Nano’s Part I: Miracle Monstrosity: FOOD STUFF

history of nano foodFirst – click this link to open “Tiny Ingredients, Big Risks” by Friends of the Earth (in a new window). You’ll want to read it if you’re concerned about health.

I was outraged when nano crap first hit the scene (publicly)…I just remember thinking – “isn’t this something we should vote on”? That’s an ignorant thought. People voted on it…somewhere behind big, locked doors – but their decision didn’t have anything to do with the publics general health and safety.

I think it’s a gross understatement to say that the nanofood market is expected to grow to $20.4 billion by 2020 – rapidly encompassing the globe. All too soon – it’s all gonna be about the nano! This is my problem with mankind – an idea surfaces that could revolutionize the world, and it’s applied with the fullest force possible. Okay, maybe my major problem is the dangerous combination of ‘money and men’. I honestly believe that things would be developed more mind-FULLY – if there wasn’t a shitload of money to be generated. Everything is quickly pushed through testing, and when it comes right down to it – if the money is good enough (and with nano-technology we’re really speaking about trillions) then (safety) testing doesn’t even exist. What results do you want? That’s what will give you. This nano-stuff is bigger than anything – ever. The invention/introduction of electricity perhaps. It changes all life on this planet as we know it – on a scale that no one sees or notices.

There are massive advancements for it, but…my problem is the money mongers in charge. Scientists are still concerned that a teaspoon of GMO pollen (gone-wrong) could wipe out the entire food supply, if it ever got out in the open. What they’re playing at behind closed doors. Nano’s could wipe out all life. People are playing with that, somewhere – right now.

The above e-book starts out by stating….there’s been a 10-fold increase in UNREGULATED, unlabeled “nanofood” over the past 6 years”. The concern is for everyone – the public, the workers in the industry, and the environment on a whole.


Processed cheese and cream cheese, cookies, donuts, coffee creamer, chocolate syrup, chocolate products, puddings, mayonnaise, instant mashed potatoes, milk products, soy products, almond products, and rice beverages. candies, mints, gums, popcorn, salad dressings, oils, yogurt, breakfast cereals, crackers, pasta products, and sports drinks. Also be aware that that nano materials exist in most food packaging, especially for produce. Test conducted in Central and South American farms, and packaging stations found a number of fruits and vegetables with nano-coatings, including apples, pears, peppers, and cucumbers.

There’s huge concern by environmentalists – about landfills and water fall, with nano runoff destroying freshwater ecosystems.


Kraft, General Mills, Hershey, Nestle, Mars, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Smucker’s, Altria (Mondelez), Associated British Foods, Ajinomoto, BASF, Cadbury-Schweppes, Campbells, Cargill, Dupont Food Industry Solutions, Glaxo-SmithKline, Goodman Fielder, Group Danone, John Lust Group Plc, H.J. Heinz, La Doria, Maruha, McCain’s, Northern Foods, Nicirei, Nippon Suisan Kaisha, PepsiCo, Sara Lee, United Foods, and Albertsons.

Obviously more than that – those are just the well known ones. Nano-tech enables fat, carb, and calorie reduction in foods, while upping protein, fiber, and vitamin content….to all be re-marketed as more “healthy”. It also helps create stronger flavors and colorings. All this increases production, and reduces costs!! On the horizon? Creating foods that are capable of changing color, texture, flavor, and nutritional properties based on a persons dietary needs, allergies, or taste preferences. As well as packaging that releases antimicrobials, flavors, and colors, when it “detects” that a food is off. Wtf?

Then it’s only a skip and jump to Food Printers a la Star Trek. Can you say ‘Earl Gray tea’? Speaking of Star Trek – nano shit all goes hand in hand with AI and self-replication, etc. And – it’s all rolling down on us as a terrifying pace. We don’t see it – it’s too damn small. We’re gonna feel it though!!!!!!! I’m not gonna explain how I know, but I’ve seen this future, and it’s not, nowhere, nohow good. It’s very much a BORG situation that won’t be reversed for a VERY VERY VERY VERY long time. What can I do about that? Nada.



Body wash, soaps, shampoos, creams, lotions, sunscreens, conditioners, baby products, and makeup – all contain nano materials.  While we’re at it – pharmaceuticals use nano’s, and it’s now being built into fabrics to aid in sunscreen protection, thermal control, and bacteria resistance….so your clothes stay fresher longer…your socks and workout clothes don’t stink, and your underwear keeps cool, clean, and minty fresh. Something like that. Some folks are gobbling up the advancement, and lovin’ it. It’s in chopping blocks, and refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, air conditioning units, food storage containers, cling wrap, and dishware. Sporting and outdoor equipment. Be aware that it’s being used extensively in baby items!!! 



There is mounting evidence that nanosilver may have greater toxic effects when compared with bulk silver. Nano-silver can better penetrate biological barriers and attach itself to the outside of cells. Nanoscale silver can also enter the bloodstream and reach all organs of the body, including the brain, heart, liver, kidneys, spleen, bone marrow and nervous tissue. Animal studies have shown placental transfer and fetal uptake of nanosilver, which is especially disturbing considering a recent study found exposure to nanosilver caused zebra fish embryos to develop with head abnormalities and no eyes.

Health experts have also raised concerns that the widespread use of nanosilver is consumer products will further increase the problem of antibiotic-resistant superbugs. The difference using colloidal silver, is the particle size is much larger. The silver kills the pathogens it comes in contact with, and body is capable of excreting the waste. Our bodies haven’t adapted to deal with nano materials. They get in and affect things on a genetic level with DNA.

Nano-Silica which is used extensively as a flow-agent and food coating (to keep powdery stuff from caking, etc.) it’s also been shown to have placental transfer, and fetal uptake in animals – and build up in the gut of in vivo. Scientists warn this causes an enhanced sensitivity to the nanomaterials, so that even low doses may cause adverse effects.

Nano-Titanium is also widely used as a whitener and brightener. Titanium isn’t even safe at regular size particles, and has been shown to alter DNA, disrupt cell function, interfere with defense activities of immune cells, and increase bacteria absorption, by smuggling them through the gastrointestinal tract…which causes inflammation. High doses of nano-titanium produced significant kidney and liver lesions in female mice. Again – transferable through mother, to unborn infants.

Nano-Zinc Oxide (ZnO) used as a surface coating. Also causes lesions in the liver, pancreas, heart, and stomach. Nano-copper used in dietary supplements causes adverse effects on the kidney, spleen, and liver of mice. Micro-scale copper demonstrated no side-effects. Carbon Nanotubes – no confirmed commercial use where food is concerned (yet). Mesothelioma explained mostly by Asbestos exposure for people, but Carbon Nanotubes cause mesothelioma in rodents (mesothelioma cancer information).

Nano technology is revolutionizing everything. It’s coming into our personal space on the atomic level – without warning, without concern for it’s overall effects. If it’s in the food, on the food, IS the food, in the packaging, and so on….how does that affect our health? People are just beginning to wake up to the effects of all the toxic chemicals that surround them in everyday products. Deemed “safe” in tiny doses (in individual products at specified amounts), but load all that together on a daily basis, and people are beginning to develop adverse reactions and sensitivities.

Mix in the other parts of the big picture = SMART meters, RFID, WiFi, SMART appliances, Wireless devices, artificial sweeteners, and….what picture does that paint? With everything we’ve experienced thus far – can we really trust that this technology is only for the betterment of mankind? Is it really about making everything BETTER, SMARTER, HEALTHIER?

People have a propensity not to want to look at warnings. They want to believe that someone higher up has their best interests at heart. Look at how people embrace RFID chipping of their precious pets. You can no longer adopt a pet from the Human Society without it chipped. These pets are developing cancer in the location of their chips. Doesn’t seem to be of concern. Now they want to embed edible RFID chips in everything we eat. It’s not about us needing to track our children, or are cell phones. It’s about tracking US, and every single movement we make. Where we are. What we’re doing. What we’re ingesting. How healthy we are.

We’re programmed into a society that polices one another…believing it’s not only our ‘right’, but our responsibility to tell other people how they should live their lives…what they should look like, what level they should be functioning at, etc. Where’s this programming trickling down from? Who’s orchestrating it, and for what outcome? Tons of energy is put into making it APPEALING to everyone across the board.

My questions – What are you going to do with yourself when there’s no more employment? How will you PROVE yourself to be a “productive contributor” on this planet (as opposed to a useless eater)? What are your thoughts on having your body monitored, and regulated to the core of it’s function? On giving up all aspects of “ownership”…bcuz that goes hand in hand with it all. Humans no longer keep, and rear animals – they’re allowed the PRIVLEDGE. They’re allowed the privilege of raising children, but laws state that those children are not possessions of their parents. Are you even qualified to take care of your own body? These issues are going to surface – I promise you that. No need for drug testing – your nano-body will alert the necessary authority. And who can say what will become “illegal”? Cigarettes, alcohol, animal fat, wild blueberries? Notifications of unauthorized sexual transactions, or bodily fluids? Not feeding your children the certified diet? What about – thinking bad thoughts?? All seems very far-fetched, but with nano technology…it’s a reality that’s on our door-step.


In the video above, it doesn’t explain the embedded chip. Will every restaurant be required to place a RFID chip in what? NUTRISMART? Seems more feasible that the food would be GROWN and PROCESSED with the nano-RFID particles within it. So it wouldn’t be reading a single chip for nutritional information. It would measure the amount of chipping, and calculate the total calories, nutrient value, cost, etc. Insane.

Using nanoparticles to develop healthier chickens (embedding disabled. watch on youtube).