I bullied my sister into blogging! Yay!

My sister Fawn is a SAHM, with 3 little monsters of her own. I can’t remember the last time she had any time to do much for herself, but her littlest has started half-days of school…so she’s got her mornings back! Of course, she probably has a thousand things to do in those (so) few hours, but…really, when it comes to “mom-bloggers”…which of us really have time?!?

So…without consulting her…I bought a domain name, set up a wordpress blog for her…laid it all out, and wrote to tell her that she was now the proud owner of her very own blog! LOL. Not sure appreciated that or not…but she’s been demonstrating herself as a trouper! Knowing NOTHING at all about blogging, she jumped right in and starting learning. She’s still learning, and I know that frustrating and time-consuming, a little intimidating, and not much “fun”. But………….I’m super impressed that she’s doing it, and I want to share that! 🙂

I’m big-sister proud! 😉

Anyone that wants to check it out, and throw a little love her way…..it’s http://monstercrewreview.com

She’s posting some crazy video, and ranting a lot. 😛 That’s her way. That’s Fawn. Gotta love her! Any creative, funky moms that have a gaggle of kids that are TOTALLY out of control, and a husband that’s………er, well…………basically another kid. Anyone that’s on the VERGE most days, and solidering through keeping it all together….you might find a friend in Fawn! She doesn’t hold anything back!!!
Monster Crew Review

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