Holistic Soul Reading

Ready to send out a new message to the Universe? Ready and willing to re-connect, and take control of your life? I can help guide you towards authentic self-realization, where things can be put in proper, healthy perspective, and you can function from a position of truth, power, and purpose. It's from this place that all things are possible.  

  • Follow Guidelines for Soul Reading.



Save $50 by purchasing 3 Soul Readings at once. These readings can be gifted to loved ones.

Mystic Awakening Support Session

 You're no stranger to the mystical workings of things. You desperately search to raise your consciousness, and master the gifts you hold, but feel excessively limited, and confined in this 3-dimensional realm - to the point of crisis (severe depression, constant mental, emotional & psychic distress/disturbance, psychic attack, physical illness). Let me help you untangle yourself from the web of illusion, and offer guidance and support as you navigate to your rightful place of radiant power. 

  • Follow Guidelines for Mystic Awakening Session



Save $75 by purchasing 3 Mystic Awakening sessions at once. These readings can be gifted to loved ones.

You can spend a lifetime and lots of money in standard therapy. You can allow allopathic practitioners to diagnose your symptoms, and keep adding on prescription medications. You to you can have the most supportive friends and family. You can buy all the self-help books that exist - But what you really deserve - what you'll benefit from most, and most quickly - only comes from YOU.

Let me help you connect with that you - Become that you - Start living and loving that you - and stop searching outside yourself for solution.