New Venture for CraftyMom & CraftySister!

I’ve been working to talk my sister into doing some digital graphic work. She’s a SAHM….extremely talented, and a little bored. Not that she doesn’t have a ton to do, just nothing in the realm of her-own-thing, and something creative. She wants to do something, other then taking care of everyone else, and cleaning the house. I know we could pump out the blog designs, but that would involve teaching her the ropes…and, she’s in Toronto, and I’m in Atlanta. Anyway…we’re always brain-storming on something we could do together, as a business.

I’m thinking stock clip-art. We’ve both got the artistic skills to put out work that easily matches, if not beats the competition (from what I’ve seen). There’s no investment, other then time. She’s got a computer, internet access, and I can send her Xara, which is the program I use for graphic work. Then, it’s just making the time, and committing to it! It’s nothing too involved, so….I think it’s perfect for her/us. If I can get her into it…we’ll put the graphics up for sale on Etsy (to start). See how that goes.

The great thing about the downloadable graphics, compared to other things I’ve sold on Etsy…is there’s no packaging, or shipping involved. We won’t have to find room for materials, and then wind up not pursuing the business, and left with a ton of supplies laying around, and money wasted. The stock, clip-art is made once, and then sold over and over again. That’s the part I like! Just keep building up a great inventory.

I’m waiting to hear back from my sister Fawn, on her set up. Hopefully she’s working on it right now. If we can both commit to making 4 sets of graphics a week…we should have a nice size shop quickly. I’ll keep the blog up-to-date on happenings…….so y’all can visit us, heart us, and….buy some great graphics to use on your blogs! :Who-s-the-man:

UPDATE: Posted the first graphics package!

This package of health-yoga, soon-to-be-moms is $6.00 and comes with 7 images, each in 4 sizes.

2 thoughts on “New Venture for CraftyMom & CraftySister!

  1. wowo Your fast 🙂 yes i know i know i’m getting their I only have like till 11 oclock then its Lucas time oh wow my time out the window which would involve him on the computer shit shit shit need to do this I wont let you down my sqishta sista

    1. again…………..stop making it crazy-like. it’ll happen, or not. you have from what? 8-11? or, no…you have to drop the kids at school, so it’s more like what….10-11? maybe it won’t work out right now?!? i don’t know how demanding lucas is of your time? from 11-3 is it all him? it’s not a problem. didn’t really think about the schedule thing. ah well. in that case don’t worry. maybe later down the road? next year, when he’s in school full-time. is that next year?

      sqishta sista……….that’s funny. xoxoxoxo

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