Opps….and forgot to disengage feedburner :/

Sorry to my subscribers, that will have to suffer a double emailing this morning! Got jazzed about my new email system and forgot to turn off the old one. I started a liver/gallbladder flush last night (will writing about that under my new “health” section/tab), but as it’s my first L/G flush…I was little consumed with doing it correctly, and taking it easy. There are some creepy sounds coming from my insides…and this post will be short. The rest of the morning will probably be spent very close to the bathroom! 😛

Anyway……….I’d like to know if people even like the new format for the email/newsletter??? Would you rather just have the plain text emails? Does it matter? I guess I’m not sure if the change is for the “better”?!?

Yep……………GOTTA GO!!!! LOL.

2 thoughts on “Opps….and forgot to disengage feedburner :/

    1. I’ve been having these terrible pains in my right side, under my ribcage (on and off) and from what I could find online…seems gallbladder related. Haven’t been to the doctors, and don’t like what I’ve read about the standard removal of such. Anyway…I’m pretty into fasting, cleanses & detoxing…so thought I’d go this route (before it got worse)…and see if I could get things worked out on my own. I will let you know.
      Thanks for the thumbs up on the newsletter! 🙂 Iz what I needed to hear! And THANKS VERY MUCH for the shout out!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

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