Homesteading Ramble

Thought this was a great little common sense video.

Experiment, have fun, don’t get discouraged, don’t shoot too high. Keep your expectations low. Aim on providing the BASICS for you and your family. Don’t take on too many projects at once. Search high and low for FREE!

You can get just about anything free, if you’re willing to drive a little ways. In this case – a heavy-duty, reliable vehicle that’s capable of towing, and a trailer of some sort….that’s first. How much would you hate having to pass on free livestock, free equipment, tools, furniture, a washing machine – bcuz they couldn’t fit into your tiny hybrid car!!?!

I can’t say enough about searching out vintage books on homesteading! I have a collection of books that my parents bought back in the 70s – all them about building log cabins, and homestead crafting. These have been my most cherished books, even as a kid. All written by hippy-dippy homesteaders, back in the day – and packed full of hand drawn pictures and tutorials. You’ll find books from that time period – are all very down-to-earth, frugal, and inventive. There’s nothing modern about them at all. They involve a lot of handmade tools, and show how to build the tools, and resourcing stuff from scrap. It’s hard to find information like that nowadays. I once found 2 boxes of Mother Earth News magazines (circa 1970) in the trash, and they’re PACKED full amazing projects – cover to cover. Same with old Harrowsmith. Keep an eye out for them

I’m just a wannabe myself – and probably the worst kind…I’ve wanted to homestead my entire life, it’s in my blood somehow. I’m no closer to getting there today than when I was six. Back then – that lifestyle was wholly dependent on my parents. They talked about it a lot, made small attempt in that direction, but when it came down to it – they didn’t make it happen. That crushed me as a kid. I spent a good fifteen years waiting, hoping, praying for it to happen somehow. Listening to my parents talk about buying land, building cabins, living off the land – was probably the way most kids feel when they’re parents are sitting down planning a trip to Disney World. Planning, planning, and it never happens. I’m writing this more, to try to work out how that affected me. I felt jipped, cheated, betrayed….broken-hearted. Part of me more determined than ever to make it happen. Another part crushed…I think it created feelings of being undeserving. I think – bcuz I wanted the most, more than anyone, more than anything else – and that wasn’t a good enough reason….when it came right down to it. All that time – I thought it was a group mission…heart and soul I jumped in. Then, I had to accept that it was never really about me AT ALL. EVER. Not any of it. So, there’s a lot of resentment there too.

All of that sounds pretty messed up. It was for a long time. I’ve been carrying that around forever….and still feel like I’m dragging most of it, but by a very narrow cord. I just need to work through the residual damage of it all, so I can sever myself from it in a healthy manner, and sacredly put that all to rest. ‘Cuz there’s been plenty of times that I thought I tossed it all aside (in rage), but it doesn’t work like that. It’s sticky stuff.

It no longer has power over me on an emotional level, but bcuz it’s such a deep core belief – it affects me in ways I don’t notice. Didn’t use to notice. There’s tons of land everywhere, and anything one needs to start, establish, build a self-sufficient lifestyle can be had. Set aside people s comfort levels, and everyone is capable of digging dirt, pounding nails, gathering eggs, carrying water. In general. That’s not what keeps us from it. Is it? There’s a very subtle program at work, within all of us. Doubt.

We can doubt all sorts of things, but it when comes right down to it – it’s all doubt in ourselves, individually. This is enough to derail a consciousness or paradigm shift. It’s enough to keep us from following our hearts, and pursuing our passions. We’ll still get up and go to work, eat, function on automatic, consume, and shop….play around at “life”. It doesn’t affect the System in place, but it has a huge impact on us, together and individually. This anti-trust program is really, really well designed. Mostly bcuz the last option, is the only option – to trust. We’re constantly surrounded by options, and each time we choose anything other than trust – it ups the concentration of the program. It slowly takes root throughout us. In relationships – I don’t trust them/I don’t trust myself. In business – I don’t trust them/I don’t trust myself. In finance, health, happiness, wisdom, understanding, creativity, resourcefulness, decision making, taking care of myself and others – “I don’t trust this or that”. Somehow – “to doubt” has become healthy…intelligent even. It’s anything but. Don’t trust strangers, don’t trust friends or family, don’t trust your boss, or coworkers, don’t trust your parents, don’t trust your kids….all in all = don’t trust yourself in “relation” to any of these things. Don’t trust your inner-knowing, your instinct, your intuition.

This really has everything to do with homesteading, bcuz that move is a solid step outside/away from the System program. Doubt can keep us from gathering the resources necessary to obtain a homestead. Doubt can keep us from making that move to a homestead. And then…doubt can cause us to lose the homestead if we manage to get there. It can have us going back to the dependency of the System, and the (illusion) of support and safety. Not bcuz it was too hard, too expensive, too involved….just bcuz our full intent wasn’t to trust it – trust ourselves!! At first – we’re completely engaged in it, then slowly, as we begin to settle into it, the program will seep back in to distract our attention, and throw us off.

So, back to the “only option” – You can think this and you can think that, and you can put lots of energy into all manner of things, but in the end – it’s one single step in trust….then another, and another. The only way to break or hack yourself out of this program, is to trust. Doubt will surface constantly…acknowledge it, and then move into a place of trust, despite it. KNOWING better about yourself from an authentic level. You can even state your intention! You have the right to do that, and……..if you’re not doing that, you’re sort of keeping the backdoor open for doubt to keep stepping in whenever it wants. Say clearly – “I acknowledge the doubt towards this idea (feeling/concept/thought/emotion/action/etc) and I choose to delete doubt, and reinstall trust”. You can even install and fortify shields against doubt. That doesn’t mean you’re free and clear. You will have to continue deleting and installing, and shielding, until you reach a tipping point, where there’s more trust than doubt – that’s when things really get interesting!!
American PioneerDid these people have to override programming? Yes, and no. The “slave program” has been around forever. But it’s utilized in different ways. The subtleties change to suit the outcome desired. In this case they needed people to break new territory, move out and establish the System in other locations. A lot of suppression took place previous to this movement – it made people hungry for change, under any terms. People willing to drop everything, all support networks, their ties to culture and heritage – men moved their family out into the great unknown, with high hopes of a freedom, and independence, and opportunities that were previously withheld. The System is constantly at work in this manner. Creating problems, then offering solutions. The program is designed around human-behavior. It in our nature to seek out independence and freedom on our highest level, and especially at the lowest times.


On a final note….homesteading isn’t anywhere remote, or far away. You can begin now, with whatever you’ve got to work with. It’s a lifestyle afterall.

If you OWN your property free and clear, which is rare nowadays…being nearer urban areas, you’re more likely to be restricted by neighbor complaints, HOAs, city ordinances, zoning laws, ad nauseam.

More and more counties are allowing backyard chickens, it differs slightly by county and state, but here around Atlanta – you’re required to have over 2 acres, submit a survey of property, where the coop will be permanently located, you’re limited to 2-3 chickens, and you have to pay $250 every two years to renew your license. $250, some salvaged materials, and a days work – can set a rural homesteader up with a whole flock of chickens!

I personally think it’s easier to go the drop-out route, and rough it, then it is to stand ground and buck the System (for an urban homestead). Of course, the System exist everywhere, and we’re all still subject to building codes, EPA codes, licenses, approvals, permits, etc. Until they start passing asinine laws that ban burning firewood, growing food, keeping livestock that isn’t registered, approved, micro-chipped, and vaccinated. All those things are in the works per Agenda 21.

But………I’m not worried about that. This shift that’s taking place now is strong, and stable, and much more grounded than back in the 60s. They’ll still pull out all the covert stuff, from out their silky sleeves, but I don’t see them succeeding this time round. The time is at hand to take back our sovereignty, and the Force is strong in all of us. Stronger than the System.


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