I don't need a husband…I've got a blog!

By no means is this my first blog. Nope…..I rush into blogs the way I’ve rushed into bad relationships in the past; optimistically and without much thought! Oh-yes…the beginning is always the best! Coming up with a funky, catchy name, choosing just the outfit……er, template. The freshness of it all, ideals swimming through my head. How long does that last? As women, we put all that love out, and….do we get it back? Not usually.

Blogs are a hell of a lot like relationships. Intimate ones for that matter. They demand our time and energy…they don’t work without it. And, if we aren’t getting the hits we expected…of course, we’re not doing something “right”. Of course, I’m just assuming everyone is like me. Probably not the case. Diving in head first, cautious but careless (for my own sake). Tweaking and twisting…..”is it not enough? Is it too much? Just one more widget!”

Seriously though. Blogs use to be personal journals. They use to be fun. Now they’re work! They’re to be monetized, and SEO friendly. It’s all about traffic, hits, feedback, link backs, etc. It’s a full-time gig. Could be anyway…depending on the success one had in mind. There’s no end to the effort that one can pour into their blog. It just goes on and on and on. We hear rumours of those making thousands of dollars a week, millions a year from their blog(s). Are they anymore deserving then the rest of us? Is my total value worth $3.50? LOL. And I think there should be some adage, some motherly wisdom echoing from the behind the code, telling me something about “investing myself in the relationship”. That if I work hard at it…I’ll get back what I put in. Staying married to it. Not leaving it in the sidelines and reaching for the next “new” blog I think of. Hmmmm.

I like this blog. The whole crafty-mom thing. I can stick with it I think. That it’s somewhat useful, meaningful….casually interesting. I guess. If to no one but myself, and my immediate family….and a small, circle of like minds. Again, like with everything else that’s truly “important” in life. It’s not about money, fame, or fortune. It’s about substance, validation…appreciation…self-worth/satisfaction in something well done.

Okay…baby is awake. Cats are hungry. One is puking at my feet after her grass snack. Think she does that intentionally to get my attention. It works! 8am and already 75 degrees. And so………………….my day begins. At least I can say I got a post in today!

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