Nano’s Part III: Scarcity vs. Abundance

I’ve wanted to post about scarcity vs. abundance for awhile now…but I never thought it would be in relation to nanotechnology.

It’s easy for me to bitch about all the things that are glitched up in this system, but looking at it from as many sides as possible – it comes down to a complete belief on all levels – of SCARCITY. People are stuck in it. Scarcity has no concern for race, culture, location, heritage, affluence, status, position. Scarcity permeates our existence….it upholds and justifies our STRUGGLE. It’s become ingrained in our consciousness over hundreds of thousands of years. It is our reality.

blissfulI need a boyfriend, a wife, children, career position, a bigger house, more money, more status. Scarcity defines our self-worth, which is always lacking. We can daydream on having this and that, but believing it is far away. The belief in scarcity is so massive, there is no space for anything other. I’d go as far as to say that – the more intellect one posses, the more entrenched they are in scarcity. Children have no concept of it….children (animals, the mentally handicapped) live in full abundance! Not to say that their defensive or survival mechanisms don’t work…but work better…more appropriately.

A consciousness of abundances is at peace. A consciousness of scarcity, is in constant conflict. The ultimate conflict is against our spiritual ‘knowing’. Everything we are outside the physical realm, is constant in its abundance. No death, no hunger, no poverty, no war, no loneliness. I see all these issues as symptoms of scarcity. An awakening from this state – is the next shift in our evolutionary consciousness. Without it – we stay stuck where we’re at – with limited time, money, love, resources.


Can nanotech save us from that?

It can give us all the time we need. It can wipe out employment in every sector, so all time is free-time. Money becomes obsolete with nanotech…when everything/anything you need is available to you, at any given moment. It can drastically reduce illness, disease, and health issues – so that everyone is physically able to do whatever they desire. It can prolong life, if not eradicate death altogether.  So…in a sense – YES, nanotechnology is some sort of tech-messiah, that could create heaven on earth (in a very short amount of time). It could solve all the problems that exists on the material level, and free us up to reconnect and re-sync with Source.

Perhaps it’s my own state of scarcity that’s blocking my view? The thought that keeps playing is – “It’s backwards. It’s too easy. That makes it dangerous”…we should have to heal ourselves first. We should move into a sacred space of non-materialism, and from there – discover peace. It should not be handed to us on a platter. More damage will come from that, than good”. So…is that just where I’m stuck at??

I had a really messed up, abusive childhood…I suffered for that, along with other things. It’s taken my whole life to work myself out
of a survival state, to appreciate, see, become flexible in it all. It still consumes me – this work of over-coming. To look simply – both my parents have always functioned from scarcity. Entrenched in it. Constant lack of love, acceptance, money, struggling, calculating, fretting…and turning their frustrations towards us kids. Divorce and pitting. In a nanoworld – much of that is alleviated. So, perhaps the children are saved – can grow up without that pressure, that bullshit. One or two generations to dispose of all the fear?

big starving_child-sudan2 homelessgirlabuse

ALL CHILDREN ARE VICTIMS OF SCARCITY. They grow up to embrace the victim role, or turn into perpetrators of victims. All a survival mechanism. Parents aren’t ultimately to blame. It’s a much larger social issue. Adults are just children in larger bodies – victims themselves. Something is missing where wisdom is concerned. I don’t believe nanotechnology can fix that. Aid the symptoms, but not fix broken spirits. That’s a shift we have to embrace on a completely different level.

A great equalizer?

dramatriangleNo rich or poor. Everyone with access to safe, clean, nutritionally-dense food. Bodies fed and functioning optimally. Everyone free to explore and create….become masters at many arts. No grinding, whirring, buzzing noise of industry. Quiet, natural sounds that lend peace to the mind. No them or us? No 99%? That’s probably stretching it.

The ability to control and manipulate all matter….on that nano-scale. It’s not something that ‘everyone’ can have a hand in, right? With great technology, comes great responsibility. Our current system enjoys brainwashing the public to believe they don’t need to be responsible. That it’s best to let them take the reins on that. Sit back – we’ll take care of it all. Basically, that we’re incapable of taking care of anything (important). That they “know” better. This system is the one leading the nano-industry. That’s my concern. That it can and will be misused, bcuz there’s a lot of psychopaths occupying the 1%. Even with all resources at our fingertips – seems there will always be the villains (to balance things out)(keep things exciting)….so I wonder, despite all the opportunities that nanotech provides – will it really fix our biggest problems?


We’re surrounded by experts who are happy to explain in great detail, why we should be in fear of all sorts of shortages. The global warming crisis, the fuel shortage crisis, food shortage crisis, etc.


Be larger than what’s acceptable! Not sure if anyone else sees it? Probably bcuz I grew up “fat”…and was always making an effort to be smaller. I was also too sensitive, too outspoken, too dramatic, too argumentative, too passionate, too much to handle. Smaller and smaller, less and less….so everyone around me was more ‘comfortable’. Not that it worked – there were always more requisites to fill, but never (ever) was it anything about “yes, go, do it, seize it, embrace it….throw yourself into life and live it to the fullest possible extent”. Never that. “Don’t worry. Be happy”…..should have been the mantra my parents sang. Not a song on the radio.

It’s something I’m incredibly mindful about….that when anyone is enjoying themselves – dancing, speaking out loudly in excitement, laughing, snorting, cackling…singing off key, passing gas in public….picking their nose in their car…all the socially awkward and unacceptable stuff……I do one three things: 1) I make sure not to make eye contact, so as not to risk them feeling like a target of interest, and shift them out of their presentness. 2) I give them a big cheesy smile, a thumbs up, or just a subtle nod. 3) I join them in their unruliness. But…..never ever do I shut them down.

Even a critical thought can subtly influence a persons behavior, and rip them out of the moment. Scarcity is directly linked to our fear of death. Standing out in a crowd isn’t safe. Some people place themselves in unsafe positions, bcuz the fear of acceptance is greater than death…or not being accepted (into the herd/pack) might as well be death. To be alone, isolated – despite dense population. There’s more to it than that, but my point is simple. Be too much – for all it’s worth. LIVE LIFE LARGE, and don’t waste energy making others feel small. That act is fear-full, where we’re stating that we aren’t capable of functioning from a place of unconditional love (aka abundance). I’m concerned/fearful, so I’m going to make others feel concerned/fearful – so I’m not alone in my scarcity.

Something like that – It’s late – I’m sleepy.

Jugaad (abundance despite the belief of limitations/scarcity)

This is a great, inspirational, positive video – one of those talks that sets everything aside, and makes it all seem good, okay, feasible…without grandeur. One of those talks that lets me know – I still have to work on positioning myself more clearly, bcuz… when I listen to the video, I think – that’s all well and good, but the powers that be usurp the innovation….infiltrate, twist and manipulate it for other means. I honestly believe that. That’s what I SEE.

For instance, I know on some level – regular folks are working really hard to solve some really basic problems….like fresh water and medicine in third-world countries. There are folks studying and working to cure cancer through allopathic institutions, and they’re consumed by that goal…driven by the need. Yet – somewhere along the line it gets sucked into some huge crevasse.  I assume that – bcuz the world is still in need of clean drinking water, and people are still dying of cancer, DESPITE where in the world they live! Even the most advanced nations. This is where I stay focused. Sorta beyond me – why it drives me nuts.

It’s where a lot of great (conspiracy) minds get hinged on that concept that there has to be something extraterrestrial in nature that’s blocking evolution, installing the program of scarcity. That if that thing were removed – we’d excel. I go there. It’s logical to me. BUT – unacceptable is the idea – on any level (no matter from whence it comes) that we are weak or incapable of moving ourselves out and around. If I’m to believe anything – I believe that we are incredibly powerful, beyond anything we can fathom. It’s not the kind of power most people think about. It’s got nothing to do with money, status, or fame. It’s living from a centered, source field of ABUNDANCE. It’s staying fresh and young in our eyes, minds, and hearts. Waking up every morning and seeing nothing but potential and beauty, and perfection in everything.

That’s the only path out…..overriding any nefarious programming.  It’s much the same as dealing with parasites. It’s impossible to get rid of them from existence…they serve a purpose on the whole. All one can do is change the environment, so that it’s inhospitable to them. I think that’s where many Truthers trip up. It’s not so vital to drag out those behind the curtains, and hold them accountable. The aftermath of that is……….disappointing at best. Nothing is accomplished by it. One head is cut off, and two rise up in its place. It is not through aggression that we overcome…but creative ingenuity…and an acceptance of abundance. Energetically, this creates an inhospitable environment for anything that would strive to hold us down, or eat us from the inside out.

If necessity is the mother of invention, then scarcity is the grandmother of innovation.

Honor your grandmother! 

We’re going through an issue in the United States with guns….a divided issue. One side believes guns are the problem, the other side believes people are the problem…that a gun is merely a tool, that becomes a weapon in the hands of certain mindsets. Maybe nanotech is the solution? SMARTguns, SMARTbullets? I have no idea. I’m sure someone is working on it. Seems the ultimate nano-state is utopian…no need for any weapons or wars, bcuz it solves the scarcity issue. If all circumstances and situations, that generate fear can be removed/resolved, then we’re left with the space to function from LOVE. Is that true??

Do all the woes of the world truly exist only on the material plane? Constant conflict between spiritual and physical? Perhaps a glitch between service-to-self, and service-to-others? The human race on a whole, appears to be operating in some post-traumatic state of self-preservation – despite the reality that exists….that would demonstrate that everything’s fine. The sun keeps coming up every morning, and the world is still spinning around, as it should.

We’re definitely in need a consciousness shift into abundance, in order to handle future technology – usefully and holistically. And, that shift isn’t something far away. It’s a perspective shift. It exists in the same moment as everything else. I suppose it could be viewed as a “choice”, but really….it’s more of an opening of the heart. It’s a trust thing. Will nanotechnology help us trust? Will it help us grow-up? I have no idea.

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