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Obama’s Lawyers Admit Birth Certificate is Fake! thetruthergirls

Obama’s lawyers have been forced to admit in court, under penalty of perjury, that the birth certificate is indeed fake! Yet, they argued that this should not render Obama ineligible for the NJ ballot. They also moved to have the document excluded from court evidence because it is a fake and only real documents should be allowed in court. Obama should be getting tried for treason for holding office, but instead there is a media blackout. At least birthers now have the 100% proof that they have been right all along, although this isn’t much consolation when your country is being run by criminals.

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Coca-Cola’s argument in “vitaminwater” lawsuit is exhibit 1 for corporate chutzpah

Federal judge dismisses Similac lawsuit, bug-contaminated baby formula assumed ‘wholesome’ and ‘nutritious’
US District Judge Virginia Kendall, who presided over the case, recently dismissed it, claiming that Abbott never made any claims that its product was “safe,” but only that it is nutritional and wholesome, which Judge Kendall basically purported is true regardless of whether or not the product contains bug parts.

Forget that it’s got bugs in the mix…the regulated ingredients are bad enough…

– 42.6% corn syrup solids

– 14.7% soy protein isolate

– 11.5% high oleic safflower oil

– 10.1% sugar (sucrose)

– 8.4% soy oil

– 7.8% coconut oil

This essentially means that the product is over 52 percent sugar and over 23 percent soy. Since both soy and corn products are almost always genetically-modified (GM) when not organic, this means that Similac Go & Grow is likely more than 65 percent GMOs. And if the 10.1 percent sugar used in the product comes from GM sugar beets, which is also highly likely, then the total GMO content in Similac Go & Grow is over 75 percent!

This is just the tip of the iceberg as to the inherently disastrous nature of this supposedly “nutritious” and “wholesome” product. GMO ingredients are linked to a host of disorders and illnesses, including infertility and sterility, digestive problems, organ failure, autoimmune diseases, and insulin regulation problems, just to name a few (

And unfermented soy by itself, whether GMO or non-GMO, is a known endocrine disruptor, and the last thing one would want to feed a developing baby, especially if that baby is a boy (

Then there is the fact that more than half the product is composed of processed sugar which, again, is one of the last things one would want to feed a developing baby (unless, of course, the goal is to raise a baby with diabetes).

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