Knowledge vs. Intelligence…

I was looking at WordPress plugins and somehow stumbled upon a post…well, actually it jumped out at me. It also compelled me to make a post of my own. The statement was…..“Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven.”

It’s one of those weird statements that has the air of truth about it, or gospel…sorta running off the brain without much thought, the way “I’m fine” runs off the tongue, when I’m asked how I’m doing. In reality it’s bullshit. Sorry to be blatant, but…that’s how I’m feeling. It could very well be a quote directly from some bible. I don’t care if it is or not. It’s just plain wrong (and I don’t use that word lightly).

In fact, the exact opposite is true. Well, we’ll just leave God out of it, but….ignorance is bliss. Knowledge is that evil that continuously trips us up, with it’sknowledge vs intelligence tightening noose. I won’t get into it too much. It’s always a sensitive issue for most….getting into ideas about “knowledge”. Word to the wise, avoid all discussions that involve peoples belief-systems! I’m not that wise. Knowledge and Intelligence are two, drastically different things. Intelligence is a universal energy. I like to call it “creativeloveintelligence”. It’s the glue of all existence. It’s not learned, or earned, or bought. It’s a natural occurrence in everything. Knowledge on the other-hand is a man-made invention. Basically, if you believe what I believe…agree with what I agree, then you are smart! If you follow this dogma to the end without question…you’re brilliant! I find it all very weird, and very suspicious. Obviously, I didn’t do well in school! 😉

I could biblically point out that God insisted, the tree of knowledge not be touched, but really it comes down to common sense. It’s all just theory, is it not? How can anything be termed a “fact”? It’s the creative wealth in me that hates the whole concept of knowledge. It’s the sick idea of hammering into a little kids head that grass can’t be purple, and cows can’t fly; that boys don’t play with dolls, and men don’t wear skirts….and blah, blah, blah. It’s narrow minded. And, it supports the idea that the more narrow-minded one is…the smarter they are. Bullshit! Knowledge is synonymous with conforming, nothing else. “Follow what we say is RIGHT, and you’ll be right too!” After all, who wants to be stoned, ridiculed, exiled?

I’m not saying knowledge is ‘bad’ thing. It’s just not a healthy thing when it’s given so much power over us. Knowledge has it place. It’s good for learning how to drive heavy-machinery, or build a bridge. It’s great for cooks that don’t want to poison their customers, and doctors that don’t want to cut out the wrong organ. Stuff like that. But it’s not Intelligence by any means. Intelligence is beyond us, it contains us. It’s not something we control and wield, which is probably why it’s overlooked. At this very moment…your heart is beating, circulating your blood through your body…metabolizing, making exchanges. Your lungs are drawing in air, filtering out oxygen, releasing carbon dioxide. Your eyes are blinking constantly, your producing saliva, swallowing unconsciously. Digesting….all of it. If we had to take over any ONE of those tasks…we’d drop dead on the spot. We’d get distracted by a pretty, sparkly thing…and forget about keeping our heart beating. All those things are governed by INTELLIGENCE! In that sense, ignorance is bliss.

In the whole, entire scheme of things….intelligence runs the shows. Call it God-Source-Energy…whatever. Idk….I’m really appreciative of it, whatever it is. It’s the one thing that surrounds us all, and never mentions it’s importance. Ever. It’s CONSTANT…in that sense, it’s love. It takes care of everything, so we can just stumble around life, explore and experience. Okay…we can remember to wipe our ass, and put food in our mouths, but it doesn’t really get anymore complicated then that! But, look at how complicated we’ve made everything!!! And……….we have the gall to call it ‘advanced’. We’re all stressed out beyond reason, popping pills, and voiding out in front of some machine every chance we get, arguing with one another over who’s “right”, who’s “better”. Arrgg! It’s craziness!!!!! I’m a huge nature-lover. I watch the birds, the stray cats, etc. I watch them hanging out, seeking food, lazing in the sun. I see them seek out shelter in foul weather. That’s as complicated as it gets. No money, no property taxes, no job, no fences, no gas, no cars. Idk…I like it! I get a tiny bit frustrated at time, bcuz everyone thinks i’m nucking futs….but I don’t care. No one (yet) has been able to convince me that we shouldn’t just get rid of all of it, and get right back to the very basics of it all! I guess if I step really far back, and tilt my head as far it will go, and strain my eyes all the way…………maybe I can see where there’s a slight possibility, that through all this ‘advancement’ we might get back to the basics. I’m just not one for the super-long way around…WHEN, it’s right there in front of us. It’s always been there…it hasn’t gone anywhere….this creativeloveintelligence. We’ve just wondered way off the reservation (out of Eden) bcuz a bunch of yahoos insist that we can do better/more. I don’t want better/more. I want simple, easy, natural. 🙁 </rant>

Wow…….that was a lot longer then I expected.

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