Intuitive Tuesday: Privacy



We all think we’re right. We need to think we’re right, about something. We lean into one another with this righteousness, and expect to see results – where we’re concerned. We cross into other peoples territory, and stake some space. We invade with opinions. We inoculated with beliefs. It is an old tradition that comforts us…from primordial times. From single cell times. From osmosis times….one-direction, one-sided….we like. We lean always…..we step back to preserve our privacy, or forward to examine entrance. Not standing tall. Not risking exposure….our vulnerabilities. Adam and Eve -covered and ashamed.

Privacy is not natural to us. It exists physically. We come from boundless space…here – cloaked – cautious. Contagious. We struggle with that now…..with this great shift (conscious and technological). Conflict will increase a hundredfold. Protecting our rights to this so called “privacy”. Monitored, under constant surveillance. Who’s collecting data? Why? Stirring up our insecurities…our hidden aspects. But our true divine state of spirit – lives wide open. These are not things to fret about. They matter not. Sand must shift to sanitize itself. Physically – much vibration is needed to purge unnecessary habitual traditions – superstitions hold us back in dark ages. Our physical world appears built on firm ground – that ground has borders, walls, doors, locks – precious, important space – off limits. The earth herself – resonates with spirit source. Nothing off limits to us. It is us – as humans….holding tight. Privacy is simply a belief. Belief is our ultimate private thing. Not the beliefs we share or push or utilize to niche…….but our deep beliefs, our personal thoughts. The ones we even hide from ourselves….as we strain to function optimally. In time – if we survive the coming shifts…..I will see through you. You will see through me. We will see and move through everything – unlimited. Unencumbered. Even all this technology that pushes us along – will fall way to something clearer – more instant. All habit will be given up. No thing as hungry, tired, lonely – wanting. No feeding off this and that. Constantly open with source energy flowing fully. No secret places for disease to take hold and establish itself. No way to separate anything or anyone out. No “me”, no “us”…no “them”. First we must undo all we have done. Put in practice an undoing, an unknowing. Let go of “importance” – all the things we hold precious – private.

This is not “heaven” I speak of. Heaven is a highly regulated space, where everyone has access to everything they need. For that to exist – a body must exist – that “allows” access, and thus – withholds it (privately) from some. Heaven is not our ultimate state. Heaven is a way point. It will exist in the shifting…man-made. The place we hold currently – grants us much more safety. Safety is part of that privacy belief. The membrane between “heaven” and “hell” is thinnest – at their corresponding points. They are interchangeable even – depending on the vantage point. This is where we refuse to release beliefs. Those – that – is the space we come to occupy. A net of sorts. When clear and open – no net exists, and we move into the larger space where the rest of ourselves exist. Full integration. Not “united”, but WHOLE.

There is privacy of stuff, of assets – privacy of thoughts, beliefs – privacy of feelings and emotions – privacy of the physical body…in our heritage, culture, tradition – in the color of our skin. Everywhere. Privacy built on FEAR – from the belief of scarcity. That we will lose something most precious – our lives, our minds, our wits. Our identity. Stress in scrambling to hold it all together. To save it. Preserve it. Of course – we open up completely – and the fear is reconfirmed. We lose something – something gets damaged, abused, neglected, harmed, lost. In truth – nothing can be lost from the whole. Nothing can be irreversibly damaged that is necessary. Nothing can be hurt unless it is separated from the whole. We have a long way to go with all these things, despite *knowing* constant existence. We will move around and around and around it – struggling with capability of trust. Trust can not exist with privacy……with a portion of ourselves reserved. Separate there is no whole. Privacy is an act of separation.

This is my first “Intuitive Tuesday” post. Going to attempt to post something useful and universal every tuesday. More than anything – keeping it short and sweet. I will open up, listen for a keyword, and write what I channel….from anywhere. I don’t channel “Ms. Thang”, or “Master Guru Whatshisface”. I draw information, inspiration, and wisdom from everywhere – every time, every location. Sometimes it’s higher information, sometimes lower (frequency), sometimes it’s ancient, sometimes it’s the pulse of the people at large. Matters not. Either useful or not. If something feels the need to move through me….there’s space for that. For a voice, if nothing else. Curious bcuz – I wonder if not everything coming through me is in some way channeled? Merely the messenger…