little babes can’t scratch an itchy. 🙁 so, the oatmeal is nice, gentle way of soothing their skin…just encase.
      thanks for the comment. and for entering my first giveaway! 🙂 peace!

  2. I wasn’t looking for this remedy for a baby, I was looking for my puppy that has itchy skin. I am gonna try this for sure and maybe on myself too since winter is here and I always suffer with dry, itchy skin in the winter months. Thanks a lot for the info 🙂 Crossing my fingers that it works on the puppy 🙂

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