No more messing about….

For the past six months, everything feels to be dragging – taking 12 times longer than it should. Even my thought process is sluggish. I’m rolling with it, trying my best to stay focused, and positive, but output is definitely not equal to input. I’m still putting in the same amount of energy, but not seeing a lot of results. I’m all over the place, sorely disorganized, and way off my ball. Not where I wanted to be for the start of the new year.

I’ve also been sick a lot this year. Nothing big, thank God. Just one glitchy thing after another….all back to back. Seems to have all started around the time I picked up energy medicine…and began psychically clearing house. Doesn’t surprise me, but dislodging past traumas, and practicing more awareness (on myself), seems to have set off an avalanche of crap. Just to be clear, it’s the not the practice of energy medicine that’s been making me sick, it’s like uncorking something…removing blocks here and there, allows deeper trauma to surface. So, on the surface – it might just be this one issue, remove that, and 3 or 4 other things bubble up behind it. That’s how it’s been for the past 6 months, and all ridiculously exhausting!!

I feel like my immunity has been nil, but I’m choosing to look at it like this – I had a lot of artificial support work in place before – mostly in padding, avoidance, buffering, transference, etc. Wasn’t really strong stuff…it just worked at the level I was functioning on, which was not very productive for me. I’ve been protecting myself for so long…and all that has to go, along with all the stuff I was protecting. All of it – a great waste of my energy and resources!! So, despite all the shittiness that’s been going on – I’m choosing to trust that it’s making me stronger, more able. Even if I can’t see it yet.

That’s where I’ve been the past 6 months – getting knocked on my ass, lying low, recuperating, to get knocked on my ass again. There’s no way I could have gone through all that, and still maintained that old level of function…since that old function is part of the stuff that’s being released. It not anything I can point to – a specific direction, and say….”that’s where I’m heading”. That part’s weird. It’s been the same with being sick – rashes, breakouts, digestive problems, headaches, sleep disorders, anxiety, aches and pains – all migrating around, some outright debilitating, and nothing I can put my finger on as the exact cause. I don’t do well with being spread out, and this all-over-the-place thing, for most of 2013 – I’m just way ready to start centering myself and molding something more functional back together. I only hope I’ve done enough work to facilitate that!! I really do!

In keeping with the new TRUST energy, and creating the proper atmosphere for a (healthy, positive, productive, authentic, holistic) shift….I think I have to make my intention known by stepping out of retreat, and coming back online (on all levels). So, I’m going to stop pushing the re-opening date for the site. Since I’m laying down old definitions of “perfect”, where I hideout in an attempt to get everything just-right (before presenting it.myself)….and I’m stepping into a new “perfect”, where everything is just as it should be. This is it…..the new site! The new me?


There will be lots of blank pages, broken links, typos, and mis-matched stuff. Thankfully y’all are very forgiving!! I’m ironing out the kinks as I can. One thing I really wanted to have complete, were the individual quests, but – those are taking a lot longer than I thought. I’ve got about half done. Plus, the new “member” part of the site has not been tested!! You should be able to register, fill out a profile about yourself (add your website, etc), and post (easily) to your own activity stream (can add pictures, etc).

If you join a quest, earn a badge, join or post to a group, or leave a comment anywhere on the site – it should post to your activity stream. You can also private message other members. Hopefully everything works as it should. If not let me know!! Membership is optional.

There’s the new “Intuitive Readings” that I’ve added, and a giveaway (every week) for a free reading. Focusing on the readings and the quests – the rest of the site has suffered neglect. I have lots to add under craft tutorials and recipes….but at the moment – pretty stark!


Part of the new-me… asking for help when I need it!! Something I’m not totally comfortable with, yet. Still in the process of getting over myself!!!

I really want to focus on giveaways this year!!

What stops me from offering you amazing items like Vitamix Blenders, Excalibur Dehydrators, Weber Grills, Burkey Water Filters (as we got the whole house vortex module), and tons of other useful toys??? All that’s standing in the way of that is GREAT STATS = TRAFFIC, FACEBOOK LIKES, TWITTER FOLLOWERS, YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS, EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS, PINTEREST PALS, SHARING POSTS AND LEAVING COMMENTS. I know, I know – I’m supposed to GAIN those things slowly over years of respectable, intriguing, valuable content!!!!! But…..content aside 🙂 there’s no reason why (together) – we can’t push that forward a little faster. So, if you have the time, and you are so kindly willing……if you could do a few of those (above) things for me….I would be wholly appreciative!!  Anything at all – even posting a quick comment helps. Anything that will help look legitimate. 😉

I want to start doing some vlogging too….I’m gonna try to do that with the 90-day Smoothie detox thing and the cleanses…doing video updates as I go along. Some sort of weird resistance there I have to look into. Less about exposing myself, and more about finding the quiet time/space to get it done. Plus – some messed up data limit now on Xfinity of 300 GB/month. That’s great if it was just me, but I share the net with 3 other people. We’ll see where that leaves me with uploading vids. The limits are pretty messed up!

Is your internet provider capping your monthly data usage? Happy with it? Suspicious? Have you gone over yet? Xfinity is charging an extra $10 for every additional 50 GB. Even if you go over 1 MB over the allowed 300 GB – it’s $10! Obviously (not) someone real intelligent that was behind factoring all that out!! I believe the powers that be are intentionally making it ridiculously illogical, so that they can implement something that appears “better” after the fact. Watch. They’ll come out with a ‘lesser evil’ and everyone will go for it. Create a problem, then offer the solution. I still have absolutely no idea why Internet isn’t free!!!!  – Guess that should be its own post!

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