On with the Holidays….

This year has sped by, but days are getting to be more of a blur! Any minute now it will Christmas.

I wish I would have foreseen all the Leappads being sold out! I could have gotten a purple on last month, and thought…”no…I like the green one”. Damn it! Now there’s nothing…nowhere! They’re even sold out in the UK, and Canada. They’re available on Amazon & ebay for $200, and quickly rising. That’s crazy! Reminds me of Cabbage Patch Kids, when they first came out, were sold out, and selling in classifieds for $500.

If they’re not gonna be restocked before Christmas, suppose I’ll get him the Leapfrog Tag Junior system, and wait till his birthday in February, for the Leappad. That’ll work. Not going to lose too much sleep over it. Losing enough over train sets! Plan on getting him a train set up with table, and there’s the all in one deal at Walmart, for $125. I mentioned this idea, but guess it was ignored, bcuz his Aunt Beth bought him a Thomas the Train set. Are all train sets compatible? I think not. I’ve worn myself out on research. Brio, Thomas, Chuggington, KidKraft? Imaginarium? Center magnets, side-magnets, motorized, not….clearance for underpasses, etc. Agghhhck. I don’t want 2 or 3 sets that don’t work together, so buying one, large, inclusive set seemed like the best route to go. Doesn’t look like it’s going in that direction. So, my thoughts were to make a table myself. Instead I’ve recruited Pappau to make it…..that can be his gift to James, and I’ll paint it. Figure out what the hell Beth bought him………TrackMaster? And get compatible stuff to work with it. That’ll be fun.

Went in with Beth on a motorized Jeep 4×4 (6 volt) car for James. It was a $99 special…Walmart, Pre-Black Friday. That was insanity!! Got to Walmart at about 7pm. First Black Friday I’d ever engaged in, and……maybe my last. I’d rather pay full price for towels, cookware, a vacuum…then sit by a display for 3 hours to get it half price. Didn’t bother with electronics. Beth did stand in line for a Wii. Luckily those went on sale at 10pm, rather then 12pm (for electronics). James was snacking on candy and chips (my bad)….and got hot and bothered after the first hour. All in all we were there for 4 hours. Finally got him to bed at midnight, which isn’t such a big deal seeing as his schedule the last couple weeks has been all outta whack. He’s refusing to nap, then crashing around 5pm…getting up at around 9, and staying up till midnight. I’m finding it really hard to stay on top of work bcuz of it, and when he is up…he wants my full, undivided attention, which is new.

Beth got a tree yesterday, and James is all excited about it. “Okay…………….we bring a tree inside the house, and hang TOYS all over it! 😀 And…light it up, so we can play with the toys day, or night!” He seems most intrigued by the xmas tree stand full of water. I’m amazed at how many ornaments and candy canes can be stowed away in the water well of a Christmas tree stand. A lot! Which is where I found all of them last night, after I finally got him to sleep. 😛

Beth bought the LED lights this year….both colored and white. I prefer colored lights, which was only reconfirmed when I plugged in the white ones last night. Yuk! Too bright, and spooky looking. LOL. James and I were in the midst of decorating the tree, when I decided to stop for the night, and wait to exchange the white for more colored. Woke up this morning, and the tree was all decorated…………….which sucks!!! Beth got off work last night, with a holiday bee in her bonnet, and decorated without us. Sorta pisses me off, bcuz it’s the weekend, and she could have waited to have it a family affair. But, she didn’t. Thinking I’ll have to dismantle the whole thing now, and redo it with James (who missed out). Seems sorta anal, but now it’s got those icky white lights mixed in and I don’t like it. Okay…yes, it is anal. But……so what?!?

Will try not to be too much a bitch about it, when Beth wakes up. I know in her family…her mom is a pretty control-freakish…and most likely did the tree herself. The “right” way. That the whole thing was more of a ‘decorative’ project, that children & family should enjoy, but not touch or partake in. In my family it’s a family gig….despite my mom being control-freakish too! GOD FORBID if it wasn’t done right!!! What the hell is that about?!?!?!?! Mom’s need to take a step back and relax! Good idea for a post maybe??

Anyhoo………plan on heading out to IKEA later today to get a few things. They have a nice bed-frame that’s only $50, and…………….we need one! I rearranged our room last night, and noticed the floor was wet under our bed. James and I co-sleep, and out mattress is two layers of memory foam on the floor. The bottom one is wet, I think from condensation. Can’t think of what else it would be. So…need something to get it off the floor. Plus, will create some extra storage space, which is always needed. They also have some GREAT deals on toys! Most half price. And….they have wooden train set components. 😛 But…………..still have to figure out if they’ll work with what Beth bought? I’m doubting they will, as hers is plastic. Oh bother.

What’s going on with everyone else in all this holiday hoopla???

2 thoughts on “On with the Holidays….

  1. Yah i hear on the Christmas tree thing…I did ours about a week ago after going down to the Santa clause parade. Wanted to get all the stuff out and try to change it up a bit this year but that didn’t work . The kids started to go crazy hanging this and that every where, I wanted to make hot chocolate and put the carol’s on and that just wasn’t happening managed to get a few pictures non the less. but just was so rushed and so void of christmas cheer…..and yes those lights are nasty… they do have Led clear (warm white) ones out now.. and even pink.. so kinda neat I just wish they had purple or yellow that would be neat..
    and btw grandma has that same ikea bed. it is a good price but it’s very low good for James.. to get in and out of and for not falling but bad for you it’s hard to get up out of.. k love yah. xooxoxo

    1. lol…………………..i don’t remember mom having that bed? thought hers was high off the ground, but that was while ago. yes….good price. but didn’t realize till i got down there…it doesn’t include the slats to hold the mattress up. full size slats were another $50, so i thought that plywood would be the cheaper way to go. i didn’t realize till i got home that there’s a center board, and that i could have bought 2 single slats. i think those were $10 each. i actually have 2 memory foam toppers together as our mattress. so there’s no box-spring thing, and it’s very floppy. had to have something solid underneath. anyway…got it done.
      went from that huge king size bed that i needed a step stool to get into, to full size on the floor. 😉 good i’m adaptable like that. yeah, wanted something low to the ground for James.

      Saw they had a double/full size loft frame thing at IKEA. that’s what i’d really like, but was $300. and…probably not a ‘great’ idea to have him crawling up and down a ladder at this point! 😛 and…..still not into the idea of amassing a lot of furniture & stuff. i hate the idea of dragging stuff like that around.

      hear ya about the christmas thing. cuz of how mom was…..i”m always careful not to get to carried away. cuz that sort of disappointment is all on one persons end, and actually just a mental/emotional thing that’s too easily blown out of proportion. things are so easily skewed during the holidays…on all levels. i thought the same thing. beth got the tree, and we both bought some ornaments and stuff. my idea was to have it a family affair….mostly for James. yep, cocoa, and carols, and all that. started with James on fri. night, then stopped bcuz of the lights. thought it was a good idea anyway, bcuz beth would be off for the weekend and we could all be involved. woke up sat. morning and beth had done the whole tree! with the weird-white lights and all. needless to say i was a little pissy about it. after a half-hour of trying to explain myself to her…had to give up! wasn’t translating well at all!!! :/ ah well.

      xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo LOVE YOU SIS!!!!

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