I’ve got a problem…

Okay, I’ve got a few…but this one is stupid-silly. I have this thing where I get an idea to do something, and the first step to action (after mulling it over in my head way too much) is to buy a domain, and put together a website. It the simple, doable part, I can accomplish easily on my own….while sitting on my ass! That’s a big part of the ‘problem’. I’m sure I’m not the only one that does this.

I can’t even remember them all at this point.

  • JadedGyspy: Think that was a sub-domain of schroedersisters.com. To sell my folkart and graphic prints.
  • CelebrityFolk: That was for my hand painted bags, and cases.
  • House of BloodMoon: Was for an natural, organic, spiritually inspired, Vampir-esq cosmetic business I wanted to start. Pre-Twilight!
  • AtlantaSkillsExchange: Was going to be a hub for Indie folks in the Atlanta area that offer classes and workshops.
  • AcworthCraftClasses: Was for my children’s craft workshop idea thing. Woman moved in next store, started doing this, and is a huge, successful hit! Go figure.
  • There was one site for my one-of-a-kind art dolls, but can’t remember the name.
  • TheGyspsyBlog: Which is suppose to be for when I get an RV and we all go mobile
  • MyCraftyMom: Started out as a MomBlog, but is now strictly for my graphic work
  • MysticMysfits: This was one of my first blogs. All about the other, unseen side of things. With forum attached. The forum remains in limbo, and a redirect points here to this site.
  • MyMysticMama: Here ya be. A hybridization of several things I had going on.
  • MojoMama’s: My very first website to sell voodoo kits, and hand-painted Ouiji boards. Took me 3 days, just to figure out how to change the background color of the site (using oscommerce).
  • Kolor-u-Krazy: New Face Painting idea/venture……still on the stove top.

That’s all I can remember at the moment. The face painting idea is the latest. Well…almost. There’s something else that’s pushing everything else aside, and that’s the idea of Children’s Book Apps. It’s causing everything to take a grinding halt, as I look into the possibilities.

I come up with new ideas everyday, and many of them get swept aside, bcuz they involve large amounts of capital, or lots of ppl to pull off, or something that makes them unfeasible in the moment. I try to keep my goals realistic…whatever that means.

It’s so easy to buy a domain, and it’s fun (for me) to start designing a website, and doing all the aesthetic crap…coming up with a slick logo, catchy tagline, colors, and junk. Maybe bcuz that’s the part that’s affordable for me? Or….I’m into yanking my own chain? idk. Iz sorta crazy.

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