2014: Taking What I Need

needI’ve never cared for New Years or the practice of resolutions. I’ve always made a point of avoiding it entirely, but this year…I’m gonna try another approach.

Last year – holy crap! Very unproductive, glitches, sticky, wonky, and way weird!! Someone stuck a big ol’ wooden spoon in 2013, and started stirring shit up, bottom to top. It felt all over the place. One step forward, two-steps sideways, and a few more back. Most of the year I didn’t know what was going on, but luckily enough wisdom to roll with the punches. 2013 was no holds barred. I’m still recuperating….feeling pretty black and blue. But……….all good. Necessary I’m sure.

2014 for me is all about holistic wisdom, and balanced authenticity…..and healthiness! It’s about kicking my ass in gear in the most loving way possible. It’s about tough-love, and self-respect, and sloughing off everything that’s choked out my self-worth. Nurturing, repairing, replenishing, and renewing ME. It’s about getting over myself, and getting on with myself. It’s a lot! It’s everything, and it’s the entire year. It’s not 60 lbs…it’s not quitting smoking…it’s not a fresh coat of paint…it’s all-in, all-systems-go, balls to the wall!!

It’s not as unrealistic as it sounds. It would sound a lot worse if I listed everything out! It’s nothing more than a shift in consciousness, a shift in function. It’s no harder than taking a virtual avatar and turning its life around…putting it through the paces. The hard part is going to be listening to all my excuses of why I can’t keep going with it, thanking myself for my input, and doing it anyway!!

Healthwise – I’m starting off with the 90-day smoothie challenge. Seeing it through to the end this time. Piggybacking that will be a bowel cleanse, parasite cleanse, kidney cleanse, and several liver/gallbladder cleanses. The fun part about major detoxing is – side effects! Staying really well hydrated and flushing out your system as best you can, helps reduce a lot of freaky, physical side effects, but it’s the emotional crap that gets dislodged – that usually throws people for a serious loop. I’m ready for that. I’m ready to get it all up and out!! I don’t want to be harboring anymore toxic trauma and putrified emotions. 2014 is all about getting CLEAR!!!!

The clearer I can get – the more I get to shine through. The real me. Not quite sure what that’s about yet, but – we’ll see. Lots of other more mundane stuff to apply, but really…not worth talking about. Just doing. ‘Cuz God know – I can talk about it forever. I’m so tired of that. Lots of work. Lots of play. Lots of front and center.


Got anything major planned for 2014? Wanna join me on some holistic quests??

How would you sum up your 2013? Was it full of changes or stagnation? 

What are feelings about 2014? Got any insight to share?


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