Impress Guests: The Frozen Vodka Bottle

frozen vodka bottleThis method is referred to as Vodka glacée, and can be used for shots as well as mixed drinks. A simple and impressive way to display and serve drinks at any party.

1. Cut the top off a milk carton and rinse it out well.

2. Place a full bottle of vodka in the container. Make sure that your bottle of vodka will fit in it with room to spare. You can top off this frozen bottle with extra vodka as it gets used up.

3. Fill the milk carton with cold tap water. The water level should come up to the base of the neck of the vodka bottle.

4. Place flowers, greenery, or other decorations in the water, wedging them between the bottle and the inner wall of the milk carton to keep them submerged.

5. Place the filled milk carton and vodka bottle in the freezer on a flat, level area. The bottom of the milk carton needs to be kept as flat as possible so that when the embedded bottle is removed, it can stand upright on its own. Allow the water to freeze totally solid overnight. Note: If it’s freezing cold outside…… the bottle (or…bottles) on the back porch or balcony. Works just as well, and saves space in the freezer for other things.

6. Remove the iced bottle. Run a little cool water over the carton, then tear/peel the carton away from the ice.FROZEN BOTTLES

7. Display. The bottom of the ice may not be completely level enough to stand upright. Quick fix: heat a frying pan or pot on the stove. then slide the iced bottled around in it till the bottom is smoothed out. Wrap the bottle with a cloth napkin, to make it easier to grasp, and place on a tray or plate, along with complimentary greenery/foliage. Remember to check on occasion to pour off any melted water, so it doesn’t overflow.

8. Return the bottle to the freezer if the ice has not melted much. Reuse and refill the bottle with vodka as needed. Remove the napkin first.



FROZEN BOTTLE Frozen-Festive-Vodka-Bottle

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  1. this looks absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for the extra info you have provided…this is the best step by step I have found for doing this. It’s a lot warmer here in Melbourne, so I’m hoping this wont melt too fast.

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