Max & Ruby Dollhouse

James’ favorite show on TV is Max & Ruby. I searched everywhere online for toys, but aside from two little stuffed dolls, I couldn’t find anything. I was really surprised that there aren’t really any cool toys for any of the shows he likes: Umi Zoomi, Max & Ruby, Peppa Pig, Wow Wow Wubbzy, max rubyand Spongebob. So, like….why isn’t there a super-cool Spongebob dollhouse?? A plastic pineapple with furniture, a boat car, and a little pet Garry? And a Squidward dollhouse that’s an Easter Island head? And a cute little Crusty Crab Play-along set? No….not lego! That’s not the same thing at all. There’s a lot of money being lost here!

Anyway, after some thought I decided I could just build him one for Christmas…a Max & Ruby Dollhouse. At first it was going to be a surprise. Not sure why I even mentioned it, I think it was just in passing. I didn’t think James was listening. Then (in an attempt to be practical), I decided there wasn’t enough a time to get it all done, and I started looking at Thomas Train track sets, to add on to what he’s got. I had a bunch of auctions I was watching on ebay. Luckily I didn’t buy any, bcuz James hasn’t stopped talking about the dollhouse since I mentioned it! I’m sorta surprised he’s so into the idea. So, how many days are left? 9! Crazy!

This is the build list:

  • Dollhouse: Settled on 1/4″ MDF. Approx. 36″ x 16″ x 26″ high
  • Furniture: I have to make all of it bcuz I have no idea what scale it is. I guess approx. 1 in to 1 ft. And, I don’t want plastic stuff. Bed frames, tables and chairs, dressers, toy chest, etc, etc, etc.
  • Accessories: I’m Molding everything out of sculpey (oven bake polymer clay), and some sort of air-dry clay. Dishes, telephone, toaster, some basic food, toilet, bathtub, sink, etc. etc.
  • Max & Ruby Dolls: Also molded out of Sculpey (head, hands, and feet), the bodies will be wire armature, with soft, cloth bodies, stuffed with polyfil or cotton batten. Oh, I’m also making “Grandma”, and adding a room for her to move in, bcuz Max & Ruby is one of those weird NickJr. shows that doesn’t have any parents, and I think it’s strange that the Grandmother lives down the road, and Max & Ruby live alone!
  • More Sewing: On top of the doll bodies, I have to make their clothes…and mattresses  linen, curtains, cover couches, and such.
  • Painting & Finishing: Paint the exterior & interior of house. Paint wallpaper, floor finishes. Paint dolls, furniture, and accessories as well.

Don’t really have undivided time to work on crafty projects, just here and there. I’ve spent the last 3 nights getting all the clay stuff done. Yesterday I cleaned up outside, around the tool trailer/building area…cursing the whole while, bcuz nothing is where it should be. I blew a ton of leaves away, but didn’t find anything I needed to work with. Where do all the tape measures go?? Set up the saws, still looking for the chuck for the finishing nailer. >:( Home Depot only had 2′ x 3′ sheets of 1/4″ MDF. (Around $6 sheet) Have to go back and get 2 more sheets….since I bought them out.  I’m hoping I can knock out the house today, in one go.

I’ll post pictures and updates as I go along. Thought my new camera was a goner! A couple weeks after buying it, it got soaked. It was in my jacket pocket, that knocked off the kitchen chair into the dog’s water bowl….and wicked up all the water. I put it in a bag of rice for a week, and still wasn’t powering on. Hoping it was the battery, I ordered a new one online (ebay $3 ea.) Just got them in the mail a couple days ago, and happy to say that was the problem!!! I so didn’t want to have to buy another one!

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